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2000 Glen Echo Road, 2nd Floor, Nashville, Tennessee  37215 United States
Tel: 615-885-2020  Contact: https://www.2020panel.com/email-us/
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20/20 Panel General Information

20/20 Panel is an online survey panel which has been conducting online surveys since 2000. 20/20 Research conducts online surveys as well as real time focus groups in an online chatroom environment. 20/20 Research compensates its panel members with cash rewards in exchange for their survey or focus group participation.
"Great when you land a survey"
March 05, 2015 by Amy from United States

I have had 2 qualifications in 1 year. Have been told they do not like to select the same people w/in 7 months of their last participation. Questions are lengthy and repetitive so plan on that, but the two I have taken paid about $25 per hour. That's good spending money for me and I put forth my best effort so that I may qualify again. Took 2 weeks for the first survey to pay and I just finished the second so I can't say on that one how long it will take. My suggestion on payment is to request a physical card when you get the chance because trying to use the online credit card code with the leftovers, say you have $6.42, is hard to find something to spend it on with shipping and all. You deserve to be able to spend the entire amount of what you earned. I read reviews saying they call you once and that may be true but fortunately I was home both times and both times they called me within 20 minutes of clicking "submit" to the survey. Keep trying!

"Never qualify/Privacy policy is a joke"
February 25, 2015 by Jimmy from United States

I've been part of this survey panel for over 6 years. I have unfortunately, never qualified for a single survey, but taken every pre-screener thrown my way. I recently started receiving spam at an email address I never give out and realized the pre-screener was the only place new I'd give out my email. I tested creating a brand new email and providing that for the pre-screener and sure enough, I get survey spam from companies I never opted in with. They arent opportunities, they are deliberate spam emails. I've come to the conclusion that whether or not you are accepted, their partners they do business with harvest your email address and add you to bulk email lists. I have since unsubscribed from their shady business practices. Don't sign up with these folks using an important email address.

"Never Qualify"
February 12, 2015 by Bridgette from United States

I Have Been A Member A Couple Years Now And I Have Never Qualified For Any Of Their Surveys.

January 21, 2015 by salman from India

Love this survey panel 20/20 well worth the effort one and best one

January 06, 2015 by Margaret from United States

Luv this survey panel 20/20 well worth the effort1

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