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Every campaign offers a stated reward which is rewarded after an assignment completion.

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BuzzAgent is a media network that recruits "BuzzAgents" to evaluate products and services and then share their opinions on them with people they know, and then report back to marketers on their findings. BzzAgent has over a quarter million member agents, and uses the idea of word of mouth communication to generate measurable results for marketers.

Members must receive an invitation to a campaign in order to participate. Assignments usually involve testing merchandise and coupons for free samples or rebate offers are often awarded.

"Lot of work"
Saturday, July 12, 2014 by si

I do not get the high ratings.

It took like 3 months until I received the first "campaigns". The first 3 were clearly bs.

- a free trial to redbox instant that is free anyway
- coupons for claritin
- sign up to a free portal

My score is now 7.4 of 10.

The good thing is that you get points from mypoints.com for your reviews etc.

The bad is that you have to pretty much spam all of your friends and have to put in a lot of time for writing reviews, twitter posts, facebook posts etc.

Given that in other portals you also receive products to test (for the "price" of 1 follow up survey for which you get paid as well as the initial survey) that is not really great.

I will stick around for some more time and see if I get some decent campaigns.

For a box of cereals or a redbox trial the effort is to big.

If you are not into social media forget this portal as you will never get a good score that you need to receive campaigns.

Update: Downgraded to 1 star. It might deserve 2 but as there are so many unrealistic raving reviews I decided for one.
I stopped using the site.
The amount of work you have to put in does not stand in any relation to the outcome. You will have to spend hours writing reviews and reporting with whom you spoke about the stuff. You will also need to continuously spam all of your friends.
Last thing I received were coupons for some candles that did not even cover the purchase price.

"Total waste"
Wednesday, July 09, 2014 by Brian

I fail to see why this site is rated so high? Since joining it has not sent me a SINGLE actual survey although I waste my time taking all the 'preliminary' ones that are supposed to build a 'profile'. These hardly give any reward worth mentioning and I have to actually log into the site to know they are available, the site sends no email notice. Maybe other folks want to waste there time doing these and getting no actual surveys, but I'd rather be getting rewarded for my time. Since writing this review, I have cancelled from the site.

"It takes a while"
Thursday, May 29, 2014 by Don

I signed up, filled out all of the surveys they had for me, and waited. I came back and filled out more surveys, and waited. Then finally I was invited to a campaign. And right after that one, another. So don't give up. It seems it just takes a while for them to match you with a campaign. So far the two that I was invited too are nice. Hope for more in the future.

"Get free stuff with Bzzz"
Wednesday, May 28, 2014 by lannie

After lots of very time consuming intake questions about you, you're finally able to become a BzzAgent and receive free products to review. So far I've rec'd breakfast drinks, breakfast bars, Prilosec, and am waiting for my Dr, Schols gel inserts. Very good site with no real gimmicks.

"ok, but too many emails"
Friday, May 23, 2014 by cici

geez! how many emails do these people send me!? 10 a day? too much!

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