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Every campaign offers a stated reward which is rewarded after an assignment completion.

BzzAgent General Information

BzzAgent is a media network that recruits "BzzAgents" to evaluate products and services and then share their opinions on them with people they know, and then report back to marketers on their findings. BuzzAgent has over one million member agents around the world, and uses the idea of word of mouth communication to generate measurable results for marketers.

Members must receive an invitation to a campaign in order to participate. Assignments usually involve testing merchandise and coupons for free samples or rebate offers are often awarded.

Receive MyPoints and sometimes free products in exchange for you BzzAgent participation.

December 24, 2015 by Janine from United States

This site is just FUN to receive free stuff from food to skincare etc and all you have to do with when you get the product write a small review, its FUN and you don't make any money but its FREE product to try is all, so if you like to do that you will like it too

"test items"
December 16, 2015 by Ramona from United States

I have received a lot of nice items to review from them. You have several places to leave a feedback on what ever they had sent you. You get points for every review you leave I have "my points" so the points I receive go to them.

"A decent site"
December 15, 2015 by Lanna from United States

I like BzzAgent ok. I am not crazy about it. I have only been accepted to do a couple of things on there. The products are great if you get accepted to do the missions. I would say try it and see how you like it. Everyone has there own pace and idea of what they like to do

"Lots of fun!"
December 14, 2015 by Megan from United States

I have been invited to a couple projects through BzzAgent where I was able to get free product in exchange for reviews and talking about the product, sharing pictures etc on social media. I have really enjoyed it!

"My favorite"
December 06, 2015 by Stephanie from United States

I got free stuff, plus coupons for free stuff.. It doesn't really pay but the more reviews you do the better stuff you get! Its my favorite.




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