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Friday, September 19, 2014 by Chris

I have been a member of Clear Voice Surveys since April 2014. Very seldom I qualified for their surveys and by the way I never receive the 0.10 cents like it was stated on the most recent review posted 08/11/2014 . For months I stuck at $5.00. I finally reached $7.50 a month ago, wow $2.50 more then I thought I could redeem for $10.00 Amazon gift card. Unfortunately when I checked my balance today, it was down to $4.00. What's up with that. Where was my $3.50. From April to end of June I only accumulated $5.00. From beginning of July to end end of July I finally increased it to $7.50 and today it's down to $4.00.. I don't get it. This Clear Voice Surveys is not worth your time. They ripped you off or maybe they are a scam. The good review about them was probably coming from Clear Voice Surveys themselves.. Don't sign up with these guys, they'll rip you off, so sad :(

"Nice Guys"
Monday, August 11, 2014 by Stephanie

These guys are good. They give you $0.10 even if you don't qualify and they make sure to credit you if there are technical issues with their surveys. No questions asked. I recently had to adjust their rating because now they are paying $0.20 for home trials. Look, just because people like home trials doesn't mean you should keep all the money for yourself. These sites are out of control.

"At first it was good"
Thursday, June 26, 2014 by Tanis

A little tidbit first of all, this site does not pay you until they get paid, which is states takes 2-4 weeks. At first it was all good, it took about a month and a half to get my first $10 gift card. The next time I had all of the money I needed but the last survey I needed to get my giftcard would not clear, and for some reason when one doesn't clear the other ones won't clear. Finally 2 months after I took the survey I got fed up with it not clearing and I contacted them, they took care of it after a couple of days. I have gotten 2 more giftcards through them with that same exact issue since then. Now down to the part why they are only getting 1.5 stars. Last week I contacted them saying one survey wasn't clearing (I was ready to get a giftcard again, and the survey was from 5/1) they contacted me back in 2 days and when I got back on my account a $2.50 survey that was still pending was gone, and $.50 survey that cleared 2 weeks ago was back on my account under pending. So I emailed them about it and we talked and all of a sudden the guy I am emailing starts getting very rude and I had tried my best to be cordial. We emailed a bit more after that and he said that I need the survey number from the survey that vanished from my account. I told him who keeps their emails with the survey numbers from over a month ago. He got all snotty and told me that the issue was closed even though it was not resolved on my end. I told him that I wanted to chat with a manager and 2 days later I still haven't gotten any reply. I am going to quit after I get my giftcard, they just are not worth it. If you want a survey site that pays in a timely manner and one that does not steal money from your account and claim it was never there then look at someone else.

"No Cell Phone Issue--Resolved"
Tuesday, April 22, 2014 by Kayeren

Responding to comment about quitting because they don't have a cell phone: I also just went through that with them. I firmly--but politely (just barely)--reminded them that: "I EARNED the reward DUE me. I worked hard & earned money for Clear Voice & am trying to comply with the new regs, but that apparently, those of us w/o a cell phone are not worthy or acknowledged that we exist. That would imply I'm beneath contempt--which is not only insulting & rude; it is uncivilized. I am polite & treat people with respect & courtesy. Clear Voice has been paid for MY hard work; I am requesting the same." Granted, my 1st two (polite) request, went ignored...this one did not! I even received TWO PHONE calls, apologizing & informing me the problem has been resolved. They did. It was. I haven't had a problem since. (Oh, I mentioned that the only way I would EVER have a cell phone, is if they not only GAVE me one ("Smartphone" preferably), but PAY the MONTHLY svc charge...indefinitely!!!). Get past that, & I rate them high because U can earn $10 fairly quickly--I'm on my 4th pay-out in one year.

I just cashed-out & this time with no problem at all--except you do have to wait for their "pendings" to clear. But this time it went smoothly. They've gotten much better since they no longer insist you have a cell phone. Also, they now respond promptly to customer support issues & it is NOT a computer-generated response--a real corporeal human gets back to you. They are not my biggest money-maker by far, but they get an upgrade from me because they have upgraded their service in a positive way.

Upgraded to 5 stars. I have cashed-out several more times with them paying promptly...of course, after the "pendings" clear. I seem to make the cash-out threshold in less & less time. $10 might not make one rich, but it's adding up faster & faster. No complaints & I recommend.

"Really top-notch people here."
Friday, April 04, 2014 by Sharon

I recently cashed out using amazon codes, and I immediately got the code in my email. That is a huge bonus, not having to wait!

I am soooo happy with ClearVoice! I get a few invites per week, ranging from 50 cents to $5.00 usually, but also when I login to take them, there may be one or two more surveys on the site I can take while I'm there. They always have new surveys and often different kinds of surveys. I've been invited to online discussions before for greater rewards and I've found they are very accurate about predicting how much time the survey you're taking is going to take you to fill it out. There have also been invites to product tests and online communities, though those aren't as common and fill up pretty fast. The surveys are long, repetitive things that are a hassle to finish, either, I've had interesting experiences with surveys of all different kinds. So, this site is very highly recommended.

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