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Darwin's Data General Information

Answer questions regarding legal disputes by watching videos and then providing your feedback. Earn $25+ possible bonuses (awarded in Amazon gift codes) for each survey you complete.

Eligibility: USA citizens. 18+ only.

Darwin's Data has recently been targeted by an e-mail scam. DO NOT respond to such fake solicitations! More information here.
"So far, so good"
October 16, 2014 by Larry from United States

I just joined this panel and filled out my profile. They were quick with the Amazon gift card. After reading the other reviews, I hope i don't have to wait too long for the next one.

"Best Survey Group I Ever Joined"
October 15, 2014 by Margaret from United States

Joined this Darwin's back in March of this year. Received my first opportunity for a survey in the past week. Missed out on that one, however, received another opportunity a couple of day later. Took me only about 45 minutes to complete. Received payment the next day. Highly recommend this group. Would like on Facebook if I was a member.

"As Advertised"
October 11, 2014 by Sharon from United States

(Updated as of 10/24/2014) - Well, I signed up with them back in January and if you read my review you can see, they did what they said, with the Amazon card. That was it, though. I haven't heard from them since. I took it down to 2 stars from 4.5, so if I hear more from them, I'll revise, but in the meantime, the count is one survey in 10 months-- not so great.
(Review from 01/20/2014) - I signed up and my first profile survey sent a $10 Amazon card to my email, just as promised. I wish I received surveys more often but with a reputation like this, they probably have A LOT of participants, so I'll just be patient! :-)

"Quick Pay"
October 10, 2014 by Katherine from United States

I have been waiting for a little while now to take one of these surveys, but it's only because I wasn't getting in before they were filled up. Finally yesterday I made it and took the survey which was supposed to last around an hour and I was very surprised that it only took me about a half an hour to take the survey. I thought it would take about a week for the payment, but to my surprise I actually received it early this morning and just posted the gift code. I am so happy with this company, I may not get a whole lot of invites, but it sure pays when you can get in, so worth it. Thanks Darwin's Data, I now have a good jump on my Christmas giftings thanks to you.

"Excellent Feedback"
October 10, 2014 by Alfreda from United States

Darwin Data is an excellent website for Surveys...I did and survey with the Darwin Data and they provided me a Amazon Gift Card...I was very excited.....I look forward to more surveys as well!

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