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Answer questions regarding legal disputes by watching videos and then providing your feedback. Earn $25+ possible bonuses (awarded in Tango gift codes) for each survey you complete.

Eligibility: USA citizens. 18+ only.

Darwin's Data has recently been targeted by an e-mail scam. DO NOT respond to such fake solicitations! More information here.
"Not helpful when an error occurs "
October 30, 2014 by Ella from United States

I get survey offers from them rarely, but they do pay what they say. My problem is that I had completed about 98% of an hour-long (or longer) survey, a very boring survey, and there was an error towards the end.
I was unable to get back in and finish it. I took screenshots of the error and contacted them.

They weren't helpful at all. They said some other members complained about the same error in the survey, but were able to go back in and finish. I was NOT able to do that no matter how many times I tried.
They basically told me I was out of luck, and that even though I had wasted a good hour of my time, I could not be rewarded for any of it.

I'm not sure I want to bother with them anymore. What if that happens again? All their surveys are tedious, and to get nothing because of an error on their end is not good.

"initial "
October 28, 2014 by Diane from United States

very easy to do, and questions were all pretty generic at this time

"Quick precise no bull "
October 28, 2014 by Christopher from United States

No millions to be made, just a few bucks for a few quick surveys realistic not a gimmick or link after link ad site.... pretty cool ...

"positive rating"
October 27, 2014 by Gary from United States

signing up with Darwin's Data was clear and easy. No problems at all

"Good Deals"
October 19, 2014 by Susan from United States

This survey is great...and keeps its promise to pay.




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