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Datatelligence Online General Information

Datatelligence Online conducts studies including online surveys, fragrance testing, focus groups and in-home product use tests. Panelists of Datatelligence online are rewarded for their participation in studies with Amazon gift cards.
"Ok at times"
October 05, 2015 by Deb from United States

I've been a member for yrs.
I've gone thro it all from them closing my accts when I demanded my payment to actually getting good points = B&N g/c's & Amazon.
I am having trouble again tho.
Watch when offered points **example**
I was offered 100 points for 15 min survey. I completed the initial 15 mins, which than took me too a 25 min survey which was to pay me $15 for completing a/b cigs, e-cigs, etc.
I completed both surveys, but a common problem at end of surveys is stating survey was full/didn't finish! That happened to me again!
No 100 points
No $15
No answer to e-mails
Receiving sorry messages after completing surveys.

Good points
Good pay
WHEN paid

August 11, 2015 by Jennifer from United States

For the second time received a survey that required the download of an app before completing the survey. Still ended up disqualifying. I don't see the need to download an app before even qualifying for a 15 minute survey.

"waste of time"
June 29, 2015 by Paula from United States

I rarely get survey invitations and when I do, I don't qualify.
More than year goes by and I haven't made any money

"lack of response and credits"
July 07, 2014 by Fred from United States

They fail to give credit for completed surveys and when emailed about it there is no response. They are poorly run and a ripoff.
One other point. If you get lucky enough to get an Amazon gift card use it quickly otherwise they will cancel it on you.

"dishonesty in a recession"
February 24, 2013 by michele from United States

In February 2013, this company is another ripoff company. I have no idea how anyone has good results with this company. After another 20 minute waste of time, this company collected information, and then disqualified me.




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