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E-Poll Market Research is an online survey company operated by Bridge Entertainment Inc. E-Poll features the unique E-Score service, which is a celebrity rating system that assigns over 40 different attributes to each famous personality which is then matched with particular brands, advertising campaigns, products, etc. E-Poll provides its members the opportunity to participate in entertainment-related marketing research, and provides rewards in the form of points redeemable for gift certificates from major retailers.

"Bad pay, poor site, and barely any survey opportunities"
Thursday, April 24, 2014 by Abbey

Firstly, the way the site is set up makes me think it was made by someone very inexperienced. Not only is it not attractive, but it is hard to navigate. Besides the low quality of the website, this site has really bad pay. Redeeming for a $5 giftcard or $5 paypal is 3750 points - which takes a while to earn! The average survey gives you somewhere between 100-500 points, which is very low pay considering 750 points equals 1 dollar. Overall, I think Epollsurveys is definitely NOT worth it. I haven't gotten enough to cash out yet so I can't say whether or not they actually pay, but I don't think I'm going to stick around.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 by Bob

Not a ton of surveys, but you get points for everyone which for me I usually take a $10 paypal pmt. about every 30-45 days. Surveys range from 300-1000 pts. It takes a few weeks to get your payment. I have had nothing but good to say about epoll....

"great panel to join"
Thursday, March 06, 2014 by Michael

Pays on time, quick surveys, get then either often or random but I enjoy them everytime I get an email saying that I have another survey to do through them, decent rewards and reasonable reward levels also so it doesn't take forever to get something

"Not great but not bad"
Wednesday, February 19, 2014 by Kristen

I have been a member with Epoll for several years. Some months I get 1 to 2 surveys, others 3 to 5. Most surveys take only minutes to do, while there are video surveys that can be 30 minutes or longer. I NEVER get disqualified, and points aren't bad. My only gripe is that a Paypal redemption takes up to a month to receive, and they did raise the point amount you need as well. They do pay though. All in all, I'm staying with Epoll!

"Sweat Shop"
Tuesday, February 04, 2014 by Amy

I typically get surveys for 1000 points. This is equivalent to about 80 cents. Typically these surveys take about an hour. If I went to the vending machines at Walmart and looked under it for change for an hour, I would make more money. It also takes at least 8 weeks to get your money. This is the sweatshop of survey sites. They don't send many invites which would be fine if they paid well. I won't spend 7 hours to make $5.

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