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Focus Pointe Global's website for focus groups, paid interviews, and online surveys is called "focusgroup.com".

Every time you take a Focus Pointe Global Online Survey, you will receive one entry into the FPG Monthly Sweepstakes.

"Great panel"
Monday, June 09, 2014 by Kevin

After dozens and dozens of attempts I was finally accepted to a Focus Point Global week long bulletin board focus group. I was actually denied on the first attempt. They called and I didn't meet the demo but they had too many no-shows so called me back a week later and asked if I could rush through the questions in 2 days instead of a week. It took about 45 minutes total and was very easy.

Once the focus group ended they sent the prepaid Visa immediately. It's hard to get into a study but worth the time if accepted.

"Love it!"
Sunday, March 02, 2014 by Sharon

The surveys I get once in a while and they can be between $1 - $5, so you won't get many. Nice thing is you can cash out at $20 and they give you either a prepaid Visa card or a virtual visa card for online purchases. The real perk of this site is the focus groups. There's a list of cities on the site where they do them and I've participated once for a focus group that was for $80, but there are ones higher than that. Their site is a little buggy, and a few weeks ago I think they were testing out a new site set up so I'm hoping they update it soon, because that was nice. The site as is right now can have some out of date info on it. They send you emails to notify you and I have seen ones go by for webcam interviews and online focus groups/communities, so they do it all. I've been very happy with them and highly recommend them to anyone!

"total waste of time worst company"
Tuesday, August 27, 2013 by candy

I am so annoyed at how I keep getting screeners and don't pass them; I have clicked on unsubscribe and nothing has happened... still getting lame prescreeners. This is a huge waste of time!

"No Issues Here"
Tuesday, January 31, 2012 by Steven

I have the same opinion as Sky, I have been to a few of their in person focus groups with no issues and paid when leaving.

The online surveys I haven't had an issue either, I am about halfway to chasing out right now.

"Great company"
Thursday, September 29, 2011 by Sky

I get chosen for a lot of paid focus groups through this company. I'm paid between 75-125 dollars each time I go. I have never had a problem with payments and have been participating for a few years.

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