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GlobalTestMarket General Information

Global Test Market is an online survey panel operated by GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.), now owned by Lightspeed Research. Global Test Market has approximately 5.5 million members across 200 different countries. For every successful web survey completion, members earn MarketPoints redeemable for cash. 1 point = approximately $0.05

"awesome site should get 5 stars"
Friday, April 04, 2014 by bob

I consistently get $2 a day on here around 40-50 marketpts The dashboards take another survey plus email surveys make it very easy to get this. Great site!

Thursday, April 03, 2014 by Valentin

I'm a a little surprised global testmarket is ranked so low. I usually get over 30 surveys a week and i'm averaging 60$ every week. I rarely get instances where i don't receive points at the end of the survey. Now opinion outpost sucks with what i just stated if you want to have issues, yet it's rated pretty high

"disappointed with site"
Monday, March 31, 2014 by kiran

I joined this site by reading reviews on surveypolice nearly 2 years ago. Finally after 2 years i have reach minimum cashout level of 1000 points in 15th jan.14. They ask me my bank details for transferring money through bank wire. And i also immediately reply them with their required details. After 20 days passed i ask them about payment. They have replied that due to you not gave us quick reply, we are now sending your money via cheque and it will take 10 weeks time for delivery. After some days i again ask them have they dispatch my cheque. They replied we have post your cheque as on 21st Feb. via normal post and hence it can not be traceable exactly when the cheque will delivered to you. What the hell? I again ask them from where they have post cheque so that i can make inquiry at my local post office. They replied among our many branches we do not know from where the cheque has been issued. If you not received cheque within 10 weeks time please contact us again and we will then try to trace the record. What can you say about this negligence? They even don't know from which branch of there's they are issuing cheques to survey panelist members. So how can you trust these peoples? If they are not able to pay us in indian rupees how can they mailed us cheque by indian post and if they having branches in india why not paying with indian currency. Such kind of problems having sites may acquire options like paypal, pazza to pay the users and this is so called top survey site won't have these kind of simple way to pay the people is quite surprising. I am also member of thepanelstation, toluna, ipanelonline,valuedopinions.co.in, in.aipsurveys, indiaspeaks. And i must say all these sites are very good in sending surveys, prompt in payment , Very low cash out terms. So that users can withdraw their earning in short time. But global test market is a limit. But please do not waste your valuable time in global test market.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 by patricia


Thursday, March 20, 2014 by rakesh

In spite of 14 weeks having gone by, neither have I received redemption money nor reply of my mails from GLOBAL TEST MARKET. I had redeemed 1000 market points on dt 30-11-2013.

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