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Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online is operated by Harris Interactive and currently boasts a membership base of over 6 million panelists. Harris Poll itself has been around for more than 45 years, and has conducted surveys in over 80 different countries. Panel members of Harris Poll Online receive HIPoints redeemable for products and entries into cash draws in exchange for their online survey participation.

Harris Poll Online offers a daily surveys router where you can take their surveys without joining their panel. Click here to access the Harris Poll router (available in the USA only).

"Open A New Email Acct Only For Them?"
Tuesday, April 15, 2014 by Lynn

All of a sudden, after more than TEN YEARS (I think one of the 1st panels every joined), I stopped receiving their survey invites,

I sent a support request and was told their emails are bouncing so they closed my account. (Funny as there no issue receiving the support emails to/from the same address.)

Well, they were kind enough to say they'd return my earned points, but require I open a new email account to receive their surveys, that they cannot reactivate my account nor can I open another with the same email address.

Wait, I should completely change ALL my accounts and email address just to receive HarrisPoll surveys? Something wrong with this, wouldn't you say.

"Not worth the effort"
Tuesday, April 15, 2014 by John

A large percentage of their surveys kick you just as you think you getting to the end. Also there are less surveys coming anyway and at this rate it is likely to be two to three years before I earn enough for another pay out.

"Have had it with these people."
Wednesday, April 09, 2014 by Brian

Harris Poll has definitely gone down the loo the past few years. I used to get several surveys a week based on profile, and they had these cool 'levels' of rewards where you could get gift cards or even actual items like DVD's, electronics, appliances and such.
Now it's the 'random possible survey' thing. In other words, they send you an e-mail link and you keep trying until you find a survey you can take. The odd thing is the site claims this is better, but it's a TOTAL waste of time, going through repetitive pre-sceen questions finding the one you may qualify for. Nine times out of ten it doesn't find one or asks 20 some questions in a survey, THEN decides you don't qualify.
The rewards now are pathetic and the the incentives are so low it takes forever to even earn them. Once I get enough to cash out my remaining points, I'm dropping them.

"Terrible customer service, but it does pay out... eventually."
Wednesday, April 02, 2014 by Michelle

I have only redeemed from them once in over six months of survey taking, and when I finally did, it took at over 12 days to get my Amazon code.

I wrote to customer service THREE times in that period to find out what the hold up was, and only got cut-and-paste form responses from them saying it takes "7-10 days" to redeem points, but nothing about my particular situation.

I'm going to unsubscribe from this one today.

" Great Customer service"
Sunday, February 23, 2014 by Dana

A few weeks ago I switched internet providers and was blocked from getting in my Charter e-mail, this caused a great deal of trouble for me. I had not switched e-mails with all my survey companies. A few days before this I cashed in my Harris Poll earnings for a Walmart card. I could not even get into my Harris account b/c I forgot my password. However I contacted Them and told my story and they were great, they canceled the old card and sent me a new one and contacted me again to make sure I received it. They went above and beyond what I expected.
I also love that Harris poll pays fair, surveys are between 75 and 200 points and you need 1250 for a $10 card. The only problem I have is I don't get as many surveys as I like, but they are fair and honest and that goes a long way in the Survey world, so yes give them a try!

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