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Harris Poll Online General Information

Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online is operated by Harris Interactive and currently boasts a membership base of over 6 million panelists. Harris Poll itself has been around for more than 45 years, and has conducted surveys in over 80 different countries. Panel members of Harris Poll Online receive HIPoints redeemable for products and entries into cash draws in exchange for their online survey participation.

Harris Poll Online offers a daily surveys router where you can take their surveys without joining their panel. Click here to access the Harris Poll router (available in the USA only).

""Okay", not better"
Saturday, February 21, 2015 by Roger

Another long-time member who is not thrilled with them, BUT I do like the points for screening out and if you check their site often you get more surveys. Hourly payout is low though.

"Once was my favorite, now fading"
Wednesday, February 18, 2015 by Bruce

2/17/2015 I have down graded my rating for two reasons. They used to award points for screening out, that is very rare now. Whether it be Firefox or Safari, I get to technical errors that abort the survey about half the time I attempt to take one. 12/2013 I read a bunch of the comments that did not like them compared to what they were. I must now agree as the number of survey offers has dropped and rewards declined, so I reduced my rating :( 4/2012 I have been with them over ten years. The old reward system I believe was called You Give. It had very little that I wanted. Now you can get Amazon. com cards. A $20.00 card is 2400 points. Completed surveys pay 50 to 250 points, average 100 about $.85 each. Every unqualified survey is worth 15 points. Now days everybody partners with everyone else. If I keep my email notifications and click on the take survey button I can get up to three surveys a day, many with partners reviewed on Survey Police. I will get more bottom line money through gift cards with Harris than any other partnering site except for maybe my other favorite, Opinion Outpost. They say it can take three weeks to get your reward (it used to be much quicker). They mean it and you often have to send in a query after three weeks, but then they are very prompt about getting your reward to you, within 24 hours.

"Harris Poll Difficulties"
Saturday, February 14, 2015 by Michael

I've been a member of this panel for at least three years, and it gets worse and worse. At first there were no problems. Now, when I login to my member page, none of the links on the page work, so I can't access any information about my account or redeem any points. When I try to use their support form, which I can access, there is no "Submit" button, so I have absolutely no way of reaching them. Has anyone else had this same problem? If so, please let me know if you resolved it, and if so, how? Thanks.

"Cant Log In and wont help "
Friday, February 06, 2015 by stephen

I have made money here for a couple of years , have enough on there now for $25 card but now I am getting as some others you cant log in . I was able to send to the help desk gave me some BS about you were unregistered , Sign up again , that doesn't work either. poor customer service . Terrible site don't waste your time .

Monday, January 12, 2015 by Carol

I am done with them after I get my $5.00 Starbucks e-code. Yes--WooHoo, $5.00. Every one of them this last year, I have had to email them over and over and beg for it. This last one was ordered on 12/8/2014. Stay away from them.
Update***They finally sent me a Starbucks code---with the SAME number as my previous order. In other words with a ZERO balance. So dirty. Now I am done.

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