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Harris Poll Online General Information

Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online is operated by Harris Interactive and currently boasts a membership base of over 6 million panelists. Harris Poll itself has been around for more than 45 years, and has conducted surveys in over 80 different countries. Panel members of Harris Poll Online receive HIPoints redeemable for products and entries into cash draws in exchange for their online survey participation.

Harris Poll Online offers a daily surveys router where you can take their surveys without joining their panel. Click here to access the Harris Poll router (available in the USA only).

"Too much work for no reward"
Monday, April 06, 2015 by Carol

I did two surveys with these folks, and both times I reached almost the end of the surveys -- 90 percent on one and 98 percent on the other, and received "You don't qualify for this survey" messages both times.

Sorry, but they received valuable data from me, and to boot me out after spending at least 20 minutes on each, that's ridiculous. I unsubscribed and hope to never hear from them again.

"May be worth but not for me"
Monday, April 06, 2015 by Leo

'Hiding' their rewards scheme from people before joining? A lot in their Terms but nothing really consistent about it, no. of points, kind of rewards..., they say "For your input and participation you will receive points which you can redeem for a variety of great rewards". Well this is the least!

You later discover that they don't have many surveys, and qualifying is even harder.
Then, threshold for smaller Amazon voucher (thee only reward for me) is quite high, but if you wait longer to redeem it 'becomes cheaper'?!? I mean a larger voucher is exchanged with less 'HIpoints' compared to the smaller voucher.
It reminds me of supermarkets unfair selling practises.
Waiting for the larger voucher can take a couple of years!! Not willing to wait, so redeemed the smaller and ditched them.

15 working days to process the voucher.
Surveys are ok on average, but I have attempted too many.
Never had reason to contact c-s.

"This is fine, provided you enjoy working for free"
Thursday, April 02, 2015 by Dennis

I have been taking surveys with this group in excess of two years. In fact, it was the only organization that I took surveys through for a very long time. Recently, I read that someone was having trouble receiving payment after cashing in points. Right after that, I cashed in points. This was my first redemption in approximately two years of taking surveys. I cashed in 15,000 points for Amazon gift cards. I did get the codes, but it took a long time. The length of time concerned me, so I made two more attempts to cash in points. One on the 12th of January, and another on the 9th of February. Neither of these redemptions have been honored in nearly a month for one case and nearly two months in the other. I have contacted their help desk twice. They didn't even bother to respond in the second case. I notice that they are attempting to recruit new people to take surveys or them. It is highly probable that their base of survey takers is rapidly dwindling. Beware.

I gave them nearly one more month. Nada. Not even a "please be patient, we're trying to find the problem". I ran across a recruitment survey from them on another site. High probability that they are losing panelist in droves. It takes a few months for new people to accumulate enough points to try redeeming the points, so they are making money from clients and not paying the new people.... be warned on this one.

"Member for years: Good for me!"
Saturday, March 28, 2015 by Gregory

Maybe I am a "desired demographic" (male now in his early 40s); but, Harris Polls online has always been good for me: I rarely take a survey longer than 15 minutes and quickly receive 15 points for non-qualifying surveys. When I have time to devote to it, I consistently earn $10 gift cards on Harris Poll Online faster than my other survey companies. The only drawback I perceive is cash is not an option and giftcard options are somewhat limited; but, it's always been good for me and available surveys seem to have increased in the past year.

Thursday, March 05, 2015 by sharri

I have tried for three months to get them to fix their "reward" site--I can not access my account to redeem my awards. They have to know that is does not work. I have even written their home office and did not get a response. I feel like they are not very ethical.

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