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iPoll offers its members the opportunity to take surveys via their website and also via their mobile apps. Their mobile apps are available on both iTunes (for iPhones) and on Google Play (for Android phones). Users who download the mobile app can expect to be contacted more frequently to participate in surveys.

Rewards Offered
iPoll offers various rewards including cash paid via PayPal, Amazon.com e-vouchers, iTunes gift codes, credits on Travelocity, Visa pre-paid cards, and donations to various charities.

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New iPoll members will receive a one-time credit of $5 added to their account. This makes the $25 minimum to redeem most rewards attainable faster.

Note: iPoll was formerly known as SurveyHead.

"Marking Surveys Invalid"
Thursday, July 17, 2014 by Dee

Hi, I have been a member of IPoll for many years. On the plus side, they have many surveys available each day although most of them I don't qualify for. They used to take over a month to give you your money once you cashed out but in the past year, that time frame has been reduced to about two weeks which is a great improvement. However, what I really want to talk about it how after you finally do qualify and complete a survey and get the money credited to your account, weeks, sometimes months later, you see your total reward reduced. They mark the survey INVALID and take the money out. By then,you have no recollection of what the survey was about and why they would mark it invalid. I have emailed them many, many times over this as it appears to be that they never mark a 50 cent survey reward invalid but mostly the $2 and $3 ones which are so hard to come by. I have asked them why they do this and they say its the company sponsoring the survey and not them. You have no recourse. Its so frustrating to have devoted so much time to answering their questions thoughtfully and honestly only to be told that they deem my responses invalid. If you want a survey company that gives you the money you earn...Opinion Outpost is the one. Once you earn money from them, they never take it away and when you cash out, the money is in your PayPal account the next day. But IPoll has really been upsetting me. Anyone else have this problem?

"invalid surveys"
Monday, July 14, 2014 by Jill

I really like(d) this survey site. I have been using iPoll for one year with no issues until this week. I never realized that when you take a survey and it is deemed as "invalid" later (for reasons unknown), your account will be suspended (which means you can log in, you just won't have any surveys listed). I emailed iPoll to find out why I wasn't receiving any surveys and they said I had too many "invalids" in a 12 month period and they would research it. I do not rush through surveys (in my opinion) and I answer surveys honestly, so they aren't marked invalid because of either of those issues. ADVICE: if you start to get a few invalids, ask iPoll about it right away so they can research it because your account will be suspended without warning if you get too many. Their response to me is below...sounds like the "client" didn't like my responses compared to what they were looking for, so they marked my surveys "invalid".

Dear Member,

I do appreciate your concern. These surveys were marked as invalid by the research firm sponsoring this particular study. Any data collected from your interview was not saved, nor will it be used for data analysis. There may be a number of reasons for this to occur, however it is not a personal reflection but within our clients’ rights to reject data that is not consistent with the remaining interviews.

Please let us know if you have any question.

"Sending Junk?"
Tuesday, July 08, 2014 by Henri

Why this site sending me junk email 3 times?
3.58 AM, 6.55 PM, and 9.43 PM.
When I click, it's already closed. Really?
I just received 10 seconds ago.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 by Myra

Always good to pay up although a friendly reminder was needed after 28 days but paid quickly!

"Not worth it"
Tuesday, June 24, 2014 by k

This site used to be good. Now they are horrible. I have twice been locked out of my account for having too many surveys marked "invalid". The first time this happened it took me over a month to get a response (I had $50 in my account that I wanted to claim!) They didn't answer my question about what constitutes an "invalid" but I did get my cashout.

This most recent lock-out they gave me 2 possible (out of how many criteria I don't know) reasons why a survey might be marked "invalid": 1) Poor data quality, 2) Foul language or threats. As for the first criteria, poor data should just be a disqualification, not penalize the survey taker. How do I know how these people are using the data, or what exactly they are looking for? As for the second criteria, how is that possible unless you participate in a discussion panel or other survey that asks for open ended answers? I have never used inappropriate language or threats in my responses. In fact, I have been cheated out of points from discussion panels and diaries that I have honestly participated in.

I am also irritated that they charge us, the panelists, for cashing out. 3% for Pay Pal!! I earned the incentives, don't try and take part of it back.

These people are jerks. I 'm just waiting for my bank to get credited the full $50 and then I'm cashing out and unsubscribing.

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