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Formerly SurveyHead.

"very vey Sloow to credit survey"
Saturday, April 19, 2014 by roberto

I have reach the min to cash out but I can't because I still have pending survey to be credited , this is pathetic and i only have 1 week, I read other people had to wait until 2 months. This is ridiculous

"Qualified Yes - Be Very Careful! "
Thursday, April 17, 2014 by Bill

My Beef is they are very slow to credit survey points, yes, I realize they have to wait for client to verify surveys and pay them, but waiting more than 2 months is ridiculous! I also have issue where surveys freeze up or quit in the middle. They dont allow you to retake them. I would rather deal with Isay, Survey Spot and MyView, they credit your completed surveys immediately and pay out quickly. The only time I've been able to cash out from SurveyHead I had to wait 3 weeks before they sent payment to my PayPal acct. I've been sitting a month now waiting for them to credit me enough to cash out again...This outfit is sloooow. Yes they are linked to Only Cash, which has the same issues. I quit using this site because they are so slow to credit points and pay out, plus they show surveys pending, I came to find out they denied my points! I would pass this outfit and try some other sites that dont play games, Likes Survey Spot, Isay and My Survey.

"After Opinion Place"
Monday, April 14, 2014 by Don

So after Opinion Place closed, they sent out emails that you might be interested in this company. So, I went on over and signed up. Fill out all the information and boom! It looks like you have survey after survey to fill out. And you actually do. But...I never qualified for any of them to continue on and get paid. So, I cancelled my account. In my opinion it is ok to ask a couple of questions up front to see if you qualify for a survey, but when I have answered 10 questions or more, that IS a survey, and I should be paid for it. On one of them I know I answered about 15 questions before I was told that I do not qualify. That my friends is free information for them.

"Hard to qualify for"
Sunday, April 06, 2014 by Kem

They put up high paying surveys but after I answer a bunch of questions they disqualify me. Other times they say they have reached enough people and the poll is closed. It'd be nice if they would let me know before I waste my time filling out 20 -30 questions. I don't like iPoll, as soon as I get enough money to cash out I will.

"Good experience ... although somewhat slow earning."
Monday, March 31, 2014 by santiago

After 4 or 5 months of using the panel iPoll I managed to get the $ 50 required to PayPal payment. It has taken about 10 days to pay it, much less time than 30 days announcing in their TOS. The experience was good, although a bit slow in my opinion. We can get in a week 9 or 10 surveys available, and then go for a month without getting anything (at least in my country, Spain). Surveys done take about three or four weeks for confirmation, but at least in my case, all were correct...any rejected. In summary I recommend the panel if you are patient and do not in a hurry to collect your money. My experience is 100% satisfactory ... but slow as I said

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