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$25 USD minimum account balance required to request most rewards, with 4-6 weeks to receive reward.

$50 USD minimum to request a PayPal payment.

iPoll General Information


Survey Types
iPoll offers its members the opportunity to take surveys via their website and also via their mobile apps. Their mobile apps are available on both iTunes (for iPhones) and on Google Play (for Android phones). Users who download the mobile app can expect to be contacted more frequently to participate in surveys.

Rewards Offered
iPoll offers various rewards including cash paid via PayPal, Amazon.com e-vouchers, iTunes gift codes, credits on Travelocity, Visa pre-paid cards, and donations to various charities.

$5 Signup Bonus to New Members
New iPoll members will receive a one-time credit of $5 added to their account. This makes the $25 minimum to redeem most rewards attainable faster.

Note: iPoll was formerly known as SurveyHead.

"iPoll is great!!"
Friday, March 20, 2015 by Maria

Just joined ipoll. Completed a 7 minute survey and received $2.00 instantly.

Monday, March 09, 2015 by Eva

Not much surveys to fill in, keeps on asking the same questions, it doesn't get updated

"Try once but ditch next."
Saturday, February 28, 2015 by Leo

Formerly Surveyhead UK, still a quite bad c-s if you need to solve a survey problem. For a missing survey (which was logged) had to ask for quite some time for it to be finally rewarded.

A lot of time wasted in trying surveys, and I learned only to complete surveys that were actually surveys with the normal qualifying part, rather than a matching first-page where you put all sort of details and fill all sort of different questions... in order for them to match you with a survey.... I really wasted an enormous amount of time initially.

They invalidated me 2 surveys! But as I always look at the address bar and take notes for every survey, for the second I recognised the sponsor, since iPoll did not care to explain (which I understand they have the right even if unfair), I asked and complained with their sponsor and the survey was reinstated with an apology, which was nice.

Incredible that in £ sterling the amount was changing almost daily, like if the exchange rate with $ was applied, I pointed it out but never an explanation, it was not taken seriously but they did adjust it as I was ready to redeem and it fluctuate negatively.

Paypal reward 3% fee! This fee is already unfair in my opinion but 3% is the highest I've seen from any survey company.
I ditched them.

Sunday, February 15, 2015 by Lisa

I've been a member of Ipoll for about three years, and still haven't cashed out... Okay, I did leave it for 6+ months, but it takes too long to cash out. I swear, the surveys seem longer than some sites. Maybe because I dread logging in? I get surveys pretty often, the most I've been paid for a survey was $12. I've had some $7 surveys as well.

Anyways, I did about eight surveys this week. I Just need to wait for the to be approve. So many sites will pay you right away...

I'll update once I'm able to cash out. If that happens. After I get my payment, I will close my account.

Ipoll doesn't even have a referral program. What company doesn't want more traffic?!? I'm almost certain that I'm dealing with a cheap company.

"Needs to change their Payout"
Sunday, February 15, 2015 by Darleen

I have been a member of iPoll for a while now. I cashed out once, but it seems to be getting harder to pay out because they keep on changing their US/Canada rate. Once I get close to it, it changes!

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