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Ipsos Access Panels

Global Headquarter Services, 35, rue du Val de Marne France
Tel:   Contact: http://www.iap-interactive.com/Contactus/tabid/76/Default.aspx
Operated by: Ipsos

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6 user reviews
Rewards Offered
Green checkboxAmazon gift cards
Green checkboxSweepstakes entries
Green checkboxCash paid via bank transfer
Member Opportunities
Green checkboxOnline surveys
Green checkboxIT surveys
Green checkboxLegal surveys
Green checkboxMobile surveys
Redemption Info
~1,400 points minimum balance required to request rewards
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Ipsos Access Panels General Information

Ipsos Access Panels is now part of Ipsos i-Say.

"Could not finish"
Thursday, June 05, 2014 by Ginny

I tried answering 2nd portion of this two day survey and kept getting message it was not open for ten minutes. I waited three times and never able to access rest of survey. Lost 150 points.

"No Surveys available!"
Wednesday, December 04, 2013 by Kristie

This is what I always see when logging in. Horrible site!

"Not bad"
Sunday, September 08, 2013 by james

Can encounter problems if using mobile android! Need adobe flash player for some surveys! I started a 175 point survey that was supposed to last 30mins and got stuck after 15 mins due to browser incompatibility! Got 800 points in 1month (need 1300ish for £10 amazon! You have to complete the surveys in 1hour of being notified sometimes if you don't want to miss out on the full points! Would advise to do the surveys on pc as some can become quite tedious on a mobile phone!

"Not bad"
Tuesday, July 02, 2013 by Robert

One of the few companies that give you a token screen out payment.

They are legit and worth joining on the whole

"They do ok"
Sunday, June 23, 2013 by John

I have been with them for five years and received a total of 12 payments. Takes about one to two weeks for rewards to come through which is better than some. They also give five points in many cases even when they reject you. I do get rejected more often than I would like but to minimise the time wasted I only do short surveys. They do prize only surveys but I don't do those and cannot understand people moaning about them. If you don't like them don't do them. You get rewards point added to your account for the number of surveys you do (14 months 325 points) Ten points are worth about 7p. Once they sent a payment to me twice by mistake and said to keep it. That was a ten pound Amazon voucher for free.

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