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Choose from various rewards through Perks Plus, simply for running the app on your phone

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By joining the Media Insiders Panel and downloading an App in your mobile device, you can help to shape the future of smartphone usage, social networking, and so much more. By keeping the app in your mobile device you will automatically enter into the prize draws of weekly sweepstakes of $25, monthly of $100, and quarterly of $10,000. Also earn up to $15 each month in Tango gift cards for running the MI Mobile app on your phone.

Earn even more Tango cards by keeping the device with you when you watch TV. It may try to identify what you're watching at specific times of the day based on a show's commercials. You can view the results by clicking on the results page.

"So so"
Thursday, April 09, 2015 by Roberta

I joined for the rewards. Installation of their app was difficult at best. Help from customer service is spotty at best. Not sure when or what the reward payout is as it was at first Tango cards, Then switched to different reward options. Not much feed back from this site.Slows the computer down as it is collecting data.

"Great mobile app"
Monday, August 05, 2013 by Michelle

This is an app you download to your mobile phone or tablet. You never know it's on there until you get your monthly $5 tango card. They also have sweepstakes every month which you can choose to be entered into that instead of getting a monthly tango card. You can have up to 3 devices downloaded with the app where you can make $15 each month for doing nothing. They send surveys every now and then but not very often. It's a great way to earn money every month even though it's not much, it adds up with all of the other great survey sites. They always email your gift card every month and I have never had a problem with them. Highly recommend.

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