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MintVine General Information

Earn cash and prizes for participating in online surveys. Surveys are worth between 150 to 300 points each, and receive 5 points even when you don't qualify to complete a survey. Redeem 1000 points for a $10 cash payment to your PayPal or Dwolla account, or for an Amazon gift code.

"MintVine is excellent!"
Wednesday, October 22, 2014 by Susan

MintVine is one of the better survey companies. Most of the surveys are short and they pay well. Also, cash out is within a couple of days.

"Total piece of crap, can't even take surveys!"
Sunday, October 19, 2014 by Brian

I signed up for MintVine a few days ago, and after filing out the profile have not been able to take a single survey! Clicking the link on the funnel survey takes me to a blank page saying 'redirecting' that never goes anywhere. I did get e-mailed three main surveys, and after finally figuring out you need to click the agree statement, not the check box (which makes no sense), got the same 'redirecting' page. I contacted support on this multiple times, and the first reply I got was some lame suggestion to clear my browsing history and refresh the page. (Which I'd tried already). Then they told me if I belong to other survey sites, it may mess things up since Mintvine may outsource to them, which is just pure BS. I get surveys from other sites on the various panels I belong too, so where does Mintvine get off not working the same way? And are they telling me EVERY freaking survey on their site comes from one of the five other sites I belong to? Doubt it. I dropped the site, it's a TOTAL waste of time if you can't even access the surveys. Maybe if this is the ONLY site you belong to it will work for you, but rather doubt it.

"Decent site"
Monday, September 29, 2014 by mable

This is not a big money making survey site, but then I don't know of any that are. They pay quickly, It only took two days to get pay once I asked for a redemption and they at least give you 5 points for many surveys if you are not qualified for a survey. I think This is an honest company, took me a while to get enough points for Amazon gifts, but it is not a waste of one's time. I would recommend it for a little extra cash.

"Not particularly user friendly"
Wednesday, September 17, 2014 by Morgan

Not a bad company in terms of available surveys and relatively fast redemption. They do have a "pending" policy for approving points that can take up to a month before they become available to redeem, but it's a quick process once the points are released.

The problem with this company comes in with their complicated and somewhat confusing user interface and their customer service department. It's hard to understand their "dashboard", and relevant information is scattered around the site. Customer service can be frustratingly slow to respond, and will often just drop the ball, leaving it to the customer to follow up. I had a problem with using Paypal on the site that was especially complicated and was never resolved to my satisfaction, I gave up on it after 3 weeks of emails and redeemed for Amazon.

"A great up-and-comer"
Wednesday, September 10, 2014 by Yusef

Surveys: Once you've filled out your profiles, there are two primary sources of surveys. Big ones, which are worth 100 points or more and are infrequent (they compensate you with 5 points if you do not qualify), and the funnels.

The funnel system, your primary source of points, is an automated portal that finds outsourced surveys for you to complete. Unlike big surveys, not qualifying for a funnel survey will not compensate you with anything; however, all completed surveys award points associated with that specific funnel (ex. 70-point funnel awards 70 points per successful completion). You can take as many funnel surveys as you like, and each completion awards points.

Big surveys aren't too rare; I've gotten one or two a day, and I have qualified for and completed several in the past week. If you want to qualify more, do not rely on email. Check the site regularly. By the time you get notifying email, the surveys will have been on the dashboard for at least an hour.

Successfully completing any survey shows the points on your dashboard, and points are categorized either as 'Approved,' 'Pending,' or 'Rejected.' All successfully completed surveys will remain in pending for two weeks, which gives the survey companies time to validate the data. This also means that from the time you register, you will likely have a two week buffer before your first payout. From then on, provided you remain active, you can cash out at least once a week, if you complete at least two funnel surveys a day and your daily polls.

A new poll appears everyday. Completing this poll awards 5-10 points. Each poll refreshes after 24 hours. I estimate the poll refreshes at 7 AM PST/10 AM EST. You do not get points for filling out older polls, only new ones.

There's also an offer section, with both free and paid offers that award points for completion. Both sections are lacking, but the site owner is working on weeding out bad offers, especially those that require installing software. Maybe this section will be noteworthy in the future.

100 points equals $1. When you first join, you get 200 points for completing your main profile after registration. There are several other profiles that altogether award 150 points, bringing your start-up to 350.

Cash out is at 1000 points. You can choose Paypal, Amazon, or Dwolla. They warn you that failure to use a correct email and/or verified Paypal account will cause you to lose your points when you redeem. It is crucial that you make sure your Paypal information is accurate and properly linked with the email you used for Mintvine. I suspect this is where the main issue people not getting their Paypal cashouts comes from.

I would recommend Dwolla for this site. The complications with Paypal don't happen with Dwolla. Mintvine seems so keen on pushing Dwolla that they offer a bonus 50 points for making it your chosen payment method (pending until your first Dwolla payout).

Support and Feedback: It's clear they not only want to streamline the occasional hiccups on their site, but are constantly looking to improve the site in general. Several times, I completed a survey but did not get credited. A simple report to customer support usually rectified the issue in 24 hours.

There's a feedback area with suggestions from other panel members. Many of these are taken to heart. Some are put under review, others are in planning, and others have become part of the site. Really good ideas merit points from the staff. These guys are serious about improving everything.

Following up, Dwolla is the way to go. Every 1000 approved points automatically enters your Dwolla account over 1-2 business days. It takes 1-2 more to wire that money into your bank account if you wish. On both points, it's faster than Paypal.

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