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The MySurvey and Lightspeed panels have merged into one and are now simply known as "MySurvey."

"One of the best ...."
Monday, April 14, 2014 by gary

mysurvey is one of the best online survey sites out there. I admit to having a soft spot for mysurvey - it was the first paid online survey site that I received any money from, but it also happens to be a rewarding and enjoyable survey site.

Payouts start off nice and low at £5. I always go for Amazon vouchers which tend to take a couple of days to arrive. No problems in getting any of my payments.

Survey invitations are not sent as often as some sites; but when invites do come they tend to come in clusters which is great for getting on a roll. Screen out regularity is average and my impression is that screen outs usually happen at start of a survey. Surveys are varied and cover the usual topics. There are a few regular surveys which I guess match my demographic.

I have only directly contacted mysurvey once. I had just finished a high point/long survey, pressed the submit button and .... got a message saying the site was down for maintenance. My hard earned points had just vanished! So I emailed in, admittedly more in hope than expectation. I received a prompt and polite reply saying they would look into it and then the next day the points appeared in my account. Excellent customer service from mysurvey.

So yes I highly recommend mysurvey as one of the best online survey sites.

"Discourteous Service"
Monday, March 31, 2014 by David

Sometime in the 00s' I first registered with Mysurvey when it was once known as NFO or whatever. I used one e-mail address for that account.

In 2010 or 2011, I joined Light Speed Panel with another e-mail address for my account there.

In 2012, they merged to form one company. When they merged, they didn't merge my Light Speed Panel account into my Mysurvey account, so I ended up with two accounts on Mysurvey. I later found out that it was against their rules, which I could not find on their website, but it was Mysurvey that created a second account from the Lightspeed account, so I guessed it was a bonus grandfathered account. I used them without incident.

Beginning in late 2013, the surveys I was invited to ended up with either "Points were already allocated" or "Not eligible to take this survey" messages when I first accessed the surveys with the first click to start the survey.

Just a few days ago, I tried to log into the grandfathered original lightspeed account on mysurvey, but it had been deactivated. I e-mailed Carol Adams, and she sent me a rude message about me committing fraud and deactivated my membership, wiped out the points, barred me from future membership, and they reserve the right to report me to the state and federal authorities.

They are saying I committed fraud (which I did not) when a second mysurvey account (which was the original Lightspeed account) was created by their staff and they never checked their database if my name was already a member of Mysurvey since those two accounts had two different e-mail addresses. Furthermore, I was using the second Mysurvey account as if it was originally a Lightspeed creation. They could have sent me a courtesy e-mail soon after the merger that I should fold the two accounts into one, but no! They broke their own rules and now they're barring me? Give me a break!

Mysurvey has turned rude and discourteous towards me and after a long time with them, they're out.

"Better than others."
Saturday, March 29, 2014 by Tom

I've been a member since 2011 if not before then and have taken a lot of surveys with MySurvey, product tests, online diary's, etc. I have to say I've had really no problem that wasn't fixed by asking. Sure sometimes they won't get back to you right away because your problem is not the only one they handle. Also there is always a kind way to put your problem across to them without sounding like you're demanding they jump right on it. Sometimes I've never gotten a response but the points show up in your account. The thing is don't delete your invite to survey from any site and if you qualify and take the survey, flag it and put them in a track folder. Once a month go through the folder to clean it out.
As for qualifying for a survey, if you are new to the panel it might take a while for it to learn your likes and buying habits, things you use, devices you use lalallala. Feel Me? Give it time it time and stop whining !!
I've made 300-400 bucks since 2011 from MySurvey and I've always been happy. Also one more thing, if you are active member of too many survey sites then your are doing yourself a dis-service. Find 4-5 of the best ones and concentrate on those. All the above is my own opinion and heed if you like. I've made about 3000 in the last three years with surveys. Patience and good luck !

"Automatically signed out "
Tuesday, March 25, 2014 by James

I'm tired of being signed out when I start a survey, it happens on multiple surveys (not just one) but the customer service rep does not understand this!

It's like they don't care about their panelists

Thursday, March 20, 2014 by Mary

MySurvey merged w/Lightspeedpanel.com (LSP), where I had $100 on 7/7/2010 & was never notified. I've been emailing with MySurvey & getting the runaround. They sent me a redemption list, probably from MySurvey, stating they were my LSP redemptions--NOT! Hence my $100 earnings. In their 3/19/14 email, they said: "On 1/22/11 the remaining 175 points in your LSP account were transferred to your MySurvey account." That never happened. So my $100 became 175 points, which in MySurvey is worth $1.75. Please note I'm a member of 100+ survey sites and only had a problem with MySurvey. Beware!

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