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"Slow, with infrequent surveys, hard to cashout"
Monday, January 05, 2015 by Sharon

They've been around for a while and I'm not sure if maybe I'm not in desired demographics or not, but from what I've seen, either online or via their app, you don't get many surveys. The rewards are nice, but it's on a point system. The only redemption amount is 250pts for a $10 cashout of any kind. Just to give you an idea, the most I've gotten for a survey has been 25pts, so in the past two years, I haven't cashed out yet. I was part of their panel several years ago, and I can remember it was much more active back then. That's why I'd signed up again, but I very rarely get any surveys anymore. The site is outdated, and although they are on Facebook, and have said they are planning to have more frequent surveys -- I've yet to see that happen. If it does, I'll update my review.

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