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"Major fail after study is over"
Friday, March 27, 2015 by MP

They had my son do a study for 6 weeks. During this time they were friendly and answered emails promptly. But after the study was over, they stopped communication -- they are now claiming that the item to be returned to them was never returned, and until it was my son would not get payment. They are in the Netherlands, so there is no way to file a complaint against them.

"Don't expect much."
Saturday, February 28, 2015 by Leo

After a few years had enough! I redeemed about £11 a year despite having logged daily and tried possibly all the surveys available, which could have been ok had it been a more serious website.

CONS: Not existent c-s. eg. payment was rejected (same details as previous payment, so couldn't explain why, unless it was their way to just delay payments!), not a single reply, maybe an automated one. After 3 months payment was successful.

However, I recently wasted too much time:
With their app-survey a few times, emailed asked for help, whether they had my completed survey, but never received a single reply.
Similarly happened with a few online surveys, which I completed and other re-tried, but then magically appeared all closed the next day. Not a single reply from c-s.

I don't think there is anybody behind their website, it must be all run by computers hence the incapability to humanly reply.

The PRO is that you can redeem the available balance directly to your bank, once reached the 'achievable' minimum of £10.
You may also receive 5/10p if you dnq. Some surveys were nice, but others really too long.
Overall Not worth my effort. I'm done with them.

"VERY SLOW but DOES pay"
Monday, October 13, 2014 by Judith

Takes ages to reach £10 payout as you often get screened out of their usually £1 surveys.
However they do provide good, well set out surveys and they do pay - well they have always paid me anyway.
My advice - I belong to about 40 surveys sites and I just go to the sites or wait for invitations, as necessary and over time I find that I am pleasantly surprised when I reach the payout.

"Received payment at last"
Sunday, January 12, 2014 by Robert

It took me a long while but I finally received a payment for just over £10. It did however take a long time to arrive in my bank from requeting.

The surveys are usually £1 each but you do get screened out quite a bit. Average length surveys though. Not great but ok and they pay.

Monday, December 23, 2013 by Mick

The surveys are interesting although not very frequent. The site gives the impression of a professional outfit. Don't be deceived.
I applied for my £10 reward and within a few weeks their site said that I had been paid. This was untrue. I wrote 4 emails over a 4 week period. I also wrote an email to their parent company MetrixLab. Not one response.
If you want to spend many hours completing surveys for no reward, this is the site for you.
Should be investigated and shut down.

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