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"Few Surveys"
December 21, 2015 by Terry from Canada

I think I received a couple surveys during the time I was a member, which was from 2011. I had $0.10 in my account when I finally decided to unsubscribe my account today (12/21/2015). I received a couple surveys that were already closed and after closely reviewing their prizing, I noticed that they asked for my banking information and also paid by Paypal, neither of which are favourable to my circumstances. The lack of surveys though is why I give it the lowest rating possible.

"Decent site"
November 15, 2015 by david from United Kingdom

Pretty good site is Opinionbar, but does take about a year to reach the £10 payment threshold, i've only ever managed to cash out twice with these, in fact i've just cashed out my second payment 2 mins before i wrote this reply,

seems like people are giving this site some bad reviews, but my experience with them has been very good so far, let's just hope i haven't jinxed my payment

"customer service"
November 08, 2015 by Vlad from United States

I had several problem with the Opinionbar company.
1. they sent me links to surveys which had already closed.
2. I have not receive a credit for two completed surveys.
3. last survey "Your thoughts are important to us!" took me to the middle, then website came with last page " Server Error in Application "WEBSURVEY5.OPINIONBAR.COM".
I sent e-mail to the company - no reply (no contact phone listed), then to the parent company, MetrixLab - no reply. Called, left message with Metrix Lab. Will let you know, if they will respond.

"Never Responds to Inquiries!"
November 04, 2015 by Lynn from United States

Been registered for over 5-years. Completing a survey can be basic or something unique and more involved. But if the survey errors or if the reward isn't credited to your account in the end, don't expect a response, ever, from their support. Only a few times needing their assistance, but only one support request has been answered in 5-years, That's really bad no matter what country they are located. Have even tried to get their attention through social media and contacting their parent company directly, and still nothing. If they want loyal members with honesty and integrity, they have to return the same, and without delay.

"Not bad"
June 15, 2015 by Eden from United Kingdom

It does take quite a bit of time until you get to the redemption of £10 but the surveys have good topics and incentives. Nice to be paid through bank transfers- would be good if there was paypal as payment would obviously be quicker. Its not a bad site and you will at some point get to £10, but you don't get a large amount of surveys to complete, recently I've had a few so that was good.




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