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$15 minimum account balance required. Payment made within 72 hours to your PayPal account

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Payment Process
Take online surveys in exchange for cash. Get paid to your PayPal account when you have accumulated a $15.00 balance. Payments are made within 72 hours of request.

Getting Notified for Surveys
Receive e-mail notifications when full surveys (biz surveys) become available. These will also be displayed in your account when they become available. Upon logging in, you will see a message in the top right corner that says, "1 survey available".

Survey Lengths
Survey lengths vary, but are typically between 5-10 minutes.

Daily Surveys
You can wait to be e-mailed about regular online surveys when they become available, but you can also take "Trait Surveys" and earn between $0.03 and $0.10, each and every day. These Trait Surveys not only serve to increase your earnings slowly, but also helps increase your Traitscore.

The higher your Traitscore, the more you can earn per survey. A high Traitscore allows you to receive the maximum number of surveys per month. Achieve a Traitscore of 9000, and become part of the top 10% of members. This means you’ll earn even more per answer.

Referral Program
PaidViewpoint offers a generous referral program where you will earn 20% of what your referrals earn for taking “biz surveys”. In other words, earn 20% from your referrals when they take surveys other than “Traits Surveys”. You can have an unlimited amount of referrals and can earn up to $25 per referral. If you can refer friends from the USA, you will likely find you can earn more.

New Member Bonus
Join and immediately get a signup bonus deposited to your account. Amounts vary per country, but for USA and Canada, it is $1.00.

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Tuesday, January 06, 2015 by Joyce

I have wasted nearly one year trying in vain to earn enough to redeem. Haven't heard from these clown in months. Can't even get a reply when I email them to find out why I'm not getting surveys, either. I'd give them ZERO stars if I could.

"tired of wasting my time"
Monday, January 05, 2015 by S.E.

I read enough favorable reviews to give this one a try. I did every survey that came my way, but it just didn't add up. After several months of responding and responding and responding I decided that I'd probably be retired by the time I could cash out. $ 4 and a bit for a few months? No way. I've cancelled my account.

"I love this survey site!"
Monday, January 05, 2015 by linda

lots of little friendly and entertaining surveys while you build up your scores. They are quick and fun and easy to fit in when you have 2 or 3 minutes to kill. Sometimes I might go a week or so with no offers, but then I will get some. In the last few months I have cashed out about $37 total, which is more than I have done on most sites! I love this site!

"thanks a lot"
Monday, January 05, 2015 by Zulma

thank you for giving me the opportunity to earn some cash.

"Easy $15"
Monday, January 05, 2015 by Heather

I just cashed in my first $15! It took a little bit to get there, but the surveys are short and easy. They don't send you to outside sites.

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