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Operated by: Dipsticks Research Ltd.

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£10 minimum account balance required to request rewards.
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panelbase.net General Information

PanelBase is an online survey panel operated by Dipsticks Research Ltd., based in the United Kingdom. Members of PanelBase receive cash in exchange for their online survey participation, however additional bonus prize draw entries are also often provided.

Eligibility: UK residents age 16+

"Best survey site I've used so far"
July 07, 2015 by Hakeem from United Kingdom

While there have been a couple of times I didn't qualify for surveys that comes with every survey site, and I've qualified for most and reach the threshold pretty easily. I would definitely recommend.

"Not qualifying a lot "
June 02, 2015 by Indre from United Kingdom

I have been doing surveys for a year now and tracking my earnings. This website is one of the lowest ones on my list in terms of the earnings - during one year I cashed out only 3 times at their minimum threshold.

I am not sure how their system is set up, however majority of the surveys I receive I am disqualified from and/or they are closed after 10-15min of receiving the email. The only good thing is that usually you are disqualified very quick, not much time wasted, thus I am going to try to give them another year and see where I stand afterwards.

"Used to be good"
May 21, 2015 by matt from United Kingdom

Used to be good, but now all I seem to be doing is filling in surveys and being kicked off half way through. Constantly getting DNF, or QF (do not qualify, quota full) Waste of time

"Survey statement poorly displayed Too often dnq"
May 15, 2015 by Leo from United Kingdom

After years and an average of £10/12/yr I had enough of these people!
I told them several times that the way they displayed surveys attempted, completed and finally rewarded, was really poor since only a few entries are displayed at once, and you have to load every page to find older survey reference... and check they are rewarded, such a waste of time.

In the last months I was waiting for some surveys to be rewarded and could not locate them going in and out the many 'little pages' and got fed up checking. Anyway, I have been keeping track of changes in my balance against surveys I had completed. So finally I enquired and they just said these were rewarded implying it was still up to me finding them.

I told them, again, that surveys statement was poorly displayed and they mentioned, again, that they were still thinking about changing it... well for me too little too late.
They did put so much effort in creating and updating their polls side of their website but none to make it easier for panellists to check surveys rewarded, that it really felt a complete lack of consideration toward panellists.

To add insult to injury, one short survey I completed said at the end I was going to be rewarded, but c-s said it was not possible. Well, I'm neither blind nor stupid, let alone a liar, and it is known that whatever you do, webpages can easily display errors or some kind of errors (if that was the case) and I know what I saw and copied for my information. Their denial just made me very angry and finally ditched them.
Their surveys are usually good, nice layout dynamics, easy to complete, although at times too long than stated and rewarded. However, too many surveys not clearly for me (dnq) were sent and for a tiny yearly reward I realised on the overall I've been wasting too much of my time. So not worth the effort.

By the way, they have too many polls for themselves, which I stopped to complete when I realised they were possibly collecting results for free, polls that together probably should have been rewarded mini-surveys.

"Favourite Survey Panel"
April 21, 2015 by Lois from United Kingdom

Plenty of survey opportunities. Easy to make the low payout threshold of £10. Quick transfer of money once requested. Variety of long and quick surveys. Joined PanelBase at the end of February 2015 and have so far received 58 survey invitations and qualified for 47 of them. I would highly recommend PanelBase.

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