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GreetingCardPanel General Information

Invitation only panel.
"I loved the Greeting Card Panel survey"
September 29, 2015 by Jo Anne from United States

The Greeting Card Panel surveys were fun and easy to do. I actually buy a lot of cards so remembering for me was easy. to log in that is. but, they email you as a reminder each week. Even if you don't buy a card that week, login and tell them. that's it. After 3 months, my reward was sitting in my acct: I chose a $25.00 Amazon gift card but, I wont get the code for 30 days after choosing it. that makes my card due to me at the end of Sept. WOW. that would be 4 months from the time I started the survey group. Id do it again if I got invited! Thank you Ok....update.... I wrote the first part of this message on the night of 9/27 around 3am. checked my e-mail afterwards and found that the GCP DID e-mail me my Amazon gift card code on 9/24.. I overlooked my e-mails. Glad I was searching for something else cuz that's how I found it. Anyway. GCP does hold true to their promise to pay us. if you feel you haven't been paid, you'll have to research a few things. did you check in to your diary as asked? Did you complete the 3 months? Did you log back into your acct: to see your reward? if so, then you may have not redeemed your reward or if you did, you may have overlooked your e-mail gift as I did. Hope this info helps anyone that feels they didn't get their reward as I stated, GCP does give the rewards due to us..

"Getting paid was like getting water out of a rock"
May 26, 2015 by Suzanne from United States

I had to send their confirmation of my participation credit back to them repeatedly for a couple months before they finally broke down and paid me. I think I spent more time trying to get my lousy $25 than I did active on the panel for 3 months.

January 27, 2014 by angela from United States

I have been logging in for 2 months, yet it says I have 0 in my account. Keep hearing about people get rewarded, but I seem to be getting ziltch...

"Easy 25"
September 25, 2013 by mahalia from United States

I have done this survey twice and both times was very easy they send me a reminder every week. and even when i dont buy a card . As long as I log any weekly i get my money. Wish they had panels for other things that i actually buy a lot of.

"It worked"
July 29, 2013 by Chris from United States

I completely forgot about participating in this one. I saw it on the panel listing and read the latest comment. Thank you for posting that information. I would not have known to log back in, which I had the reward sitting there ready to spend, and there was no notification emails. Good for a quick $25, but needs to work a little on the communication.




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