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Tel: 1-888-572-2676  Contact: scott@pineconeresearch.com
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Green checkboxCash paid via check
Green checkboxCash paid via PayPal
Green checkboxMerchandise
Green checkboxRetail e-vouchers
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Rewards typically delivered within a few business days, sometimes even immediately after completing a survey.
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PineCone Research General Information

Pinecone Research

Survey Types
Interesting online surveys that are e-mailed to members, and are on a variety of different topics.

How to Join Pinecone Research
Because Pinecone Research is an invitation-only survey panel, potential new members must be invited by other members to join, or must find a join link posted on a website.

SurveyPolice is currently offering Pinecone Research signup links for new members to join. Click here to join Pinecone Research.

Reward Types and Amounts
Pinecone Research typically rewards its panelists with $3.00 US cash payments for every survey completed. Members may request to receive PayPal payments, or may select other rewards from an extensive product catalog.

Canadians typically earn $5 CAD per survey, while Britons earn £3 per survey completion.

Other Market Research Opportunities
Occasionally Pincone may mail out products for their members to test from home.

Please note that PInecone Research has been targeted by a cashier's check scam. If you receive a large, unexpected check seemingly from Pinecone, DO NOT cash it!

"Totally recommend Pinecone"
Thursday, August 29, 2013 by Saffron

I joined Pinecone a couple of months back, the surveys are short and about a week after you complete one I would get sent 'luncheon vouchers' which can be spent in Tesco on groceries. About £3 at a time & they would arrive in the post about a week after I completed a survey. Now I had an email asking if I wanted to add a paypal account so earnings can go straight in there instead.That would be even more convenient for me and these people are genuine. The surveys aren't every day but once or twice a week and they're short and interesting. These are reputable and I recommend them totally.

"Best thus far!"
Wednesday, August 28, 2013 by Kaizha

I could not wait to become of member of Pinecone Research becausse I heard so many great things about them. I joined, and I received my first survey within a week, qualified, of course, and got my reward within a few days. I then received another survey invite about 2-3 days later, completed that, then received that reward even quicker. Once i got 600 points, which is equivelent to $6.00, I cashed out for my first check. I received my check within 7 days! I get atleast 1-2 surveys a week. Once i received my first check I switched my chash out option to Paypal. I redeemed my 900 points at about 4.am EST, and it was deposited into my Paypal account at 12. pm EST! I LOVE this panel, and I will be with them for as long as I can. I would higly reccommend anyone eligible to join them if you have the time. I perosnally feel that it is well worth the time because it seems as if it is hard to NOT qualify for the surveys!

"No Surveys"
Wednesday, August 28, 2013 by kathy

Was accepted into this panel nearly a year ago and have never received a single survey invitation. About 4 months after acceptance into the panel with no survey offers, I emailed the woman who initially contacted me with my acceptance. She emailed back a canned response, something about being sorry that at the moment they had no surveys for which my parameters were needed, but there would be future surveys. After waiting another 8 months, still nothing. Guess they don't have surveys for 55-yr-old Caucasian women.

"If only..."
Sunday, August 25, 2013 by Jon

If I could get 10 surveys a day from these guys...! I love this company. Karen Scott is super good, and the site pays like clockwork. You're not going to make a ton of money, but they pay $3.00 per survey, plus goods you might try out at home, and they have never jerked me around or stiffed me on anything! I may not get a lot of surveys, but the ones I do get I invariably qualify for, and I can count on getting paid. Super site!

"One of the worst survey panels I joined"
Monday, August 19, 2013 by Jean-Pierre

I have been doing surveys through a multitude of survey panels for the past 10 years and I must say that Pinecone is by far the worst panel I have been a member of, on so many levels.
The website, interface, poor communication and unresponsive/bad support.

I have filled out all the profilers and initial surveys. After a long wait I finally started receiving survey invitations along with their respective user PIN and passwords. These were not profilers but actual surveys. Not a single time was I paid for any survey I completed on Pinecone, nor do I see any history/logs of completed surveys on the site.

The site is terrible. I feel misled and cheated of my time. Their support is unresistant and does not reply to any e-mails despite several attempts.

I have completed all their surveys and thanked for my time, yet I don't see any of them listed. I was led to believe I would be paid $3 or more per survey.

Never once did I get paid.

I would strongly caution avoiding this survey panel. I wish I could give it more than 1 star, but it is bad on all levels.

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