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Tel: 1-888-572-2676  Contact: scott@pineconeresearch.com
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Rewards Offered
Green_checkboxCash paid via check
Green_checkboxCash paid via PayPal
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Rewards typically delivered within a few business days, sometimes even immediately after completing a survey.
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PineCone Research General Information

Pinecone Research

Survey Types

Interesting online surveys that are e-mailed to members, and are on a variety of different topics.

How to Join Pinecone Research

Because Pinecone Research is an invitation-only survey panel, potential new members must be invited by other members to join, or must find a join link posted on a website.

SurveyPolice is currently offering Pinecone Research signup links for new members to join. Simply click the "Join Now" buttons displayed on this page.

Redemption Information

Pinecone Research typically rewards its panelists with $3.00 US cash payments for every survey completed. Members may request to receive PayPal payments, or may select other rewards from a product catalog.

Canadians typically earn $5 CAD per survey, while Britons earn £3 per survey completion.

Other Market Research Opportunities

Occasionally Pincone may mail out products for their members to test from home.

Please note that PInecone Research has been targeted by a cashier's check scam. If you receive a large, unexpected check seemingly from Pinecone, DO NOT cash it!

"Was ok for a number of years"
Thursday, December 13, 2012 by River

I had been a member of Pinecone Research for numerous years. After about 5 months I realized I hadn't gotten any survey invitations in a while. I searched my email and, sure enough, the surveys had suddenly stopped. No warning. Just stopped. All I had in my email was invitations to previous surveys. I emailed the company to ask why. After about a week, they claimed I hadn't filled out any surveys and that they had sent me several emails asking if I still wanted to be a member. They lied. Nice way to treat someone who has been on their panel for 6+ years. Also, like several people have commented, they will not accept if your race is "Caucasian".

"One of the best - completely legit"
Tuesday, December 11, 2012 by Cynthia

I've been a Pinecone member for years, since they were Acorn. I believe their surveys are legitimately used for research & product development. Occasionally, I've been selected to test a product, always good ones. The $3 incentive isn't a lot, but it's always paid promptly. I've changed from paper checks to PayPal, and it's always deposited within a day or 2, with email notification. Highly recommend this company.

"The BEST survey company"
Saturday, December 08, 2012 by Kim

At £3 per survey, this makes them the highest that I have dealt with (used to be £4 but hey ho still good). I chose payment in LV's which can be used in most supermarkets which is fab when you save them up to get a complete FREE shop!!! I save mine up until Christmas and it eases the pain of the festive season. The surveys can be a little repetetive but they pay very quickly indeed. You'll receive your LV within a few days. If you qualify, they also look for testers to try products which is great. You get your original £3 for doing the first survey, the free product which could be anything plus you get another £3 to do the follow up survey. These really make it worthwhile. Pinecone Research is the BEST by far amongst the survey world for me.

"One of the best"
Tuesday, November 27, 2012 by Alison

I love receiving their surveys and would absolutely recommend them. They're generous and extremely prompt in paying

Thursday, November 22, 2012 by Barbara

They are legit. get paid every survey. It adds up. have tested many items for them. They keep so many panelist. when some drop off they ask for referrals to be sent for others to join. My daughter now has joined a sit is legit.
Some will let you go through the whole survey and then say your not qualified. they are rip offs.

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