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85 Broad Street, New York, New York  10004 United States
Tel: 1-888-572-2676  Contact: scott@pineconeresearch.com
Operated by: Nielsen

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Rewards Offered
Green checkboxCash paid via check
Green checkboxCash paid via PayPal
Green checkboxMerchandise
Green checkboxRetail e-vouchers
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Green checkboxOnline surveys
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Rewards typically delivered within a few business days, sometimes even immediately after completing a survey.
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PineCone Research General Information

Pinecone Research

Survey Types
Interesting online surveys that are e-mailed to members, and are on a variety of different topics.

How to Join Pinecone Research
Because Pinecone Research is an invitation-only survey panel, potential new members must be invited by other members to join, or must find a join link posted on a website.

SurveyPolice is currently offering Pinecone Research signup links for new members to join. Click here to join Pinecone Research.

Reward Types and Amounts
Pinecone Research typically rewards its panelists with $3.00 US cash payments for every survey completed. Members may request to receive PayPal payments, or may select other rewards from an extensive product catalog.

Canadians typically earn $5 CAD per survey, while Britons earn £3 per survey completion.

Other Market Research Opportunities
Occasionally Pincone may mail out products for their members to test from home.

Please note that PInecone Research has been targeted by a cashier's check scam. If you receive a large, unexpected check seemingly from Pinecone, DO NOT cash it!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 by Kristina

I've been a member since March 2012, I usually receive 2+ surveys a week. They send full sized products to test! They used to send $3.00 check in the mail but now they have switched to points 300 = $3.00 that can be sent to your paypal account or you can choose a reward from the catalog.

"From good to terrible"
Tuesday, July 23, 2013 by Nakita

I have been with Pinecone for a few years now and was completely satisfied with them. Now that has changed. Its really awful how they have changed to a points system. The surveys are way too long to get 300 points to use in a very expensive point catalog. It will take you 50 surveys to get something good.They resemble Nielson now. Im done with them for now. Hope they take the hint.

Saturday, July 13, 2013 by Sharon

Whenever I get sent a survey which is about 3 times a month I get the vouchers £2.50 in the post a few days later which I use in tesco. Highly recommended

"Bad Move."
Saturday, July 13, 2013 by Todd

I agree with most people about the new incentive program. 3 bucks per survey was cool because you could spend it on what you want. But by going to points, you have to use points to pick out items from their overpriced catalogue of items.The only good thing about this site will be the samples they send out that you get to try-unless they stop that two. I will probably be avoiding these people unless they raise their payouts. A shame- used to be a good panel.

"The BEST!!!!!!"
Wednesday, July 10, 2013 by Cecil

Pinecone is the best survey group! All surveys may be completed and compensation is quick and simple! They reply quickly to any questions! Excellent company to work with!!!!!!!

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