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pureprofile General Information

PureProfile is a media company that asks their members to create profiles which are then matched with paid offers and online surveys. Members of PureProfile receive highly targeted messages from businesses based on their profiles, and earn money by viewing and commenting on these messages.
"missing redemption"
February 05, 2016 by GEOFF from United Kingdom

After a long wait I claimed a £25 reward. It was promised by 12/01/2016 but I have not yet (26/01/2016) received it. Enquiries go unanswered in spite of statement that they will be given within 72 hours.
Not reliable.

Update: 04/02/2016
I have still not received my £25 reward claimed in December 2015 - they claim to have paid me but nothing has been credited in my bank account. Now I am unable to access any details of my account on their website. Am I stupid to keep expecting payment?

January 11, 2016 by Lisa from United Kingdom

Started out really well, lots of survey invites, got paid out regularly, then just went downhill so unsubscribed. Don't bother joining, total waste of time.

"Rip you off and do not reply"
December 04, 2015 by Grant from Australia

I have been with this mob for well over a year. They have of late started ripping me off badly with survey payments. I am fed up with completing surveys that take well over the estimated time period and then you don't get paid. Even when you complain to them it says they will reply within 2 business days, they do not and will not even do that. This crowd should be looked into because all they do is exploit the people trying to get buy. They are a multi million dollar company, but are still not happy with their cut and rip their customers off. I am fed up with spending hours on surveys for not a great deal in rewards only to be robbed from this mob of scum bags. Please complain when this mob rips you off and make it a little easier for the next person that wants to be treated fairly.

November 19, 2015 by Chris from United Kingdom

All looks good on the outside everything works as it should but they just don't i'm owed £25.03 been waiting now for nearly 2 months for a payment that's taken me just over a year to accumulate

"The best "
August 09, 2015 by Camille from Australia

This site is terrific. Always has surveys to do and the cash adds up quicker than most others .




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