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pureprofile General Information

PureProfile is a media company that asks their members to create profiles which are then matched with paid offers and online surveys. Members of PureProfile receive highly targeted messages from businesses based on their profiles, and earn money by viewing and commenting on these messages.
"Don't bother"
July 13, 2015 by Ronald from United States

Its one that you get something from about once every two months. Not really worth joining. You get any where from 10 cents a survey to 25 cents a survey. Hope you have a lot of years to waste.

"Great layout, long to payout!"
May 23, 2015 by Kylie from United Kingdom

I absolute love the layout of this site which is why I'm giving it two stars rather than one. However, it took me a couple of years to reach the minimum payout, I kept being screened out a lot but I did notice they partnered with other sites.

Anyway, I finally reached payout and then tells me it will take a month (even gave me the date) of when it would be in my bank. Well, it wasn't. They then took 4 days to reply and told me it wouldn't be in my bank for another couple of days.

Well, I've now left them, there are far more better sites out there!

"Great UI but crappy redemption"
May 12, 2015 by Vern from Australia

The work they have are actually quite interesting. User interface is simple and clean. Surveys actually work and links are not broken like how GlobalTestMarkets' but the most horrible part of this process is the redemption process.

According to them, a redemption can only happen every 60 days, and that's on top of the 30 days administration period, so at best - you'd see $50 every quarter.

"Worth to keep on with them"
April 05, 2015 by Leo from United Kingdom

I like this company very much, very good c-s who deals efficiently with many survey enquiries or possible problems, they get back to you even after weeks (following their investigation), eg. when surveys do not link back with their website, or other problems. They welcome feedback. Here are my 5 stars.

However, not many surveys available must say, it goes with periods. You must login to check for surveys, rarely they send them.
Their site appears a little over crowded but just it needs to learn how to use it.

£25 minimum for redemption and by bank transfer (at present) which is good, though I redeem once a year or just over and it takes over a month; read their terms.
You earn 5 points if you dnq, not always these link back well to their website, but if you ask they're always awarding them.

Highly recommended, I read other negative reviews here but up to now (since years) I cannot complain.

"Great site"
January 07, 2015 by rushi from Australia

Good site, gives regular surveys. You get paid minimal amount even if you get screened out of the survey. Plenty of surveys and not too lengthy as well. The only down side is the redemption is max @ 50$ for 60 days.

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