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206-9350 Yonge St., Richmond Hill, Ontario  L4C 5T2 Canada
Tel: 888-770-1770  Contact: info@surveylion.com
Operated by: Canadian Viewpoint Inc.

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SurveyLion General Information


SurveyLion is an online survey panel operated by Canadian Viewpoint, one of Canada's largest consumer opinion agencies. SurveyLion is available in both English and French, and focuses on the Canadian market. SurveyLion rewards its members with cash for their survey participation - quarterly cash draws for members only are also held.

Available to residents of Canada and USA age 16+, though most survey opportunities are for Canadians.

"Everyone seems in agreement here"
February 21, 2015 by Roger from Canada

Good firm, better than average payout, easy to deal with, few surveys.

"Agree with other reviews"
January 04, 2015 by D from Canada

Not a lot of surveys but they are well done, always feel like they are worth my time.

"Good site"
February 15, 2014 by Dave from Canada

Yes they don't offer a lot of surveys, but when you get them most of the time I qualify and the pay per survey is normally $1-$5.

"Great incentives, no min. to cash-out, but few surveys"
September 17, 2010 by C from Canada

I don't receive so many surveys as I used to, but the incentives are great. There is no minimum to cash out. So you can do 3 surveys and get $8 total (they take the same amount of time as other survey companies), or you can do multiple surveys through a different company and get the same amount in a year.

I think this is a great site and although you may not get that many survey invites, once you do, the incentives are one of the best I've experienced. I always get my checks.

"Not bad for $3-$5 for each survey"
September 17, 2010 by Katie from Canada

I've been with them for a minimum 2yrs now.
Yes, I'm Canadian and they pay in Canadian cheques.
Surveys are always either $3 or $5 with the odd $1.
Cheques arrive in 2 weeks max, but I live close by.
I've made $40 with them, though worried about a survey I completed 1 week ago for a whopping $40!

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