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Payment and Rewards
With Surveysavvy you can take online surveys in exchange for cash and get paid by check. Request a check with only $1 in your account. Note that you will be paid in US dollars, regardless of what country you reside in.

Great Monthly Draws for When You Don't Qualify
If you attempt to complete a survey and get disqualified, you will earn an entry into the cash draw where dozens of prizes are awarded monthly.

SurveySavvy has a new tool called SavvyConnect where members can participate in market research by surfing the internet. SavvyConnect aggregates data to provide analysis on internet surfing habits - this information is not sold and is used for behavioral research purposes only. Installing SavvyConnect on your computer or mobile device also enables SurveySavvy members to access additional paid research opportunities. »Download SavvyConnect here (USA only).

Referral Program
SurveySavvy offers a generous 2-tiered referral program. Not only will you earn a portion of the cash earnings for your direct referrals, but you will also earn a portion of what the survey earnings from your referrals' referrals.

Daily Survey Opportunities
SurveySavvy offers a survey router where anyone can participate in individual online survey opportunities. The studies available on router can change daily. Access the SurveySavvy router (USA only).

Company Background Information
Since 1999 Luth Research has operated SurveySavvy. SurveySavvy claims it has paid out more cash to its members than any other online market research company - approximately $14 million dollars.

"Very high payout"
Friday, January 16, 2015 by Anthony

Survey Savvy is BY FAR the BEST survey site EVER!!! You only have to reach a $10 threshold to cash out, you can choose cash or gift cards, and you get a ton of surveys every day!

"Beware of app"
Monday, December 15, 2014 by Sandra

I have been a member for many years and have done many surveys from them. You can cash out at anytime though it takes a long time to receive your check. My biggest complaint is that I downloaded their survey connect app to two computers my smartphone and two tablet participate in a couple research project only to have them say that the app was not active for the full 90 days to receive payment. I checked everyday to make sure my apps were running and they were. I never receive notice the apps were not running and now when it is time for payment they are not paying. This app runs down your batteries and slows down your computer. I am very disappointed they are not paying me. I have to take their word that the app is not running even though it show on their site the app is running and has been running for over 90 days.

"Was good, something changed"
Thursday, December 11, 2014 by Robert

This was a real good site. Not many surveys but they all paid at least $1 or more. Little slow for your credit to appear and it took about 4 weeks to get a check with the mim. beiing only a $1.

So why am I upset. They had this project which the board went sent me these self addressed and postage paid envelopes. I was to mail them all my junk mail. For this I would receive a credit for $10 a month. I was told but I do not remember that I also signed up for email spam which copies of my emails are sent to them for another $5 a month. I have not received any credits since Sept and when I inquired I was told my email deliveries was stopped and they were unable to contact me. Dah, i have receiving survey requests from them. To get to the point , they no longer need me.

With that altitude, who needs them. So if you are thinking of joining them, just beware. Maybe just a coincidence, when they claimed they stopped getting email from me, the AOL address book got hacked for the first time since I have been on AOL since the early 90'.

"No Surveys"
Sunday, November 16, 2014 by Raechel

I've been with Survey Savvy for approx. 2 months & even installed their app to track my internet usage. So far, not even 1 Survey! They have started sending me more surveys but I haven't cashed out yet. Still pretty slow on the surveys.

"Excellent ! Just bought an Xbox One with money!"
Monday, November 10, 2014 by Michael

So I do not work for the company, I am a normal average guy with a little more time on my hands, I can multi task. I have been a member of SurveySavvy for probably about 2 years my first year I think I made maybe $200 or so, small surveys a few which were diaries for about a month like every half hour which got me paid about $35 and i had to fight for that money, nothing that seems easy, ever is. IO did get paid, I known now to keep my devices updated make sure all of the devices I am reporting on are registering, you can check on savvyconnect website, part of the responsibility folks is in your hands not theirs. So in the last couple of months I have been getting some HIGH dollar surveys all at once, more considered "projects" which I was like hah I will never qualify OR get paid but shockingly after getting paid on my first $100 one which was several surveys over a couple of months, I got qualified for an OverThe Shoulder Drinking survey which required answering some questions over a months time on a phone app. the original payout was supposed to be $125 somehow I got paid $175, maybe they liked me? LOL. Then I did a TV diary for my daughter for two weeks again like a few mins worth of work daily another $50..plus some smaller $15 surveys and whalla I was up to $375 and cashed out. I just bought an Xbox One, with no money out of my own pocket so THANKS SurveySavvy!. But i gave this review 4.5 stars because I Was qualified for a $100 survey but the first one never arrived in my inbox I emailed to complain, Loni Lenya, works for Luth Research out of California and she said that the PM for the Project disqualified me for it because I never did the first survey I was like "WHAT??!?!?" I never got it, so always check your Spam and add invite@surveysavvy.com and admin@surveysavvy.com to your email address book. All in all very happy I have another $150 coming my way by january if all goes well.!!

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