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23632 Calabasas Road, Suite 203 Calabasas, California  91302 United States
Tel: 818.793.1000  Contact: info@testspin.com
Operated by: Testspin Inc.

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Testspin General Information

Testspin is an online survey panel and market research company with currently over 11 million members. Members are asked to participate in online surveys and focus groups that test websites, products, music, and videos.

Members of Testspin earn itcoins and these can be redeemed with RedeemItNow for various rewards.

Eligibility: Open tio residents worldwide, age 13+

December 16, 2015 by Paula from United States

GAVE UP on them. Haven't qualified for survey in a year

"Back to bad"
October 05, 2015 by Deb from United States

People~this is a GREAT site to be helpful to each other & get help!~BUT, WE ALL NEED TO START REPORTING ALL THESE BAD/NON PAYING/NON CUSTOMER SERVICE sites to BBB!! There are many awful sites that have Aplus ratings on their page cuz no 1 reports them to BBB!
Also, all the high tech companies that pay them, to pay us are than not made aware that we are all being lied too!
Please, lets keep spreading the word on here but also take a few mins to report to BBB! Its the only way others will see that don't know about this site & the only way they will get the TRUE ratings they deserve!
Test spin has changed so much for the worse.
Very confusing!!
No surveys, or no points/pay.

"No cashout"
August 18, 2015 by michelle from United States

So I had enough IT coins to earn $24. Months ago. Not only haven't been paid but no response either. Now I'm back up to 26,000 more ITCOIN that it says I cannot cashout. FURIOUS

"super fake"
August 04, 2015 by Adam from United States

I'd seen a review on another forum a while back saying this one was particularly good for getting product tests, so I figured I'd try it out, even if the total 90s-ness of their web site was a bit of a red flag. Wouldn't surprise me if that post I'd seen was fake, too, given that my experience with this one went more like: wait two weeks, realize I haven't seen a single survey from them, try to log in cause I'm curious, discover my account had been banned for unknown reasons. Yep, banned without even taking a single survey from them, or getting any kind of message about it. No idea why, but I can't say I really care that much.

"Worthless, Avoid!! Will Close Your Account."
June 09, 2015 by Husam from United States

Everything looks fake from the home page, the surveys, to the site itself. They let you do some surveys and then close your account.




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