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"Questionable Integrity"
Thursday, April 17, 2014 by Bill

As many others have said, Toluna does a lot of bait and switching w surveys, I think I am take a survey worth X pts and find out I get Y. They list ur pending surveys completed, but not point value allocated to them...hmmm...Havent had problems w cashing out, and when I called them out on surveys I thought I should have been awarded more points they gave them to me. I think they are borderline shady, but will bend if you complain. Not my favorite site to take surveys because I seldom qualify and points awarded are weak. I will amend to say that they still offer low value surveys but I seem to complete more than in the past. They do have monthly drawings that one will get a chance for each attempted survey, big whoop. Now they offer PayPal as a payout option, which I use and except for once, they pay off w/i a few days, certainly less than a week, so one does not have to wait a month for a check as I had in the past from this site. I upgraded my rating a half-star because they have improved some since my first review.

"Toluna: Road to acceptance"
Monday, April 14, 2014 by gary

Ok, I'll say it upfront - Toluna is a fun, interactive and ultimately rewarding survey panel.

The challenge is that to see Toluna positively, you need to find a way to accept it for all of its faults. And the road to acceptance, like most such roads, takes you on an emotional journey. You will experience:

Denial - surely they can't pay out so little per survey minute?

Anger - why haven't they credited my points?

Denial (again) - my points can't really expire can they?

Bargaining - if I can just get enough points and get my first payout I'll quit Toluna

Depression - my voucher will never arrive ....

But your first voucher from Toluna does eventually arrive.

And by the time it does, you'll have forgotten about your bargain and be well on your way to your next payout (in your head that is, not on your points counter).

Maybe you are taking delight from finding occasional survey gems and product tests. Maybe you are interacting with the Toluna community and are taking part in quick votes, topics, battles etc.

Whatever you are doing, however you are doing it; or, whether it's just the sheer relief of getting your first Toluna payout .... either way you are on the road to acceptance.

Saturday, April 12, 2014 by CHRISTINE

They are not good at all. Offered lots of surveys at first. When my earnings reached just under £10 the SURVEYS suddenly dried up. They don't pay out until earnings reach £25. Looks like I won't get paid.

"It could pay better!"
Monday, April 07, 2014 by Jose

After trying out Toluna for a month I have come to the conclusion that Toluna sends you many E-mails, however their pay is measly. I almost earned enough to get a $5 Starbucks card but my points were being withheld until further review, no problem there because they tell you upfront this is there policy. So I decided not to wait, and entered the Win the Xbox one contest for April 2014. Hopefully I actually have a chance of winning and not a scam. If you want to make money don't sign up for Toluna because you will not make much money, and that is what I am after. So I will wait until the contest ends and then cancel. If they only paid more money for their surveys it would be bearable to try and qualify for their surveys, but since they do not its not worth it, wasting your valuable time when you can be taking surveys in other sites for much, much more, believe me I am a member of fifteen sites and they all pay better than Toluna.

"an excellent site"
Sunday, April 06, 2014 by Rolf

Good people, pay promptly
definitely recommend this site.

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