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"Bait and Switch Survey Pros"
Friday, March 28, 2014 by Steve

This survey panel is the absolute worst! Do not waste your time with them. I have done two complete surveys until the end and both times I was disqualified at the very end of the survey because I EITHER I did not fit the ideal candidate paradigm or the survey filled while I was doing it. No one deserves that treatment!

"I signed up for Survey Police to Complain about Toluna"
Saturday, March 22, 2014 by Tammy

Like others are saying, it is extremely suspect to me that after spending 20 minutes completing a survey for Toluna, I'm either mysteriously thrown out of the survey, or I don't qualify. How is that? I think after you answer 3 or 4 qualifiers at the start of the survey, and then are taken to the survey, that you should have qualified. Don't take me to the survey, record my answers for 20 minutes and then say I don't qualify. Nope. I've learned my lesson with them, and will never complete another survey for them. This has happened to me too many times with them to be a coincidence.

"End of List"
Friday, March 07, 2014 by T

It's easy to see why Toluna is at the end of the list of recommendations for survey sites. Having only been with the site less than a month, I have since closed my account. In several communications with Customer Service there replies were rude and condescending commits. In so... much as advising for me to be "honest" with my profile information. WHAT?! Please explain why anyone would lie about there profile! Aside from that, many surveys requested that I place my teenager at the computer to complete the survey. WHAT?! I opened the account for myself not my teenager. I would highly advise to stay away from Toluna.

"Why does everyone complain about Toluna?"
Wednesday, March 05, 2014 by Steph

A lot of people complain about Toluna, but I like it! They have a fun community with lots of contests too, so you can earn points. It can take a while to earn points for surveys but they have lots of cheap rewards that you get quickly. I was able to get a $10 gift card for Best Buy and a $5 one for Starbucks last week and they delivered them in 1 day! Can’t wait to get more rewards from this site.

"You Poor Suckers"
Monday, March 03, 2014 by Fred

Lucky, i only joined this pathetic site 2 weeks ago. I was bombarded with surveys, thinking wow, this is good, after all i was going to get paid. I mean look at all these points, I must be making heaps! ... WRONG!!! 3000 points = $1.00Au After 2 weeks i'd scrounged up a whole $2.40Au Plus the pending garbage, (whatever!) Anyway something made me really sus, I done a survey on another site call it "X" and it was worth $10Au to me for about 15 mins, The very next day Toluna invited me to a survey, as it started a logo of site "X" popped up, it was the exact same survey i done the night B4. "X" must have outsourced it to fill the quota? Here is the laughable bit, Toluna offered 5000 dumbo points = $1.66Au, That says it all folks, I started "scam hunting" Toluna, schoschie, had a good review! Thx to all your many wise words, hope my insight helps someone else too!

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