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"Extremely Poor Customer Service"
Sunday, May 10, 2015 by Barbara

I joined this website 2 months ago. I earned 2500 points to redeem a $25 Amazon Gift Card. This has been my 8th attempt to contact them 2 phone calls and 6 emails. Not one time did they ever email me personally. As of yet I have not received my Gift Card. I am hoping to receive it but have no idea when. I plan to unsubscribe as soon as I get the Gift Card. I have never seen a website operate in this manner to those who do surveys. I think they should not be in business.

Update to this review as of May 9th their Customer Service replied on their website that my Profile Survey had credited 4 times and that went to 2500 points. The response from them was very rude. They wrote me that they had told me this previously. This was completely untrue! I thought for over a month I had earned an Amazon Gift Card. I now find out that they had a technical issue on their website. I wrote them and told them I was never informed of this information. I submitted for the redemption they even had my name on a list that stated the Gift Card was being processed. As it turned out I had not earned enough points for the Gift Card.

I reported this Company to the Better Business Bureau. I deleted my account with them. They are rude, unethical and unresponsive and as I stated previously they should not be in business.

Saturday, May 09, 2015 by Barbara

After waiting for weeks to get my $25 Visa e-card, I was informed that it had already been sent. I went into my trash (2 weeks later) and found it, but when I tried to redeem it, I was advised that the code they supplied was invalid. So no matter how many times I wrote them about this, they simply won't re-issue it because they say it's already be redeemed. If it has, it wasn't done by me! They used to be really good about paying, and now they just don't care.

"Forget Getting Paid"
Friday, May 08, 2015 by Shashank

While they show high-paying surveys, most of them will screen you out and even if you complete them, they re-direct to their homepage and you never get credited for them. Also, I had 4 rewards for them which they have not paid for months, despite promising a 2-wk delivery claim. Absolutely worthless!

"Major technical issues"
Wednesday, April 29, 2015 by Steve

I've only used Univox via InboxPounds but I've had technical issues every single time. A typical problem is where the Univox site gets stuck in a loop i.e. asking the same questions over and over again. Another issue is when it gets stuck in an infinite loop and keeps refreshing it's own page. InboxPounds seem to use Univox a lot and I think I'll avoid both in future as life's too short...

"Complete a survey get no points"
Thursday, April 16, 2015 by Ruth

I have completed surveys, and when I finish spending up to 20 minutes doing it, they say I don't qualify. They are getting their surveys filled out and paying up. Rip off survey company.

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