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Univox Community General Information

Join and automatically receive 500 points ($5) credited to your account.

Receive 5 points for each survey you attempt to complete but are disqualified from.

Univox offers a daily surveys router where you can take their surveys without joining their panel. Click here to access the Univox router.

"Don't join Univox, you can't get anything from their surveys."
October 27, 2015 by Ying from Canada

I had really bad experience with Univox Community and highly discourage you to join this company. I redeemed 1 Amazon Gift Card (2500 pts) on 19 Sept., 2015, but Univox deleted my account under unacceptable reason. Here's the message from their email:-

Univox Community
October 8 at 1:11pm

Hello Ying Leung, we are sorry to say but considering a lot of security factors we have taken the decision to delete you account. We received complaint from our client about the quality of the responses you filled in the survey and after careful analysis we have taken your account off from the Univox system. If you have any further questions, you can write to us at support@univoxcommunity.com

If Univox unsatisfied just one of their surveys, they can deduct the points from that survey. I still have 3035 points after redeeming my gift card, I think Univox don't want to pay anything. I tried to send email for asking my redemption (gift card), they don't reply me anymore. Then, I posted comment on facebook, they took away all my comments and blocked my facebook account today. Univox is unreliable company, liar, scam!!!

"Stay Away Lots of issues"
September 18, 2015 by Brian from United States

Still no improvement on their site. Very often site is overloaded, and get a "timed out" page. Qualify for about 5% of surveys, and I notice if the offer states, for example, 300 points, and you are fortunate to complete the survey, you'll only get 60-80 points, not even half. Emails to their support box take 48 hours to get an answer, and most of the time it's the canned "our support team will check into your request", and you never hear back from them. Also all of the organization names they list on their home page they are NOT members of, but it makes you believe that they are members by use of these organization logos on their site. Also, I have waited 2 moths for reward funds to come thru. They do offer 5 points for most non-qualify survey answers, so you can accumulate points, even 5 points at a time. There cash out for $25 is 2500 points, which is fair, only if you get your payment in a decent time. Still rate them a 1 star.

"Improved Over the Past, Still not Perfect"
August 26, 2015 by Bill from United States

I signed up with Univox Community in October, 2011, since then, I completed enough surveys to cash out twice ($25 Amazon gift codes). I can't complain about the survey quality themselves, they tend to be geared toward IT and IT management rather than general consumer surveys. They do credit ur points upon completion and do give someone 5 points just for attempting. My contention with Univox is that I seem to get a fair amount of surveys that I seem to complete, however, when I question them they claim that for one reason or another I did not qualify to get full points offered awarded to me. For this reason I will give them poor marks. Their customer service response is fairly fast, they usually reply in 2 business days, and it is always by someone named "Recce" whose English is not that of a native speaker. I am not going to take anymore surveys at this site because I feel they are not honest about awarding points even when someone deserves the credit.

After taking a looong hiatus from this site I went back to it last fall (2014) and I am surprised, I, anyway, have had a much better experience with them since I returned. I complete more surveys, dont have issue with point awards, and get paid out the next day when I request Amazon GC. Also requested Virtual Visa card and got that within a week! I tired to get a Dwolla account but Dwolla refused to grant me one, that is a whole 'nother story...
I am surprised they actually have a customer service sidebar on the page where they have a list of surveys you can try. It is full of people grousing about the same things I did above; not getting paid, taking forever to get paid, getting ripped off from gettting points. I feel lucky I dont have those issues now! Their site is still a bit hinkey. It has some tech problems, it freezes on me or wont load sometimes, but those dont really annoy me much. It has improved a bit since I used them before, now I take surveys from them as much as I can. I cash out every 10-15 days! Much better rate than previously! If they should backslide I WILL be back! GL2U if you use this site! Beware, my experience has been good recently, but that doesnt seem to be the case with everyone, judging from the complaints I see on their CS sidebar.

"Lots of surveys"
August 21, 2015 by melissa from Jamaica

This company have lot surveys nice too but needs some improvement.

"Horrible Experience"
August 16, 2015 by James from United States

This is a very shady company and you should watch out. After reaching minimum cash out of $25, I had to wait over a month to receive the virtual visa card I wanted. Here is the bad part I went to redeem the code they gave me to their site and it is saying that it is invalid and they refuse to help. Why would company treat someone like this? I think this company is posting fake reviews on the website kind of a coincidence that a month ago they were getting so many negative reviews and all of a sudden an explosion of positive reviews start rolling in.




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