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"Do NOT join"
Monday, May 25, 2015 by casey

Do not join this site, they do not care about their members and change the redemption amount without notifying us first. You get stupid little, waste of time surveys which will take ages to get to the redemption amount.

"very poor site"
Friday, May 22, 2015 by CHRISTINE

I joined Viewsbank over 12 months ago. Their threshold used to be £6. This has recently been raised to £12. When it was raised my balance was £4. I completed 2 surveys a week ago and my balance was not updated. The surveys are really poorly paid 11 pence is average. Lots of members are complaining about not being credited with surveys they have done. Also polls, which are suggested by the same old members ( and are now the main activity on their website) are unpaid. I contacted them and complained. The response I received was terse and rude. No apology no offer to update my balance. Just an offer to unsubscribe me if I wasn't happy. I had said in my email that the site had become unethical, which from lots of members points of view is true. Rob, who replied to my email took exception to my comments and sited technical problems as the reason for members balances not being updated. If this is the reason it has been going on for months. I have now unsubscribed, losing my balance of just over £4. Avoid this website. They pay very poorly and now the threshold is £12 it would take for ever to cash out.

"Worth Joining maybe"
Tuesday, January 13, 2015 by John

I have been with them for about six months and have had three payments from them totaling over £23. Could have had more if I accepted assignments offered or checked their site more often. Had a couple of small glitches which they sorted quickly to my satisfaction in a friendly and helpful way.
UPDATE 10.01.2014.
I still like this company but can no longer say they sort glitches quickly. On at least two separate occasions I have needed to chase them weeks later for a reply and the latest query is still waiting a reply after four months on their system.
Update 13.01.15
Been waiting weeks for them to sort out a mistake that they made and they said they would get back to me, but that was on 14.12.2014 and I have sent two more emails since then. Neither have been replied to.

Monday, August 11, 2014 by Judith

Was pretty good initially when I joined in May 2013, with fairly regular mini-surveys with payouts of between 5p and 20p and chances for you to have your details used to find prices on comparison sites, etc. Payout is £6, so you cane see, it takes a fair few mini-surveys to get going.
However, over the past two months it has all gone down hill - they have re-vamped the look of the site but this has not helped and, in my opinion, has made it worse.
As you can post views on many subjects there does seem to be a feeling amongst members that if you are one of those that spend 24/7 on the site, are extremely sycophantic and tell them how good they are, you are the ones likely to receive the pick of what they are pleased to call 'assignments'.
There is a lot of unrest on the site at the moment about the lack of surveys and people being told that 'staff are on holiday' - most, like me, think that most companies have staff cover for holidays - don't they?
All-in-all, I have really gone off this site and, sadly, no longer recommend it.

"Don't understand the 5 stars"
Monday, May 12, 2014 by sady

It's not really primarily a survey site, I agree with what the other person said, the only surveys you get are roughly for 5p - 30p and those are very infrequent (lucky if there's 1 every 2 weeks) and you have to keep signing in everyday to check for them. There's mention of assignments for £5 or £10 but I've never completed any of them and I don't think I would want to from the details you have to give, I started one the other day and they showed a picture of an identity card of some sort they were going to ask for so I didn't go any further..

The main idea seems to be the big paying assignments that want your details or giving suggestions in contests called "poll of the week" and "joke of the week" and the winner gets £5 but there's not much chance, you can see everyone else's ideas and the same people always get there straight away so I never bothered. People call it honest but I wouldn't call it that, there's a message on the survey page that says "check back throughout the day so you don't miss them" which is ridiculous- they think we can check constantly every day for the chance that an 11p survey might be there?

It gets really frustrating seeing that message when I've been checking twice day and only see a survey after 2 weeks. It's taken me 7 months to get to the £6 they pay at , so doing all the surveys I got took 7 months for a payout...

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