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Viewsbank is open to UK residents only.

"Don't understand the 5 stars"
May 12, 2014 by sady from United Kingdom

It's not really primarily a survey site, I agree with what the other person said, the only surveys you get are roughly for 5p - 30p and those are very infrequent (lucky if there's 1 every 2 weeks) and you have to keep signing in everyday to check for them. There's mention of assignments for £5 or £10 but I've never completed any of them and I don't think I would want to from the details you have to give, I started one the other day and they showed a picture of an identity card of some sort they were going to ask for so I didn't go any further..

The main idea seems to be the big paying assignments that want your details or giving suggestions in contests called "poll of the week" and "joke of the week" and the winner gets £5 but there's not much chance, you can see everyone else's ideas and the same people always get there straight away so I never bothered. People call it honest but I wouldn't call it that, there's a message on the survey page that says "check back throughout the day so you don't miss them" which is ridiculous- they think we can check constantly every day for the chance that an 11p survey might be there?

It gets really frustrating seeing that message when I've been checking twice day and only see a survey after 2 weeks. It's taken me 7 months to get to the £6 they pay at , so doing all the surveys I got took 7 months for a payout...

"As Honest As It Gets"
May 07, 2014 by Howard from United Kingdom

I'm fed up with sites that take up lots of your time then tell you that you don't qualify for a survey, or ones that wait until you're near to a (small) payout, then mysteriously stop sending invitations, or ones that just offer you an entry to a possibly non-existent draw. Viewsbank isn't one of those - they are friendly and above board. Definitely one for your portfolio.

"Be very wary"
May 06, 2014 by Elizabeth from United Kingdom

Surveys seem designed to get very detailed information out of you- like exact renewal date and value of home insurance. This information can be sold on to generate sales leads. Promises of higher paid assignments that never materialise, but are alluded to each time a piece of sensitive information is asked for i.e. enter your exact value of insurance cover so you can be eligible for mystery shopping assignments. Very manipulative and untrustworthy. Only online surveys are assigned- paying very small sums that won't add up to anything that can be cashed out. So they gain saleable information for nothing. Looks like the positive reviews on here are posted by their marketing department! Very fishy.

"Great Survey Site"
April 03, 2014 by Carol from United Kingdom

Viewsbank is a very good survey site, with a low pay-out threshold of £6.00 to PayPal. Surveys are very short and sweet, and I find logging in every day is a good idea in order that you don't miss any.

"Genuine, Honest Survey Site"
December 23, 2013 by Mick from United Kingdom

(Note: Like all my reviews, this is an honest assessment based upon personal experience written for the benefit of all and not for financial gain)

One of the best. Unlike most faceless sites, this one feels more like a friendly club in the way they communicate, run the site and retain your interest.
I have completed many small, simple surveys by invitation, that pay a small amount and come around once a week or so. But I have also performed much more involved tasks which pay well.
You can also partake in forums, competitions etc if that floats your boat.
I'm not sure what their payment policy is but I don't worry about it. They are a trustworthy crowd.....Every so often, without the need for me to go through a redemption process, an email arrives saying Viewsbank have paid money into my Paypal account.
One of the best. Recommend.

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