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Web Perspectives

Open to Canadians 14+ only.

October 27, 2015 by Scott from Canada

I joined this panel and made it to one $10 amazon gift card redemption. During one of my surveys I agreed to do an online focus group panel with a incentive of $35. As soon as I finished that focus session, they locked my account. I inquired about it and they said it was accidentally blocked and they fixed it. Still could not log in. I emailed them again and they had said I failed their quality control checks and they would give me one more chance if I answered surveys truthfully....so i got called a liar. They let me back in for about an hour and surprise my $35 is NOT there and they locked me out again for no reason. It seems if they have to pay you points, they will make excuses why you cant have them. Waste of time!

"Fewer points for more work"
June 08, 2015 by Jean from Canada

For a month now I have been screened out of most surveys after answering a dozen content questions - that is in addition to the demographic questions (age, location, income, etc). It does not seem fair to get nothing for nearly 10 minutes of filling out a survey. All the small surveys are also unavailable because they already have enough respondents by the time I get the invitation eMail. This month (May 2015) I only completed one survey for 200 points. Usually I would complete at least one a week. At least they still have gift certificates available instead of chances to win a prize.

"Screened out!"
May 27, 2015 by Diane from Canada

I've been with Web Perspectives for quite a few years and it's becoming more and more difficult to actually finish a survey without getting screened out. More times than not, I've been screened out after spending 5-10 minutes or more answering questions. That is very upsetting. You also get nothing for that time you spent. Other survey sites that I'm on at least give you sweepstakes entries for monthly draws. I've never won on these entries but some people do win, it's just the luck of the draw. With Web Perspectives it takes awhile to accumulate points in order to cash them in for something. Now, according to what it says on their website, they've temporarily removed gift cards, which I am not happy about. Most surveys I get say that the duration time is 20-30 minutes and I know I'll get screened out so I just delete them, what's the point? The shorter surveys say that they've filled their quota for surveyors and you aren't able to take part in them most of the time. These are usually about 5-10 minutes and you get about 100 points but you rarely get them. I may stop being part of the panel altogether.

"not that great"
May 22, 2015 by Victoria from Canada

Maybe it was good at one point but surveys take a long time to get through and they don't pay very well, customer service is non-extent, takes about 3-4 weeks to get an answer if you end up getting one, they do pay out when you get enough points though, and they do send surveys often but they don't pay well

May 13, 2015 by Rachel from Canada

While the surveys seem to be good and points are good, the rewards are limited and points accumulated take forever to be added to account.




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