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Open to Canadians only.

"Best option was postponed"
Wednesday, November 12, 2014 by dan

This website gives great rewards for surveys, and is a very quick way to gain money because they send quite a lot of surveys. In September they removed the 10$ Paypal option, so now we are stuck with only vouchers, and most of them I'm not interested in (Such as Golf Town, Wow.hd, The Source, etc.). The only ones that are very worth it to redeem for at the moment are Cineplex Movie Tickets, and if you read books, Chapter Gift Cards. They said they will put the Paypal option back in soon, however it still has not happened after 2 1/2 months of them saying so.

"Absolutely Terrible!!! DON't SIGN UP"
Wednesday, November 12, 2014 by Jon

- Horrible customer Service ( most of the time the representative (white@webperspectives.ca) does not even respond to your email

- Survey points take forever to be credited to your account. Right now I have 2500 ($25) points pending to be credited

- They say it might take up to 6 weeks for the points to be credited to your account

- Sometimes the credits just disappear after a 4 week pending status

- They stop giving out paypal $10 payouts

"Excellent site"
Tuesday, October 14, 2014 by Brenda

This one of the best online surveys. I received plenty of surveys and redeem
and they respond fast with your rewards.

"Not worth it anymore"
Sunday, October 05, 2014 by Cherry

This website isn't worth doing anymore. They don't offer any good prizes and they stopped accepting Paypal payments. Back when they offered Paypal and were ripping people off by $2 for a $10 payment was still worth it.

But without Amazon gift cards or Paypal this company is no good anymore.

"Has become too unberable"
Friday, September 19, 2014 by Richard

If you love extremely poor customer service and getting ripped off, this is the site for you. I've been using it for 2 years and it's come to the point that I'm closing my account. There are way better sites you can be doing. DO THOSE SITES! The only thing that made this half decent was amount earned for surveys. But if your surveys go pending, don't expect the credit before 8 weeks later and that's after fighting tooth and nail with them. Customer service? Again, expect a month delay on tickets you send in if you're that lucky. Rewards are bare minimum and a rip off. All good ones are no longer. Want $10 dollars Paypal? That'll cost you $12. It's $11 for 5 Air miles. That's by far the biggest rip off. I ordered Paypal over 7 weeks ago, after sending in almost 50 tickets for support, I finally get a message back saying they no longer have Paypal and they refuse to return the money I reddem back to my account. For a company that is only around because of it's users, you'd think they'd actually put some emphasize on on customer service, but that's wishful thinking. I'd recommend Global Test Market and Opinion Outpost. I won't even give my referral link because all I want to do is warn people of this site. So again, if you enjoy being ripped off, sign right up.

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