9 Questions with MintVine

9 questions with MintVine

1. Can you provide a background on MintVine?

For over four years MintVine has provided it’s 1M+ community members the ability to participate in market research surveys and other offers in return for cash and gift card rewards. Our community members help some of the world’s biggest companies by contributing the consumer and business insights needed to make definitive decisions about their products and services.

2. What makes MintVine unique?

Unlike related reward sites, MintVine allows members to redeem their rewards quickly with a $10.00 minimum payout threshold. In addition to cash payments through PayPal and Dwolla, MintVine members have over 80 great gift card options to choose from. In addition, we provide daily and weekly contests, offering our member multiple opportunities to earn additional rewards. Our mission is to put the experience of our community members first. We strive to improve that experience every day.

3. What types of surveys and research opportunities do you have available for members of your panel?

MintVine members participate in a variety of different survey opportunities based on their unique individual profiles. Sample studies might include questions regarding grocery-store purchasing habits. While others may ask for feedback on a new product, like a new baby formula. The topics covered run the gamut and the opinions we provide are instrumental in shaping some of the world’s most recognizable products and services.

4. What kinds of organizations hire you to conduct market research?

Our clients are comprised of very large market research agencies, representing multiple international brands. In many cases, are clients are the brands themselves, reaching out to us directly to help fill their survey needs.

5. What types of incentives can members of MintVine receive in exchange for their participation?

Whether it is cash or gift cards to their favorite establishment, MintVine ensures that there is a reward option for everyone. In addition to great options, there are also easy ways to earn points outside of taking surveys. With our MVP referral program, members can earn a percentage of survey points just for referring a friend, along with point bonuses for participating in daily polls and daily and weekly contests.

6. How are panel members notified to take part in studies?

MintVine members are notified by email when new survey or related opportunities are available. Alternatively, members can log in to their account at www.mintvine.com any time. Members can also manage the frequency of their notifications through their custom profile settings.

7. How is the privacy of your members protected?

MintVine has a comprehensive Privacy Policy in place to ensure that none of their personal information is shared with any third party for any purpose.

8. What are some of the top five reasons to join MintVine?

  1. Member experience! We place a high value on your experience at MintVine. This seems to be an afterthought at many similar reward destinations.
  2. Cash and dozens of gift card options!
  3. A more efficient way to earn rewards. We put a ton of effort in to making sure you are well qualified the opportunities we present you. Time is money!
  4. Easy to earn bonus points via the daily poll and referrals.
  5. Dedicated customer service. We do not leave any community member hanging! Have a question or need something resolved? We’ll respond ASAP.

9. What industry memberships and business standard practices do you currently uphold?

Our parent company is rated “A+” by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and is proud member of many professional market research organizations like the M.R.A.

Peer testimonials! MintVine’s Forum allows our community members to share their own thoughts and opinions amongst one another.






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