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Panels Can Now Respond to Reviews on SurveyPolice

Responding to reviews
Written by SurveyPolice

Representatives from survey panels and GPT sites are now able to respond to the reviews left on SurveyPolice for their websites. We have over two dozen participating panels and GPT sites that reply to user reviews.

If you’ve left a review on SurveyPolice and would like a public reply, please let the survey panel or GPT site whom you’ve left a review for know that they can reply to your review on their listing. Tell them to get in touch with us, and we will set them up. This feature is entirely free for survey panels and GPT programs and not only can they reply to existing reviews, they can also opt to receive an e-mail notification every time a new review is left for their community.

This feature is a great addition to SurveyPolice, as it helps provide a more balanced perspective on feedback. It’s also a way to see that many panels and GPT sites are indeed working hard at improving their users’ experiences and that they really are reading your reviews!

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» If your survey panel or GPT program is listed on SurveyPolice and you would like to reply to reviews, please contact us.

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  • I just recently signed up for Survey Time. Did the first survey, then hit the PayPal payment. Then they send me a email saying it was rejected due to not passing the security check and was flagged. Not specific enough. And they tell you nothing on how to solve the problem. They move me on to the next survey. Smh. Not a good way to start. Probably don’t care bc I’m not in Australia.

  • I have been having issues with Branded Surveys in getting my rewards paid to me. It doesn’t arrive by the expected date, then I have to dance around with customer service 2-3 times until it finally arrives. I have always liked this survey site, but this is getting old.

  • I have been with paidviewpoint and pinecone research and I have not had any problems with them. I really like them they are my favorite ones to do. I have been with them for a long time now. Plan on completing their surveys for as long as they have them to do. They are easy to do and I have not had problems. I do also get my rewards in no time. I would give both of them a 5 star.

  • Attention to those Australians who have had their MyOpinions accounts terminated, I got a reply when I complained that my account had been terminated and they tell me it has been an issue on their end.

  • I have noticed that the MyOpinions survey site has terminated a lot of Australians accounts and my account was one, everybody who has had their account terminated are getting the same reason, Violation of the T & C’s and there are 44 reviews for this, I notice that Survey sampling inc is an American based company, I think us Aussies are just doing to good at taking the surveys so they have now shut us Aussies out of being allowed to becoming a part of there panel, I have been with MyOpinons for over 10 years and all of a sudden they shut us down without cause or reason, and no one is replying to anyone’s emails.

  • I was wondering who else got screwed out of their rewards from Media Insiders. I just found out about it today, so of course, I can not get my rewards. They did not have the decency to e-mail their panelists to inform them that they were closing their doors. Shame on them.

  • I had a bad experience with e-Rewards. I have claimed my redemption and they promised me the Velocity Points which were never credited. Chased them 3 times and no reply.

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