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343 4th Ave, Suite 201, San Diego, CA   92101 US
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Operated by: Branded Research Inc.


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Once you have earned a minimum of 500 points, you will have the option to redeem your points for cash or gift cards. Choose any amount over $5.00. Gift cards are awarded in $5.00 increments. Alternatively, choose PayPal or Branded Pay (bank transfer) for payment. Redemptions are processed within 1-2 business days.

In November 2017, MintVine rebranded itself as Branded Surveys. The company has been running online surveys since 2012.

Branded Surveys is an online paid surveys site that offers users the opportunity to answer online surveys in exchange for rewards including cash and gift cards.

Membership is available to residents of the USA, Canada and UK.

How Branded Surveys Works

branded surveys website

Take Surveys, Earn Rewards

Branded Surveys provides its members the opportunity to participate in online surveys on its Go Branded website, in a wide variety of different topics in exchange for rewards. Formerly known as MintVine, in 2017, the panel completely redesigned their website and took on the new name, 'Branded Surveys'. Branded offers its members tons of different rewards options and issues gift cards within 48 hours of transactions being processed.

New Member Bonus

New members of Branded Surveys can get a $1.00 (100 point) joining bonus by simply creating an account and taking the profile survey. After completing the survey, 100 points will be instantly credited to your account. That's a whopping 20% of the points needed for your first cash out!

Registration is quick – use your social account or email to sign up. No promo code is required to take advantage of the bonus.

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Payment and Rewards

Branded Surveys payment options

Earn a Payout in as Little as One Week!

Payouts on Branded Surveys range in value for surveys and can be as high as 300 points. If you are not the best fit for a survey, you will still be rewarded with points for answering even a couple of questions - compensating you for your time and inching you forward to your first payout, be it a cash payment, gift card or other reward.

How to Redeem Points

When you complete a survey, you will be rewarded with points and your survey answers will be sent directly to Branded Survey’s market research clients. Once you have earned a minimum of 500 approved points ($5.00 USD), a redemption button will become active in the "My Points" section of your account, allowing you to cash out your earnings and redeem your points.


When you're ready to request a cash out from your Branded Surveys account, click the redemption button and choose from a wide variety of rewards:

  • PayPal cash payments
  • Branded Pay (bank transfer - USA only)
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Pre-paid virtual credit cards
  • Other gift cards including: eBay, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Chipotle, Airbnb, and more!

Branded Pay connects directly to your bank account, allowing you to get your hard earned cash even faster! Upon approval of your withdrawal (1-2 business days), a payout will post to your bank account within 24-48 hours (USA residents only).

Redemptions take approximately 1-2 business days to process, and all rewards are digital. Gift cards will be issued as e-gift cards, and cash payments will be sent electronically. A valid phone number may be required to verify your identity to cash out your rewards.

Promo Codes

Promo codes on Branded are available for users to input into their member accounts, and will credit accounts with free points. These promo codes are available via special contests and promotions, though they aren't available often.

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Survey Taking Experience

Branded Surveys available surveys

Survey Lengths

The average survey on the platform takes 11 minutes to complete, but the estimated completion time will always be listed on survey invitations (which are e-mailed, or can also be found listed in your account). Not only can you take interesting surveys, but daily poll opportunities are also offered.

Many surveys, as well as the platform itself, is posted on the gobranded domain name. Go Branded is the same as Branded Surveys - it's simply what the panel uses in their url.

Daily Polls

Log into your account daily to receive 5 points for taking the quick poll available on your Branded Surveys Dashboard. You may complete one poll every 24 hours.

Earn Extra Points

Local Deals are provided by businesses and offer additional opportunities to earn points with Branded Surveys. These opportunities are also listed in your Branded Surveys dashboard. The more points you earn, the more qualified you will be for additional opportunities.

How Much Points are Worth

Branded Surveys uses a very simple points conversion system. 500 points = $5 USD, so 100 points = $1. Therefore, each individual point is worth 1 cent, or $0.01. If you are located in Canada or the UK, you will receive your rewards in your local currency, in the USD equivalent.

Member's Tip! Answer questions as honestly as possible so the data collected is accurate and the surveys you qualifying for are relevant to you. This makes it much easier and enjoyable to complete surveys quicker.

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Branded Elite Program

branded surveys elite program

Branded Elite

Branded Elite is Branded Surveys’ rewards program. There are three levels of membership depending on your monthly survey activity. The badge levels are Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each badge level grants members the opportunity to earn weekly bonus points.

As you take surveys throughout the month, you can advance through Bronze, Silver and Gold badge levels. You must meet the minimum survey requirements each month to keep your badge through the next month.

  • Complete 2 surveys per calendar month for Bronze
  • Complete 10 surveys per calendar month for Silver
  • Complete 25 surveys per calendar month for Gold

Earn Weekly Rewards

As a Branded Elite badge member, you can earn a weekly bonus when you complete 12, 20 or 30 surveys per week (Monday-Sunday). Your bonus is a percentage of your total approved survey points for the week.

  • When you complete 12 surveys per week, you can earn a 5% bonus as a Bronze member, a 10% bonus as a Silver member and a 15% bonus as a Gold member.
  • When you complete 20 surveys per week, you can earn a 12% bonus as a Silver member and a 17% bonus as a Gold member.
  • When you complete 30 surveys per week, you can earn a 14% bonus as a Silver member and a 19% bonus as a Gold member.

Re-qualify to Keep Your Badge Status

To maintain your badge color, members are encouraged to keep participating. Note that badges are subject to change on the first of each month if there was minimal participation for the duration of the month.

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Community Features

Branded Surveys elite leaderboard

Branded Leaderboard

Increase your daily payout by getting on the Leaderboard. The Leaderboard tracks the Daily Top 50, Weekly Top 50 and Monthly Top 20 performers and rewards members for their survey completions.

  • Daily Top 50 leaders = 50 points
  • Weekly Top 50 leaders = 200 points
  • Monthly Top 20 leaders = 300 points

Remain Active to Win Daily, Weekly & Monthly Prizes

Remember that for every survey you complete, you will get submitted into a daily, weekly and monthly random prize drawing. Win up to 50 extra points in a daily drawing, 500 points in the weekly drawing and 1000 points for the monthly drawing. The more you participate, the greater number of entries you will receive for the drawings.

Referral Program

Log in to your account to copy your unique referral link which you can then share with friends and extended family members to increase your account balance. Receive 50 points as a gold or silver badge holder whenever your friends and family reach the silver badge status.

Is Branded Surveys Legit?

Branded Surveys is a completely legitimate paid survey site and is not a scam. Although users of the site may have different experiences, the operating company is a credible market research firm that has issued millions of dollars in rewards to its members, verifying that Branded Surveys is legit.

Eligibility: USA, UK, Canada residents 16 years of age and older

Joining Bonus! Branded Surveys is currently offering a 100 point ($1) sign up bonus to new members. » Click here to claim your bonus!

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Branded Surveys Reviews (1126)

5 Star Reviews (480) 42.6
4 Star Reviews (169) 15.0
3 Star Reviews (93) 8.3
2 Star Reviews (83) 7.4
1 Star Reviews (301) 26.7

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Paypal Problems

December 2, 2017 by Darlene from United States

I have over 6100 approved points that I want to redeem through PayPal and cannot get into the redeem area to get them. I keep getting kicked out. I sure hope that this will be fixed ASAP. I have to say that I loved this when it was Mintvine......

violated their terms

November 30, 2017 by charles from United States

since this site has changed to branded surveys from mintvine, I cant get any responses from them. I have $968 in my account already approved and they wont pay me and wont respond neither. I don't know why

Branded Surveys reply logo

Branded Surveys responded to this review on November 30, 2017

Payments should take 3-5 business days to processes. If you experience delays we will investigate. Please ensure that you are not using a proxy server and are located in the US, UK, or Canada when using Branded Surveys.
Doesn't pay out

November 29, 2017 by Anthony from United States

as promised, when you check on award status all you get are excuses. They sucker you in then they don't pay.

Branded Surveys reply logo

Branded Surveys responded to this review on November 30, 2017

Payments take 3-5 business days to process after being requested. If you experience delays please email [email protected] with details so we can investigate the issue.
Rip Off my money

November 29, 2017 by Paul H. from United States

My account is blocked for last 20 days. I mailed after mail for this but no reply till now. I have no objection about this regard. But I have only issue about this. Last 23 days ago I informed mintvine Admin about my paypal limitation and asked for help. He told me to refund money in mintvine paypal so that he can give be back points in my mintvine account. After his reply I refund money in mintvine paypal and he add points in my mintvine account. But matter of re-grate that my account is blocked for last 20 days and no redeem button. Actually I am total fool. It is my big mistake to ask his help. I earn my $$ by the cost my time. It is my earning $$ not yours Admin. You have no right to block my $$. I have no objection about my account blockage but I have objection about my $$. I give you my $$. Now your terms to send my $$. Your silence hurt me very much. CARE YOUR CLIENTS.

Branded Surveys reply logo

Branded Surveys responded to this review on November 30, 2017

We are sorry to hear about this negative experience. Thank you for your feedback.
blocked surveys

November 28, 2017 by SABIKA from United States

dear mintvine,
I write here because none of you staff replying me that's why i'm here to raise my voice, I am from USA and I didn't use any proxy and i also ask from my friend what is proxy then he tell me everything how to check & after then i sent emails including attached with screenshots and show you a data which i collect from websites and i hope this will help me and you also check that i am not using any proxy and i didn't use any software also so kindly release my pending points and also give me opportunity to take surveys, i never had a proxy server as they now claim. Never ever.
I STILL don't know how to use proxies and I have no need for them because I give honest answers about the area I live in. I have been doing surveys for 6 to 7 months on this surveys site for years now the just rejected a pending surveys from mintvine and I also cannot do any surveys with them now I use to do about my surveys a day with them now. so I send them e-mails and the only response I get from them is a proxy server I do not know why I get this because I do all my surveys with my all in one computer could some one help me out here.

on the other hand, I am unable and blocked taking surveys for some reason. I e-mailed the site 4 response & I was informed by Vaishali that MintVine has blocked my surveys & this is the only open ticket I the one about this incident...When will someone be able to help me about this? going on a week now & kindly Allow surveys to be taken from anywhere & Sir, I will abide all the rules & terms of service of mintvine. I promise you. And I am not using any proxy server.

lastly, i would say you can check my identity then you should send me the gift card plus secret code.

i hope you will consider my request