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507 Place d’Armes, Suite 700, Montreal, Quebec  H2Y 2W8 Canada
Tel: 1-800-404-2464  Contact: legerweb@legermarketing.com
Operated by: Leger Marketing

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$20 minimum account balance or 20 Air Miles required to request rewards

Legerweb General Information


Legerweb Background
Legerweb is a Canada’s largest online community which conducts close to 500 survey studies on the internet each year. This panel was founded in 2004, by a dynamic and young group of individuals. Legerweb has a focus on Canadian survey takers, but if you are from Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain or the US you may be able to take surveys through this panel. Many surveys are also geared towards Fracophone Canadians, which are offered in French!

Express Yourself and Earn Survey Dollars
Legerweb offers their panelists the opportunity to earn "Survey Dollars" for completing surveys. Survey Dollars may be redeemed for cash payments, Air Miles, or for donations to charity. Tax receipts are issued upon making charitable donations (Canada only). Members may request a reward when their account reaches a balance of $20.00.

Reward Details
Rewards come in the form of Survey Dollars that can be redeemed for cash, Air Miles or charity donations. To collect Air Miles, you can transfer 20 Survey Dollars directly into your Air Miles account. Note that dollars or Air Miles may take 72 hours to appear in your account after you have completed a survey. Another option is using your “Survey Dollars” to give back to a cause that you are passionate about! Legerweb has partnerships with The Canadian Cancer Society, Sun Youth and World Wildlife Fund. Donate to any of these charities once you have accumulated 20 Survey Dollars and even receive a tax receipt!

Monthly Draws for Members!
Each month, Legerweb has prize draws that can be won by panel members. Contest entries are accumulated by participating in surveys during a specified time period. The available monthly prizes are as follows:

  • One $100 prize
  • Two $1,000 prizes
  • 1,000 Air Miles or an IPad

Complete Surveys Anywhere, Anytime
The Legerweb team has created compatibility tools that allow members to participate in surveys anywhere at any time! Download the Legerweb mobile application through IPhone or Android, so you can be notified directly when surveys become available. The website is also tablet and mobile friendly for added convenience! No need to rush to your computer when a survey has become available.

Survey Details
Each survey is usually awarded with $1.00, but because the surveys are quick and easy (most take about 8-10 minutes), your account balance should build up quickly. Panel members will be sent on average about 1-2 survey invitations a month.

Added Legerweb Bonuses
Legerweb offers the option to refer friends! Each time a friend joins and completes their first survey you will be awarded with $1.00. Also check out the interactive portion of the Legerweb website where fun and interesting poll questions can be answered in real time. Members can even send in their own questions, which could appear on the website!

Eligibility: Focus on Canadian residents, 13+

"Way too long for compensation"
April 03, 2017 by Sue from United States

I cashed out $20.00 here mid February. Never received check. Emailed about a month ago and got response to expect 6 weeks to get paid. Still no check. I like this site and this is only 2nd time in 4 years I have made minimum to cash out. I hoped they would be an exception to the slow pay rule. I was wrong.

"Problem with contacting Leger"
October 27, 2016 by Eleanor from Canada

I have been a member of Legerweb for five years and they still send me surveys. I just finished one. I thought I would check to see my account balance and I cannot access their website! I have used the correct password....nothing! Does anyone else have this problem? I emailed them and asked if their website was down and no response. HELP! Eleanor

"Lies About Referrals/Surveys Stopped at $19.50"
September 01, 2016 by Justin from Canada

Signed up for Legerweb about two weeks ago, initially it was great, I was getting surveys on a daily basis and before I knew it I was nearly at 20.00. I sent some referrals to friends and family members, my cousin and my little brother signed up and both completed surveys. When I noticed that I didn't get my $1.00 x 2 for referrals I contacted legerweb. They informed me that my brother had deleted his referral (a blatant lie as he works right next to me and I watched him sign up and do FOUR surveys) and that my cousin had not yet completed his first survey, both of which were a lie. I replied to this 48 hours ago advising that I am in constant contact with the two individuals in question and have received no response. Furthermore the moment I hit $19.50 my survey invitations stopped completely, in my opinion a bit more than a coincidence. Stay away !!

"A nice survey program"
April 29, 2016 by Mark from Canada

I have been with them for awhile, and they are very good. They send me surveys frequently, the surveys are usually fun and easy, and I find it easy to accumulate Airmiles rewards with them and have had the opportunity to cash out often.

I have had the situation a few times where I have put allot of time and effort into completing a survey, only to be screened out. It is frustrating, but that is very rare. A couple of years ago they had an ongoing study that had a very generous reward progression.

All in all, an enjoyable survey panel to join.

April 18, 2016 by Linda from Canada

They do send a cheque to you once you reach $20.....sometimes it may take awhile to reach that amount but they always pay.......




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