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December 02, 2014 by Lindee from United States

I don't get many surveys from them but when I do they pay well. I'm so glad they offer gift cards now! I don't like having to deal with checks.

"Used to Be Good, Now, NOT SO MUCH"
November 18, 2014 by LR from United States

Having taken surveys online for over eight years, I joined LIveWire about a year ago. I got a few surveys and they would send a check. Now, they send out surveys with very small fine print and payment is by gift card. AND, they say they are now going to go to ALL GIFT CARD payment. They get paid (A LOT) of actual money for the work that is done for them and then you get a gift card. Nah, that's lame and sleazy. I cancelled my membership. Not worth the game playing.

"Simple, Good Pay."
March 02, 2014 by Sharon from United States

I've been with these folks a few months and although they only send me maybe one survey per 1-2 weeks or so, they've been pretty short and paid $3 - $5 per survey, so the per survey rate is higher than some others. I haven't tried to cash out yet, so I don't have a review about that part of it.

"Good company"
January 21, 2014 by Bruce from United States

Not many surveys but they pay well and pay fast by check sent snail mail.

"They Pay Well / Not a Waste of Your Time"
October 22, 2013 by Rhea from United States

I really like this panel; it's one of my favorites.

Surveys are not often, but when you see an invite sent via email do it right away as the odds of getting screened out and/or expiring are against you. Yet with this said, once though the screening process you will learn within a week or two if you qualified. In the prescreening and qualifying surveys, they both advise the payout amount. Once you are qualified, you will not be disqualified thereafter. Also, their surveys are not long as well. The payouts from my experience have been between $5 - $10 which I received by check within 1 week from completing the survey.

I have no negative experiences with them.




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