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Some surveys are awarded with points that can be used towards merchandise.

The Opinion-Central survey panel closed in 2020.

With Opinion-Central, your opinion makes a difference! This is a panel that allows its members to take online surveys which help guide future business decisions. In 2016, Millward Brown Digital acquired Insight Express, the company who originally owned the Opinion Central panel. This panel is invitation-only.

Perks of Being a Member

Being a member of Opinion-Central grants you access to taking online surveys for rewards, seeing the results of survey research, reading interesting facts and gaining knowledge on products and concepts before the general public does! Becoming a member of the Opinion-Central community is also free of charge and takes only a few minutes of your time.

Unfortunately, Opinion-Central is no longer operational. Click the button to discover survey panels that are running and are actively looking for new members!

Survey Invitations and Lengths

Once you are a registered member, you will receive at least one survey to participate in per month. Surveys are short and simple and will never take you more than 15 minutes to complete.

Survey Compensation

Some surveys on Opinion-Central offer compensation, while others do not. If a survey does not offer compensation, don't forget that you are still making a difference in the future of business! Compensation will be outlined in the email invitation before the survey is begun.

Collect Points!

If a survey is compensated, it will come in the form of points. Points can be redeemed for a variety of lifestyle items ranging from electronics such as an iPod or useful household items. Items offered may vary, so check back frequently for new additions!

Security & Safety

Opinion-Central recognizes the importance of the privacy of information gathered from its panel members. They are active members of CASRO and BBB while also being TrustE accredited.

Eligibility: United States residents only, 18+

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not worth it

February 20, 2011 by Arleen from United States

I had been with this site for several yrs. I received two wind up flashlights and had a lot of points and then suddenly they said that i didn't have any points. When I wrote to them I never received an answer

Stay away from them

January 31, 2018 by Rose from United States

This is a terrible site. They hardly give you any surveys and the rewards take a very long time to get. I finally amassed enough points for a reward (after Years!!) in November and still have not received it. carnold keeps telling me it's coming but when I ask for proof of shipment or tracking number they can't provide it. My next step is to contact Consumer Affairs. Please do not join up with them.

Biggest Joke of them All

March 7, 2014 by Robert from United States

I joined them in 2007 and finally got enough points to order a battery charger. Wow seven years. Since I ordered it I am just deleting the invites. I figure if I cancel the membership they will not ship my order and seven years of work will go out the window. Unless you have no life avoid this one.

Junk Incentives

December 2, 2013 by sharon from United States

Easy to get points however the incentives are dollar store crap, made in china items. I have 8500 points and can cash out for items starting at a grocery bag tote, cheap coffee tumbler, or a lovely flashlight that needs to be wound up to work, doesn't even take batteries. Hmmm what will I choose. My advice is to stear clear of this unless you like wasting valuable time for cheap plastic incentives.

They have no respect for their members

November 25, 2013 by Gloria from United States

All survey companies are paid well by the manufacturers and service suppliers who want feedback from consumers. Many survey companies show that they value and respect their members by offering rewards (incentives) that are really quite nice. Opinion Central, sadly, is not in that league.

Having spent the past five years building up enough points to get a "Coffee Tumbler, I ordered it. I received it today (it only took between two and three weeks - not bad). The tumbler is a piece of junk! They offer no detailed description of any of the "rewards"; only a picture and a one or two word title is shown. One would expect a coffee tumbler to be nicely insulated, but the printed information included with it had the following message: "CAUTION - hot liquid increases temperature of exterior wall". It is a COFFEE TUMBLER, for goodness sake! Not everyone drinks iced coffee all the time (or any of the time). I recently purchased a much better one in a national drug store chain for less than $4.00 and it is made in the U. S. (The one from Opinion Central is made in China.)

I have now emailed them asking to have my membership canceled. (There is no option for that on the site.) I will no longer respond to their annoying little pop up surveys or anything they email me.