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125 Lakeshore Rd E, Suite 305 Oakville, Ontario  L6J 1H3 CA
Tel: +1 416.860.0404   Contact: [email protected]
Operated by: Quest Global Research Group

Panel Champ Quick Overview:
Rewards Offered: Cash paid via PayPal Amazon gift cards Cash paid via check Prepaid debit or credit cards Reward Link
Member Opportunities: Online surveys Teen surveys
Redeeming Rewards: Request a PayPal payment with a minimum account balance of: $12.50 (USA), $12.50 (Canada), $17.00 (AUS), 8 GBP (UK), 10 Euro (Europe), etc. Amazon gift cards are also available residents of the US and UK only.
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As of June, 2018, Quest Mindshare rebranded itself as Panel Champ.

Panel Champ is an international online survey panel featuring short surveys that pay cash awarded by PayPal. Special survey opportunities featuring longer surveys with higher payouts are also available.

Payment and Rewards

Get Paid Via PayPal and More

After a study closes, your account will be credited in the dollar amount offered for the survey. For those from the USA, once your account reaches a balance of $12.50, you may request a payment to your PayPal account. The panel also offers payout via Amazon vouchers, Tango cards, prepaid credit cards or check.

The following are the required minimum payout levels for other countries: £8 in the UK, $17 AUD in Australia, $15 NZD in New Zealand, € 10 in European countries, and $12.50 in Canada.

US and UK Residents Can Earn Amazon Gift Cards

Only residents of the USA and UK have the option of receiving Amazon gift cards instead of PayPal payments. You can request an Amazon card with $10 (or £10 in the UK) in your account.

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Survey Taking Experience

Types of Surveys Offered

Online surveys on topics such as travel, finance, healthcare, lifestyle, consumer goods, and technology among others.

High Paying Music Surveys

Panel Champ advertises lucrative music surveys that pay up to $90 per study. These studies are in high demand by survey takers, so if you see one, act fast!

Average Survey Lengths and Payment Amounts

Panel Champ is a fast-growing online survey panel that features average survey lengths between 7-30 minutes. Most surveys pay between $0.25 to $5 per study completion. Music surveys often pay out much more!

Eligibility: Everyone worldwide, 16+

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September 12, 2018 by Kimberly from United States

Completed 4 hour survey almost a month ago and no incentive in sight. Reached out multiple times and gotten no reply! BEWARE!!!

Panel Champ responded to this review on November 8, 2018

Hello Kimberly - please reach out to me directly: [email protected] or give me a call at 416-860-0404 ext 204 to resolve this issue. We deeply value our Respondents. Unfortunately we have had major delays in issuing incentives due to multiple survey programs closing at the same time. We would like to make sure your issue is rectified and for you to participate in the future.
Thank you.
- Moneeza
[email protected]
416-860-0404 ext 204
Music Rating Survey

September 11, 2018 by bradely from United States

I'm so disappointed by this service.
just wasting my time.
after 3 months from now and I still not received my incentive.
don't waste your time on this website is a wasting of time.
bad support there is no response from them.
and don't join the music survey. you will never get your money.
I'm waiting to get my money for a long time.
really wasting of time.

Panel Champ responded to this review on November 8, 2018

Hello Bradely,

Please email me directly to resolve this issue. We are sorry you have experienced poor customer service as we assure you that we do care about our Panelists and that they are issued their incentive in a timely manner. Please let me know which music survey you are referring to so we can look into this issue ASAP.
Please email me at [email protected] or give me a call at 416-860-0404 ext. 204.

Thank you,

August 3, 2018 by catherine from Philippines

im kinda disappointed at this ive been signing up but it always matter how many times i check my info..

Panel Champ responded to this review on November 12, 2018

Hello Catherine - thanks for letting us know you are experiencing an error. We apologize for the late reply to you here.
Are you still experiencing an error..? If yes, we can definitely take a closer look as to why that is happening.

[email protected]
416-860-0404 ext. 204

June 29, 2018 by Katherine from Canada

If asked to participate I would not do it again. I was sent the survey from Swagbucks. I should have done more research on them before actually going through the hassle. I completed a estimated 2.5 hour survey, and upon completion I was to get $50.00 within 4-6 weeks. I did this April 10 2018. It is now June 27 2018. I have tried contacting them many times and I keep getting the runaround. The first time I was told that because it was one of their longer surveys they are treated differently. I was told to just wait a while longer. I asked if I would be notified when the payment would be expected. And I got no response. I have recently tried getting into contact with them again, and I am being told the same thing, but also yes we can confirm things for you, but confirm nothing. I am told the same thing basically but in different ways to try and avoid the question. I am still trying to get an answer from them.

Panel Champ responded to this review on November 12, 2018

Hi Katherine - it is true that our long music surveys are treated slightly differently in that the check out process of your incentive does take 4-6 weeks - this is due to an extensive Q&A check that is standard for these type of Music Surveys.
We assure you that we do pay out our valued respondents for these surveys. If you have not received your compensation, we are very happy to take a closer look into your account for you and to fully investigate the issue. I realize that this reply is far too late for it to be useful for you but we hope you take this information into consideration. If you have any more questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me at 416-860-0404 ext. 204 or email me: [email protected]

Thank you,

May 8, 2017 by Sharon from United States

Made it to the 10 dollar cashout and still in " pending"