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Receive a $3 or £3 e-gift card or Amazon payment once your account reaches 3000 points.

Pollpass permanently closed on June 10, 2020.

Payment and Rewards

Chat with the PollPass Bot To Earn Cash!

Pollpass gives you the unique opportunity to chat with the Pollpass bot about things you've bought, liked, disliked, and are passionate about. Instead of participating in traditional surveys, you will find that chatting with the Pollpass bot will give you a more interactive, fun experience.

With the Pollpass app, you can chat whenever and wherever is convenient for you; on the bus, at home, at work, at school - whenever works for you!

Earn Points for Each Conversation

Most conversations you have on Pollpass will last between 5-10 minutes, and will pay an average of 40-80 points. Some conversations may be longer, and will award more points accordingly.

Redeem your Points for Gift Cards and Cash

Once you have 3000 points in your account, you can exchange your points for a $3.00 gift card (or £3 in the UK) to Amazon, or choose a PayPal cash payment instead.

Community Features

Simple, Easy Registration

Create an account seamlessly and easily using your Facebook account, Google account, or with your email. Registering with Pollpass is simple and takes little time.

Eligibility: USA and UK residents only.

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Pollpass Reviews (33)

5 Star Reviews (14) 42.4
4 Star Reviews (3) 9.1
3 Star Reviews (3) 9.1
2 Star Reviews (0) 0.0
1 Star Reviews (13) 39.4

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May 14, 2020 by Jim from United States

Dear Pollpass user,

In 2016 we started Pollpass with the hopes of providing a better, more user friendly experience of taking surveys.

We have come a long way since then and we are grateful that you have been with us on this journey. Therefore, it is with a very heavy heart that we announce that Pollpass will be closing on 10 June 2020.

No new questions will be added from today onwards.

You will have until 10 June 2020 to access your account and redeem credits where eligible (3000 credits minimum).

All your personal data (PII) will be deleted from our system by 10 July 2020. This is to allow us to honour and process any cash-out requests made.

You will also receive email reminders in the following weeks reminding you to redeem eligible credits.

Thank you again for everything and we hope you keep well and safe at home. 💙

Many thanks and best wishes,
The Pollpass Team

I join the last two reviewers in noting that PP is probably now out of business in the UK, as nothing has been offered to me in several days, and my email messages to them have been completely ignored. What's more, at least some of their social media accounts, like Facebook and Twitter, have no recent posts listed. Sad...it was a fun site!

Cashout rejected without reason

May 3, 2020 by Hedwig from United States

Pollpass seemed to have big problems or closed down without letting their survey takers know. There are no new surveys coming up for me anymore and they didn't respond to emails.
There is no reason they would have blocked just me. And if they had a technical problem, they could have responded to my email.
So I tried to cash out my points, since obviously no surveys, at least for me, are available anymore.
But I received an email from them with the title "Your cashout has been rejected" with the wording "You've requested to cash out but it has been rejected. We believe your account to be in violation of our Terms of Use."
There is no way I could have violated their terms. I couldn't even fill out any of their surveys for weeks anymore, since no surveys came up for me. And I have received two cashouts before without any problem, so there can't be a problem with that now.
I now deleted my account, since they have never responded to my email and question from 10 days ago and it's therefore no point asking them why they sent me that rejection email.

Just don't

May 15, 2019 by Amanda from United States

I stopped using poll pass for months because their site wasn't working. Just came back and answered all these questions for them to refuse to give me my money. Tried to say I violated their terms. I do surveys all the time. Stay away from poll pass

Haven't had a cashout

May 8, 2019 by Jade from United Kingdom

I've been with this one for a fair amount of time now and I haven't managed to cash out. I often check the page to see if there's any more chat but nothing. I don't know how everyone else seems to be able to make anything on here because I can't even get to the £3 mark. It's such a great idea as well, too bad it doesn't really pay off.

1 Star for "entertaining"

November 5, 2018 by Ann from United States

This site is a survey pretender in my view...it is not for people looking to make $60 per week working on surveys...which is my average for the last couple of months...I am looking to bring in $3K per year doing surveys..so if that is you too, don't bother with PollPass...
It is a silly, simple-minded question and answer format where you "chat" with a bot...please.......it's amusing is the best that can be said...you can earn about 25 cents each time you visit before they cut you right off...

The main problem with the site is that it is rarely operating and ready with questions for you to answer..Usually they tell you they are experiencing an overload and can't let you in and you should wait a couple of hours.......or they do let you in, but.......there are no new questions for you......or....there are a couple of questions but they end abruptly after you earn about 25 cents...

IN one week, I have not made it yet to the to the 5000 points needed to cash out for $5....I have 3791....I can only imagine what is going to happen when I ask for my $5....!!

So if you are looking for chuckles, go for it, but anybody wanting to make money and not waste time should skip on by this one..