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Rated #2 out of 21 GPT Sites

PrizeRebel is a GPT (get-paid-to) rewards website where members are rewarded for completing tasks and activities in exchange for gift cards, cash, and merchandise.

PrizeRebel launched in 2007 and has grown to become one of the most widely-used GPT websites. It has a worldwide membership of over twelve million people and users from the UK, USA, Canada and Australia have the most opportunities to earn rewards.

Joining PrizeRebel is free to join and over $29 million dollars has been earned by Prizerebel members. Read on to learn how this website works and how it compares to its competitors.

How PrizeRebel Works

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Joining a Leading GPT Site

To join PrizeRebel, the registration process for Prizerebel is as simple as it gets. Enter your name, email address and desired password on the home page. Then, you’re in. You can register using your Facebook account if you prefer.

Once your registration is completed, you’ll be transferred to the main Prizerebel dashboard. It’s an easy page to navigate, which presents all the money-making opportunities available to you.

This page illustrates the amount of people who have already earned points from the activity, which can be somewhat comforting for new users who remain worried about the legitimacy of the website.

How to Make Money with PrizeRebel

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There is a variety of different activities you can participate in in order to build your account balance with PrizeRebel:

  • Fill out Offers

    Complete offers such as signing up for trials, joining mailing lists, etc., in exchange for points.
  • Take Surveys

    Take online surveys and get rewarded for your opinions. Daily surveys are available via the following survey routers: Your Surveys, Samplicious Surveys, Cint Daily Surveys, OxSample Router, Precision Sample Surveys, Tap Research Surveys and more. You’ll always be shown the amount of time it takes to complete a survey and the amount of points on offer. Many members have praised Prizerebel for being among the most generous payers for survey-takers.
  • Watch Videos

    Watch short videos on your desktop and earn points. The points at stake per video watched are minimal, but you can earn an unlimited amount.
  • Complete Tasks

    Complete simple online tasks such as doing internet searches, and watch your account balance grow.
  • Collect daily points

    In your PrizeRebel account will be a daily points page which will list opportunities for tasks that can be completed up to 20x a day. This is an easy way to accumulate extra points.
  • Participate in contests and games

    Earn bonus earnings by participating in contests, raffles, and things like the high-stakes Lucky Numbers lottery game. There are also regular sweepstakes, where you can win prizes simply by spending your accumulated points on virtual raffle tickets. If you’re feeling lucky and enjoy the occasional gamble, this might be a fun way to spend your points.
  • Offer Walls

    Earn points by purchasing items or services from Prizerebel’s retail partners. The Offer Walls page on its website lists all the partners, what you need to buy and the amount of points available for doing so. Many of the offers only require you to take a free trial, answer a survey or download a free app.
  • Referrals

    As soon as you register a Prizerebel account, you’ll be provided with a unique URL to refer your friends and family. When you successfully refer someone to the site, you’ll between earn 15%-30% (depending on your account level status) of the points they earn on an ongoing bonus, excluding promo codes, contest winnings, and their own referral earnings. What’s more, there’s a clever dashboard that allows you to track who has been referred and how much money they have made you.
  • Account Level Extras

    Prizerebel has a nifty loyalty bonus system, which allows you to unlock more account benefits as you accumulate more points. Account level points are based on regular tasks and activities, including your referrals’ earnings. Reach the gold level or above and automatically receive rewards claim codes if they are in stock. The tiers are as follows: Bronze, Silver – 1000 points, Gold – 2500 points, Platinum – 7000 points, and Diamond – 12,000 points.

Did You Know? Rewards processing is completed within 24 hours, but Gold status members and above receive their rewards immediately after request!

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Payment and Rewards

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Gift Cards

PrizeRebel offers a rewards catalog with over 500+ gift card options. This is far more than the majority of its competitors, and more are being added all the time. Occasionally, Prizerebel will offer discounts on specific gift cards, and these will be advertised at the top of the rewards page.

Alternatively, you may redeem your points balance for a PayPal cash payment, ACH bank transfer, or cryptocurrency.

You can request a reward with as little $5 worth of points in your account. Rewards processing is completed within 24 hours, but gold status members and above receive their rewards immediately after request!

You can also request a $2 Amazon gift card for just 200 points, so you don’t need to worry about dedicating several hours to the website before you‘re able to cash out.

PayPal Cash

Alternatively, you may redeem your points balance for a PayPal cash payment or a Visa prepaid gift card.

For each of these, you can request a $5 reward with as little 500 points (worth $5) in your account. Many websites force you to earn far more points before these types of cash payments are made available to you, which is a bonus feature of PrizeRebel.


If you prefer to be paid in crypto, PrizeRebel also offers cashout options for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Shiba, other alt coins, tokens, and stablecoins via BitPay.

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Community Features

Surveys Specialists

PrizeRebel prides itself on being able to offer a wide selection of surveys to their members through their real-time integration with various market research companies. Through these partnerships, they are able to offer members a real-time ever-changing inventory of opinion surveys that can pay anywhere from 50 cents to $20. By partnering with some of the best companies in market research, they can ensure that their users always have the most choices in opinion surveys and some of the highest payouts per survey completion.

PrizeRebel’s Millions

PrizeRebel has been around since 2007 and has over 14 million members. They have awarded more than $29 million in rewards to their members and have over 240k fans on Facebook. Promo codes for bonus points are regularly posted on their Facebook and X accounts. Although they don't offer a mobile app, the PrizeRebel website is mobile-friendly and utilizes a responsive design so you can complete tasks and take surveys smoothly and directly from your phone.

View Other Members’ Activity

You can see how many members have already had points credited from specific activities, while the rewards page contains a real-time list of the gift cards and payments claimed by other users. The names of previous sweepstakes winners are also listed after the prize draw takes place. This creates a sense of community about the website, which can help new members trust in its legitimacy.

Is PrizeRebel Legit or Scam?

prizerebel legit or scam

Is PrizeRebel Legit?

With such a prosperous history and broad range of ways to earn rewards, it’s little wonder so many people have chosen to spend time making money on Prizerebel. With over 15 years online, millions of members and millions of payments issued to their community members, PrizeRebel is definitely not a scam. Although individual experiences may vary, PrizeRebel is most certainly legitimate.

Its intuitive website, huge range of gift cards and generous payment structure do a lot to help it stand out from its competitors. You can read what Prizerebel users have experienced using the website by reading the PrizeRebel reviews, below.

Eligibility: PrizeRebel is open to people around the world who are 18 years of age or older. Users 13-18 can use the website with parental permission. Note that users from the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia are likely to have the most success with the website.

PrizeRebel Reviews (206)

5 Star Reviews (126) 61.2
4 Star Reviews (19) 9.2
3 Star Reviews (15) 7.3
2 Star Reviews (8) 3.9
1 Star Reviews (38) 18.4

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The worst

May 31, 2018 by Irina from Canada

They blocked me on their Facebook page, then on their website. After I posted my review here, they unblocked me on the website, but kept ignoring all my emails for over a year. They even didn't respond to BBB on my complaint. I asked them to DELETE my account then, because I don't want this company to keep my information. Instead, they just blocked me again saying I am using Proxy, even though I have never used it and even do not know how to use proxy if I ever want to! Weird.

Update: Their response here about using proxy is not true. I have never used proxy "to mask my IP" (and do not know how to even if I wanted to). I provided truthful information: my full name, my mailing address and postal code. Why would I mask my IP? It doesn't make any sense if you use logic. They also blocked me on the Facebook page (why? what is the connection with proxy?) so I am not able to ask any questions there as well. Their "support" on the website never works and emails are never responded. I regret they now own my information I provided to them.

PrizeRebel reply logo

PrizeRebel responded to this review on June 6, 2018

Your account was deactivated for using a proxy to mask your ip address which is prohibited under our terms of service.
They do not value their subscribers

April 13, 2018 by Marie from United States

At first I was taken aback at the layout of the site. It looked sketchy. I gave it a try but was overwhelmed by how to navigate the site. After repeated emails from them asking me why I don't want to make some extra money with them, I gave it another try. I attained Gold level and was able to cash out every couple days. In hindsight, it really is a tedious way to make $5-$15 a week. You must be patient and not get irritated with all the DQs.

I started to do the offers, but they were harder to get the points credited, and they took longer than a survey. The last straw was when I signed up for Swagbucks through their Ad wall. I received confirmation from SB and verified my account. I checked and rechecked Prize Rebel and didn't get my points. After more than the allotted 24 hours, I submitted a support ticket. They responded the next day, but they pretty much blamed me for not getting the points because of somesuch thingy I didn't do correctly. I checked their list of everything they said would negate my points, and I did everything right. This is what they sent:

We apologize and understand your frustration with not receiving credit for the Swagbucks offer.

Some reasons may be:

A) The offer crediting may be delayed and you can check back in 24 hours.
B) You have completed this offer in the past, perhaps on another website.
C) You did not complete the offer fully and exited the website prematurely.
D) You did not follow the offer description/instructions.
E) You have adblock software on your browser
F) Your browser is set to not accept cookies or is blocking cookies.
G) You are using firefox private browsing or Chrome incognito mode
H) Your offerwall credited points may be pending for 30 days for some higher point offers, you can see pending offers

Unfortunately we work with hundreds of offer advertisers and occasionally you may not be credited due to no fault of your own. We try our best to remove non crediting offers in a timely manner.

Until the advertiser has informed us that you have completed the offer, unfortunately we cannot credit you as that means the advertiser has not paid us for your offer.

If you do not see the points as pending on, please click on the offerwall and find the support link in that offer wall and you can ask them about the offer status. Thank you for your patience

Customer Service Specialist

Like I said, they don't value their subscribers. Stay away from them.

PrizeRebel reply logo

PrizeRebel responded to this review on April 14, 2018

I apologize for your experience with not being credited for an offer. We work with various offerwall providers that lists offers for members to complete. In rare cases, you may not be credited for an offer due to one of the reasons you listed as listed by our support team. In those cases, if the offerwall did not confirm the offer completion then we are unable to credit your account. We ask that you to follow up with the offerwall support directly and submit proof of offer completion and they will provide a status update.
What a waste of time!

February 10, 2018 by Mark from United States

I'm not a newbie to survey sites by any means. This is undoubtedly one of the worst. I find it quite odd to be notified of a new survey and when I immediately go to it, it has been filled or doesn't even exist. Credit for the few surveys completed took over 24 hours to be credited to my account. I can understand some lag it posting rewards but 36-48 hours is not acceptable, especially when compared to more legitimate sites that credit immediately! I usually don't comment in a forum such as this but word of mouth is the best advertising. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR EFFORT ON PRIZEREBEL!!! When I tried to unsubscribe, I received a blank page saying "403 Forbidden". I don't need any response from them either after writing this. This site is nothing more than an organized time waster. Just one man's opinion, but I'm willing to wager that I'm not the only one that feels this strongly about this worthless site.

PrizeRebel reply logo

PrizeRebel responded to this review on February 9, 2018

I apologize that you did not enjoy your experience at PrizeRebel, we appreciate your feedback nonetheless as we continue to improve our site.
Bad user treatment!

February 9, 2018 by Mark from United States

I joined PrizeRebel after reading positive reviews over here. I had a pretty good experience initially, apart from few hassles which were cleared immediately. Susan was helpful. And after around one week, when I redeemed an instant PayPal (custom) reward, the status read that it required a "manual verification." I sent a mail asking about the reason behind this. Susan replied to me saying that I was supposedly speeding in PeanutLab Surveys. I accept fact that sometimes we speed in certain surveys, not purposefully, without our consent, though we answer to the questions legitimately. I replied to the mail explaining this, and telling them to subtract the points for those survey(s) if necessary, and also asking when I could start redeeming instant rewards. After few minutes, to my surprise, I received three mails: one saying that my previous claim for the reward was denied, and second saying that my account is closed for using "false information on, and not limited to, surveys and offerwall." I do not understand what they mean by false information. Because I wouldn't falsify information for any joy. That's just pathetic. I read through their terms, when they sent me another mail saying the account is closed pending an investigation by their Survey Security Team. I found out that nowhere they have mentioned that a account could be terminated for speeding in surveys! Because in this third mail it was clearly mentioned I had " been found speeding on various surveys and are providing invalid information on surveys." Since the second part of the reason is clearly invalid, they basically closed my account for speeding. I sent many mails explaining that this has been a misunderstanding, and they haven't cared to reply or update on the pending investigation since a week of this disheartening event. So I decided to warn other users about this occurrence and give lowest possible rating. I would still love to get back my account and earn more from you, PrizeRebel. It's just unfair that when you guys close accounts for stupid reason(s).

PrizeRebel reply logo

PrizeRebel responded to this review on February 12, 2018

We were informed by our offerwall peanutlabs that you were speeding through surveys and using false information on surveys. That is a violation of our terms of service and your account was closed.
Does not give payouts when due...

January 1, 2018 by Margaret from United States

I did a near hour survey, watching a long video. Never got the payout of 1.76. And when I complained, they pretty much told me tough luck. Would not recommend. Too many good, honest sites out there.

PrizeRebel reply logo

PrizeRebel responded to this review on January 3, 2018

I apologize for the bad experience that you have received. In some rare instances, points may be delayed for 24-36 hrs. Once you complete a survey, the answers are checked by our survey partner. If you have been found to be speeding, giving invalid/bad answers or not taking the time to read the questions & answers carefully then you may not be credited as it would not be considered a payable survey complete. In those cases, we would be unable to reward your points.