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Research Participants Institute General Information

Research Participants Institute
Research Participants Institute or RPI is a market research company located in the United States. They conduct both online studies and in-person projects which always reward you for your time spent. Best of all - RPI is fun, easy and free to join!

Online Studies
Online projects come in the form of presentations, participants are asked to read them over and give their opinion via survey questionnaire. For example, the presentation could come in the form of a court case where in the review you would label who you feel is guilty. Online studies range in length of 15 minutes to 2 hours.

Online Study Payment
After you have completed the research project you will be sent a check in the mail once the project is complete. This could take several weeks depending on what type of research is being conducted.

In-Person Projects
RPI also conducts in-person projects at their central Dallas/Fort Worth research area and throughout centers in the United States. As a chosen participant, you will be asked to share your opinions about a given presentation through questionnaires or focus group set ups. These projects may take anywhere from one day to several weeks to complete.

In-Person Project Payment
Payment for in-person studies is usually higher than for online studies because they typically require more time to complete. You could earn $200 a day or more, it depends on the study being done. Payment will be given at the end of the study in some cases or will be mailed out on a weekly basis depending on the project length. If a participant receives over $600 worth of compensation in a fiscal year they will be required to complete a W-9 form.

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The RPI page on Facebook has thousands of followers. Become one of them and stay up to date on the hottest opportunities that could be happening in your area!

Eligibility: Residents of the United States only, 18+

"good survey"
March 06, 2012 by JOSHUA from United States

great survey company true to their words with great incentives.




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