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79 Madison Ave , 2nd Floor New York, NY  10016 US
Tel: (646) 583-2945   Contact: [email protected]
Operated by: Verto Analytics Inc.


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Install the app to be eligible to receive online surveys worth $10 per completion.

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Smart App closed their panel and app in May, 2021. If you have the Smart App mobile app installed on your phone, be sure to uninstall it.

In December 2019, Smart Panel renamed itself as Smart App. If you're looking for Smart App Reviews, please refer to the reviews below.

Smart App is a smartphone app that allows you to answer questions about your tech habits - and you will be paid well for your time.

With Smart Panel App, you can help your favorite web sites, apps, tech companies, and mobile carriers give you better services and more features. Download the Smart App and anonymously share your data. All data collected is encrypted, secured, and protected – Smart App is owned and operated by Verto Analytics Research firm.

How Smart App Works

With Smart App, you’ll need to apply to become a member. To apply you’ll answer a short survey about your personal details and your tech habits, including how often you use your smartphone.

If accepted, you’ll download the Smart App on your smartphone and keep it there. The app will usually give you surveys to answer. You’ll earn points by answering these questions about your technology habits.

The app will track your smartphone usage and share your habits from using this smartphone device. It reportedly uses around 3MB of data per month and causes an extra 1-5% reduction of battery life. You may have to download a VPN onto your device too.

After you have kept the app on your phone for 30 days, you can convert the points earned into rewards for the first time.

Payment and Rewards

Who Qualifies?

Smart App looks for specific demographics to measure. To see if you qualify, take the 3-minute, easy to answer questionnaire to find out.

Earn Rewards Effortlessly

If you do qualify to join Smart Panel App, your next step is to download the mobile app, "Smart App". The app can be downloaded on smartphone(s), tablet(s), and/or PCs. Once installed you will be eligible to receive high paying surveys.

$600+ a Year in Potential Earnings

After installing the Smart App on your devices, you will have the chance to earn up to $600 per year in high-paying surveys. Every time you successfully complete a survey, your account will be credited $10.

Cash Out for PayPal and Amazon Rewards

Redeem your "Smart Rewards" for your choice of PayPal payments or gift cards.

Community Features

Monthly Cash Giveaways

Smart App holds monthly giveaways for members of their panel. Every month, three lucky winners will win $100 cash. Other giveaways are regularly offered, with announcements made on Smart App's social media profiles and their website blog.

Smart App Blog

Don’t forget to explore the Smart App Blog which can be found on the company website. Browse through blog posts to view the winners list for the monthly sweepstakes draws along with community news and more.

Is Smart App Safe?

The Smart Panel App is safe and legit. Verto Analytics Inc. (the parent company) abides by strict market research guidelines and does not sell user data. As a member of Smart Panel, your data will always be encrypted, aggregated and anonymized before using, making the app safe, legitimate and not a scam.

Eligibility: United States, India, Germany and United Kingdom, 18+.

Smart App Reviews (94)

5 Star Reviews (23) 24.5
4 Star Reviews (5) 5.3
3 Star Reviews (8) 8.5
2 Star Reviews (11) 11.7
1 Star Reviews (47) 50.0

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May 2, 2016 by mike from United States

No reason to belong. They are not efficient in their payment practices and my laptop is considerably slower in connecting to the net during startup then it is with the software active.


December 29, 2015 by JoAnna from United States

This site is nothing but a hoax to get you to download their site to your device. But for what? so that you can lose space on your device that the app was downloaded to? I think so. Yes you get $10 for a phone and PC, what do you get from there? Nothing, if you leave the app on for two weeks you can cash out $10? Why? So they can go through your devices that you have installed the apps to?

avoid Smart app

December 25, 2015 by Retha from United States

I couldn't use a search engine or go to any page because of a proxy. I couldn't access a malware scan, even in safe mode. This app did something to my machine to make it unusable. I took it off the next day when I found the proxy settings had been changed for my browsers.

No Support/Does Not Pay Out

November 30, 2015 by Kellie from United States

I've been taking surveys for Smart Panel on my Windows pc, my Kindle Fire and my iPod Touch. I accrued $30. For a month I have been trying redeem that reward. Every time I try, no matter where I attempt to redeem, no matter which browser I use (I've tried 6), I get a bar that says I have a network error and to try again later. And I have, for as I said, a month. I have sent countless emails for help. I always get a response stating someone will contact me shortly. No one ever does. I realize the problem could be on either end but I would like someone to help me redeem my rewards. I participate in 20+ survey sites and I have never, ever had issues in which no one I contact will help. This is extremely poor and unprofessional. I'm not saying you will have issues with this survey site but if you do, don't expect to receive any help. Therefore I would stay away from Smart Panel. Chances are you will not receive the rewards you have earned.

Not Worth It

September 29, 2015 by Alli from United States

I downloaded the app onto my computer. Had no issues after the download, shut down my computer for the night, logged back in hours later, and couldn't access the internet.

In order to get your first payment you have to leave it on for 2 weeks, but there's no point if you can't access looking at your mail or any websites. Took the program off and my computer is back to normal and works fine now.

I signed up for my phone also, but it didn't even set up right.

There's no reason to put this on your computer or phone because it will just block your programs.