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21 Queen St, Leeds, West Yorkshire  LS12TW GB
Tel: 01132885991   Contact: [email protected]
Operated by: ResearchBods


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£15 (1500 points) minimum account balance required to request rewards via bank transfer or Amazon gift card.

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SurveyBods is a UK based research community. They invite people from all over the country to join and take part in surveys, polls and interactive research activities. SurveyBods is part of ResearchBods, who partners with brands, agencies, and organizations to deliver customer data and intelligence.

Types of Surveys Offered

Online surveys that help influence brands and organizations around the world. Some of the companies they work with include: MTV, Nickelodeon, MailOnline and Hello!

Redemption Information

Request a cash transfer to your bank account or an Amazon gift voucher once your account reaches a balance of 1500 points worth £15. Amazon deposits may take up to 5 business days, whereas bank transfers can take anywhere between 2-3 weeks.

For every survey you complete with bonus points, you will earn points between the equivalent of 50p and £3. When your account reaches 1500 points (£15), you can redeem your balance for an Amazon voucher or money paid to your bank account. Alternatively, receive tickets into the monthly prize draw, as a bonus for your survey completions.

Complete the Profile Surveys for Easy Points

There are 4 profile surveys available in SurveyBods member accounts, and completion of each one is worth 50 points (50p). Complete all 4 to earn an easy 200 points (£2). These profilers will help ensure that you are provided with the most relevant surveys possible while also decreasing your chances of being disqualified.

Loyalty Bonuses

SurveyBods rewards its panel members with a badge certification attached to their account. Your badge matches how many surveys you have completed, the higher the level, the better prizes and opportunities are sent your way. Badge levels are as follows:

  • Bronze Badge: 2 Surveys Completed
  • Silver Badge: 5 Surveys Completed
  • Gold Badge: 10 Surveys Completed
  • Platinum Badge: 20 Surveys Completed
  • Diamond Badge: 30+ Surveys Completed

Sweepstakes and Draws

Some surveys enter you into draws either on top of or in lieu of points. You will be notified of the amount of points/entries you can expect before starting your survey.

Eligibility: UK residents only, 16+.

SurveyBods Reviews (65)

5 Star Reviews (39) 60.0
4 Star Reviews (10) 15.4
3 Star Reviews (6) 9.2
2 Star Reviews (1) 1.5
1 Star Reviews (9) 13.8

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Another increasingly 'lame duck'

October 5, 2021 by Doug from United Kingdom

Surveys are becoming longer and longer, HOWEVER rewards are becoming Less & Less. All they get is disgruntled panellist.
Started the "You're a bad boy", when checked why, is for an unspecified survey that they can't identify now where you allegedly 'sped through' or 'straight lined', never mind that you may have really felt that the same response applied to each of the questions (never complain if the relies are always excellent however!). Quality and frequency has been falling off, now heavily into the cheapy ' 0 pts, one entry in monthly draw' exercise where you get... Mr P of Norfolk won ..., yes, really
Since Sept 2018 increasing number of ""You are not eligible for this survey"" messages. This has not got any better in 2019, in fact possible got worse
Also bug on their database, some surveys you complete still appear as available, and, more annoying, get emails telling you it's still available, which isn't true.

Screenouts all the time

September 9, 2021 by Alan from United Kingdom

I have been member for several years and until recently I would say that it was a good survey panel.
However in last 3 months I spend 5 minutes plus on each survey to then be screened out. The firms are clearly getting information without paying for it. I would not continue but am only 1.60 from redemption, but I guess that it what they bank on.
I will pass on my concerns about this panel to the market research institute but they do not seem to take action.
Survey market is not worth time anymore.

Just awful

December 12, 2018 by Grant from United Kingdom

You get offered loads of surveys but the main problem is when you get to £15 and want Amazon Vouchers it's ALWAYS out of stock, you complain you get automatic same crappy reply promising it be sorted, never is, 4 years later still crap, waste of time.

SurveyBods reply logo

SurveyBods responded to this review on January 8, 2019


We are constantly looking for ways to improve the service we give to our members and we very much value the feedback you have given us.
If you have any further suggestions and comments about the service you receive, we are always happy to hear from you.

Kind regards
The SurveyBods Team

September 13, 2016 by Andrew from United Kingdom

Joined this a few months ago. Reached 1500 points two weeks ago. Asked for Amazon vouchers, still waiting, no reply to two emails. This stinks.

Waste of Time

August 14, 2014 by Josh from United Kingdom

SurveyBods used to be good. When I signed up, I got regular surveys and I earned points for completing them.

But now it's not so good. The good bit - I DO get regular surveys and they DO offer a generous quantity of points. But the bad news is, I'm not eligible for any of them. The worst part of it is that I'm only 150 points away from being able to withdraw points to my bank account. Another point to make is that the surveys like to ask a lot of questions BEFORE they tell me I'm not eligible. So I spend 5 minutes answering questions just to get told I can't finish it, because I don't meet criteria.

Overall, I think that if I am not eligible for a survey, I should be told BEFORE I waste time getting halfway through it. Also I think that the threshold for points is too high; it makes it easier for someone to earn points which they cannot redeem into their bank account.