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Tel: +1-888-724-8205   Contact: [email protected]
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Quick Overview:
Rewards Offered: Cash paid via PayPal Amazon gift cards Walmart gift cards Target gift cards Retail e-vouchers
Member Opportunities: Online surveys Mobile surveys
Redeeming Rewards: After successfully completing a survey, receive an instant $1 Paypal payment or e-gift card.

SurveyTime is run by - a global mobile ad-tech company who works with the world's largest market research companies to provide direct, exclusive survey campaigns. It is the only survey panel that offers users instant surveys with truly instant rewards.

Payment and Rewards

Get $1 Immediately After Every Survey Completion

With SurveyTime, there are no complicated points systems to figure out. Every time you complete a survey, you will receive an instant $1 reward of your choosing (from the rewards options available), sent immediately to your e-mail. There is no waiting for points approvals or for payment - everything is instant!

Desirable Rewards Options

SurveyTime offers instant payment for highly desirable rewards. These include PayPal cash payments, bitcoin payments made via Coinbase, Amazon e-vouchers, and e-gift cards to retailers including Walmart, Target, and more. Note that rewards options will vary per country.

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Survey Taking Experience

Create Your Profile, Get Matched to Surveys

When you first sign up with SurveyTime, you will be asked to answer a short list of questions to create your profile. Your answers will be used to pair you with surveys that are matched to your profile.

Getting Notified of New Surveys

You can get notified of new surveys in a few different ways: log in to your Survey Time account and check the website for new surveys, or sign up for e-mail or text notifications so you can be among the first to find out about new opportunities!

Desktop or Mobile - Your Choice

SurveyTime's surveys and website are both desktop and mobile friendly, so when you're ready to take a survey, take it on the device of your choosing.

Eligibility: Users worldwide.

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if i could do less than one half star i would

December 3, 2019 by julie from United States

omg...seriously the worst bait and switch ever. you sign up and immediately fulfill a survey and get one dollar in paypal (after they do the verification with the penny) and possibly one more, then nothing. not a good deal when the survey states five minutes and you are still trying to qualify for a survey fifteen minutes later. this is definitely one to stay away from since it is nearly impossible to complete a survey. the reward is the same "one dollar" and there are the same verifying questions each time. I will try one more time but after a week, not wasting my time for one dollar. kudos to the people who can sit it out and wait for their dollar but I can't. it shows how many people have completed the survey - when it's a low number steer clear of it. the time on the survey is not realistic and these are not unique sites that survey time uses. these are sites that have their own like " I say" and "toluna". make someone happy and spend the time with them instead of trying to make a dollar.

No Support, Bad rewards

November 21, 2019 by Sheldon from United States

I completed a survey back in August and received my Amazon reward. When I went to redeem it the reward was rejected because it was already used. I contacted Survey Time several times at different email addresses (Corporate, Support etc.) and have never received a reply. Not even an auto reply. Last week I completed another survey and when it was done It twice asked if I would like to continue for extra rewards so I did and when I finished my reward was emailed to me in the form of a paypal reward. I don't have a Paypal account and I was not given the option to select anything else. Again I tried to contact them with the same results, no replies. Now I have two rewards that I can't use or redeem.
Don't waste your time with Surveytime. The rewards are low and you lucky if you can redeem them. Not to mention that there is no support.

Surveytime is the Worst HARD HARD to Qaulify

September 14, 2019 by Lester from United States

Surveytime Needs Alot of Improvements BadBiz
#Surveytime is okay only Bcuz it Pays U $1 Instantly But Its The Worst Survey Site of All the Million Survey Sites i Sign Up For Becuz its the Hardest in the World to Qualify For U May Qualify for 3 out of 100 Surveys And if u have a Problem theres No One to Talk to They Never Ever Respond to Any of My Emails Or my Wife Emails When We Both Did like 5 Surveys a pc an Never Got Paid They keep sending this email sayn it take 48 Hours to Verify our Paypal Acct well it been 3 Wks now an Still Havent Got Paid Okay.....

New Update i Finally got My Money but my Wife still havent got her Money Yet an she have done like 10 Surveys an we Emailed them 100 Times Noooo Reply WoW its like We Doin Surveys For Aliens From Outer Space that Never Ever Talk to U But Quick to Flood My Email an Send me a Million Text Tellin me they Have a Survey For Me i Can Do Dat i Will Like but When i Go to Do the Survey 99percent of the Time it Tells me i Do NOT QUALIFY PLEZ STOP sending me Surveys i Dont Qualify For Okay Tommy Boy Sheesh!!! Yall is the Worst of them All my Top 4 Survey Sites is Quick Thoughts #Amazon Branded Surveys #PayPal InboxDollars #PayPal an PaidViewPoint #PayPal i Made ova $200 wit each 1 of them an Never Get DisQualified All Dam Day like #Surveytime Ugghh!!! Badd Biz Nooo Customer Service If U Have Anykind of Problems U On Yo On 😈

getting paid for surveys

July 7, 2019 by Fern from United States

I tried to qualify for many surveys before I finally qualified. I was given a code for Amazon and it was an invalid code. I contacted them many times and never got an answer or a new code.
Stay away from this survey site.

Spend your time on other surveys

June 2, 2019 by Ingrid from United States

Who'd like an immediate payout for completing simple surveys? (Me!) Who'd like to be rejected 40+ times by surveys you're told you qualify for? (hint: NOT me!) The review by Lenier ("The good and the bad" on 5/31/19) says it all and there isn't much to add except to say I've experienced the same thing. Countless emails from Tommy, saying I qualify, only to find out I do not. To the site's credit, disqualification happens after just a few simple entries....which begs the question, how exactly did I "qualify" in the first place. I think the answer is simply that I've put my email address on file with them. Unless something changes and radically, this survey site is a total waste of my time. While it's commendable to pay out with great speed and no minimum, it's a point of moot if you can't ever qualify for another survey. I'm left to wonder if the intent was just to collect email addresses and mobile numbers for junk mail and unwanted telemarketing calls.