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Univox Community

101 Wood Avenue South, Iselin, New Jersey  08830 US
Tel: 1-866-344-7832   Contact: https://www.univoxcommunity.com/Page/ContactUs
Operated by: Schlesinger Group


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Minimum account balance of 2500 points ($25) required to request rewards.

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Univox Community is an online survey community operated by Schlesinger Group - a global research company that conducts thousands of surveys every year.

Consumers can sign up to Univox to participate in online surveys on a variety of different of topics in exchange for rewards including cash and gift cards.

How Univox Community Works

univox community website

Take Surveys, Earn Rewards

Univox Community works with some of the world’s largest brands who want to hear your opinions and are prepared to pay you for your participation in their important research studies. By joining Univox Surveys, you will be contacted with online survey opportunities as they become available. Participate to earn points, redeemable for a variety of different rewards.

Payment and Rewards

Join and Get $2

By joining Univox Community, your account will automatically be credited with points worth $2 as a welcome to the community.

Choose From 4 Great Reward Options

Every time you complete an online survey, Univox will credit your account with reward points. With 2500 points in your account, you will be eligible to request a $25.00 cash payment or e-gift card. Univox currently offers its members four ways to request their earnings:

  • PayPal - receive a $25 cash Paypal payment directly to your account
  • Amazon e-gift card - opt to receive a $25 Amazon.com e-gift card
  • Virtual Mastercard - request a virtual Mastercard rewards card which is accepted at any online merchant who accepts Mastercard payments.
  • Reward Links - receive a Reward Link e-gift card, which can then be turned into a gift card from dozens of your favorite stores.
Points Value: Every 100 Univox points equates to $1.00. Therefore, 1000 points = $10.00.
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Survey Taking Experience

Get Rewarded, Even When You're Disqualified!

If you attempt to complete a survey but are unable to (i.e. you get disqualified), your account will still be credited with up to 5 points if the disqualification is due to Client Security terminate, the client is over quota, or the client has terminated the survey. In order to reduce the number of times you may be disqualified from a survey, community members are invited to participate in surveys based on their basic profile information.

Great Loyalty Program for Regular Participation

Univox has four different levels of users, each with their own point minimums for point redemptions:

  • Ambassador users - Redemption button is activated once 1000 points ($10) is accumulated, and redemptions start at a minimum of 1,000 points ($10) with a maximum of 10,000 points ($100).
  • Premium users - Redemption button is activated once 1500 points ($15) is accumulated, and redemptions start at a minimum of 1,000 points ($10) with a maximum of 10,000 points ($100).
  • Verified users - Redemption button is activated once 2000 points ($20) is accumulated, and redemptions start at a minimum of 1,000 points ($10) with a maximum of 10,000 points ($100).
  • Basic users - Redemption button is activated once 2500 points ($25) is accumulated, and redemptions start at a minimum of 1,000 points ($10) with a maximum of 10,000 points ($100).
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Community Features

A Large Community, and Growing!

Univox Community has well over 3 million members, and is growing every day. The site also features an online forum which features community news, regular contest announcements, an active Q & A section, and more. Via the online forum, members can participate in group discussions with other Univox members.

Refer Friends and Family and Earn Additional Points

Each time you refer someone to Univox Community, you will earn 100 points ($1.00) per signup once they've made 10 survey attempts or have fully completed their first survey. You may refer an unlimited number of friends and family members - your unique referral link is located in your Univox account.

Download the Univox Community App!

Univox is now mobile! Download their app, available on iOS and Android, and take surveys on the go. Allow for push notifications and you'll know when the latest survey arrives!

Is Univox Community Legit or Scam?

Univox Community legit or scam

Is Univox Community Legit or a Scam?

Univox Community is a legitimate paid surveys website and is not a scam - it has millions of members worldwide and has been online for over a decade. However, users may experience varying degrees of success with the website, as well as differences in customer service. Although Univox is not a scam, as with any survey site, it is advisable to read user reviews before joining.

Eligibility: Worldwide, 18+.

Joining Bonus! Univox is currently offering a $2 sign up bonus to new members.
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Univox Community Reviews (273)

5 Star Reviews (26) 9.5
4 Star Reviews (24) 8.8
3 Star Reviews (8) 2.9
2 Star Reviews (14) 5.1
1 Star Reviews (201) 73.6

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No rewards paid

June 16, 2022 by chrisg from United States

Delayed payment with reward link cards more than 14 days and exceeds payment and pays to accounts and accounts for which it is not paid. When communicating with me via Facebook, it blocks suspended cards from 5/26 to 10/6 and did not pay and support does not respond.

What's happening to UNIVOX?

April 24, 2022 by Rick from United States

4/23/2022 Add to the other recent reviews. I have been locked out and they will not return my calls or respond to my queries.

Until Nov. 3rd I have never had an issue with Univox and now suddenly I can not access my account. On 5 different occasions I e-mailed them about the problem. For the first 4 times they responded by asking me to tell them when they could call me to clear up a minor issue and fix the problem. They never called and their last response was "As per your confirmation, we are deactivating the account". I never asked to have it deactivated, I want the opposite, just let me log in.

Update: As of yesterday I received the phone call and was re-instated. Better late than never, at least they responded (unlike other sites).

10/24/2019. I have been doing surveys on this website for almost 3 years. It use to be one of my favorites, but has steadily gone downhill. I started having problems recently - I was clicking on a survey and getting a blank screen. I tried to log in and discovered I was locked out.

Stay away!

April 19, 2022 by Todd from United States

I had been a Univox member for a few years up until November 2021 when I tried logging in one day to take a survey and discovered I couldn't. After contacting customer support, I learned that my account had been terminated "for one of the following reasons." It went on to list 5 possible reasons, but was never specific as to which one. I sent numerous support queries and even left voicemail messages on their toll free line over about a 3-month period. I repeated requested that someone call me so I could speak to a live person about this, but nobody ever did. Not all of my support queries were replied to, but the ones which were were simply the same automated replies I had received before -- a list of possible reasons but nothing specific. On two separate occasions I submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) asking them to investigate. For the more recent submission, I received the following response from BBB: "Your BBB has tried to present your complaint to Univox Inc. in an attempt to resolve this matter to your mutual satisfaction. Unfortunately, despite our efforts, we have received no response to your complaint. We attempted to contact Univox Inc. through written correspondence twice on your behalf, but we must now close this matter in our files." At the time that my account was terminated, I had a balance of about 13,200 points (the equivalent of $132 in PayPal), so one can understand why I was so upset and determined to find out exactly the reason why my account was terminated and the specific example of my supposed violation. Nobody there had the decency to speak with me. And the fact that nobody responded to the BBB's inquiries should tell you all that you need to know. My advice: If you're a Univox member, cash out what you have and terminate your account. If you're thinking about joining Univox, DON'T!!!

Terrible and unethical

March 11, 2022 by roger from Australia

Inexplicably terminated my account when I was nearing a redemption. I have been with many survey sites for over 15 years and have never been subjected to this. They didn't even notify me - I had to find out after I couldn't log in.

Not that it will be missed. Most surveys were screened out and the only ones you could ever do were worth very little. Still don't know why thy have terminated my account, even after various emails.

Non Functional and non-responsive

March 7, 2022 by Rebecca from United States

For years I enjoyed a rewarding status at Univox but they have really dropped the ball. I get lots of surveys, more than 10 a day usually, but even though I access them as soon as they arrive I get a screen that says "Oops! We have not found the best survey to match your interest." Apparently, this happens to a lot of people and, like me, they get no satisfaction from Univox's support department. My first help request resulted in a form letter and the next two were ignored after they sent an automated response acknowledging my requests. The forum is full of people with the same problem and Admin refers them to Support.

Don't waste your time with this formerly decent and now defunct, inefficient, and unrewarding survey company. If I could give less than one star I certainly would.