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Operated by: Dynata


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$10 minimum account balance required for rewards redemption.

Valued Opinions is an online survey panel where members can earn cash and gift cards in exchange for participating in paid surveys and product tests.

Most surveys offer rewards of between $1 and $7 per completion. A minimum account balance of just $10 is needed in order to request a reward.

How Valued Opinions Works

valued opinions website

Joining is Easy

You can register a free Valued Opinions account within minutes - simply enter your name, address, email address and desired password on the registration page. If you prefer, you can link your Facebook account and register using the details stored there.

You’ll be prompted to fill more information in your profile after you’ve registered - and doing so will improve your chances of being eligible for a wide range of surveys.

Complete the Basic Profile, Receive $1.00

After registering with the site, you will be e-mailed an offer to complete your account profile (which takes 6 minutes) in exchange for $1.00. This will help kick-start the number of surveys you will be eligible to complete. After completing the basic profile, you can also complete additional profile information regarding your household, shopping habits, etc. which will help you qualify for even more surveys.

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Payment and Rewards

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Reward Amounts

Valued Opinions surveys typically reward between $1 and $7, although at times you may be sent unpaid surveys to help with identifying your unique interests. The typical survey takes 15-20 minutes to complete, however the estimated time is always outlined beforehand.

For every survey completion, you will receive "cash" deposited into your account immediately after completing a survey. This can be converted into a wide range of rewards.

Survey Rewards

Your Valued Opinions earnings can be redeemed for the following rewards once a minimum of $10 is collected:

  • Magazine subscriptions - 1-year magazine subscriptions to Cosmopolitan, ELLE Decor, Food Network, Magazine Midwest Living, and Women's Health for $15 in rewards.
  • Restaurant gift cards - Dominos pizza, Chili's, and available in $15 or $20 denominations.
  • Airline miles - Get 600 Rapid Rewards Points for $15 in rewards, or 825 points for $20.
  • Retail gift cards - Options include:, Apple, CVS Pharmacy,, Macy's, Target, and the Home Depot, each in $20 denominations.
  • Pack & Go gift card - this one $25 gift card can be redeemed at a Chevron, Texaco, Airbnb or Southwest.

These rewards apply to USA members, though are very similar in other countries.

Rewards Redemption

Electronic gift vouchers are typically delivered within 24 hours of request. It can take a few weeks for rewards such as magazine subscriptions to take effect and be mailed to your physical address.

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Community Features

valued opinions sign up bonus

More Than Just Surveys!

Valued Opinions offers various types of ways to participate on their panel. Although online surveys are what they primarily offer, you may also be given opportunities to participate in diary studies (which are surveys that span multiple days and involve logging information), and you may be selected to test products from home.

Join the Debate on Social Media

Valued Opinions surveys regularly poses questions for its community members on social media. To share your opinion and interact with other members, follow Valued Opinions on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Member Badges

Valued Opinions offers a unique program which involves its more active members collecting "badges" for their level of participation. There are 5 levels that can be achieved with mini tasks that must be completed: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

As your badge levels increase, additional achievement points are awarded, which can be found in the Survey History section. These will display as a 'community achievement'. Bear in mind that you can be downgraded to a lower tier badge if you don’t remain active on the website.

Valued Opinions Monthly Red Cross Donations

Every month, Valued Opinions donates $10,000 of its profits to the American Red Cross. By participating in Valued Opinion surveys regularly, you are helping make the lives of those affected by disaster and emergency all over the world, a little bit easier.

Is Valued Opinions Legit or Scam?

valued opinions legit or scam?

Is Valued Opinions Legit or a Scam?

Valued Opinions is a legitimate online survey site that has over 3 million members worldwide and was established in 2004. The panel is available in over 15 languages across more than 20 different countries and abides by the strict rules laid out by the Market Research Association and the Market Research Society, making them a safe website and not a scam. Valued Opinions guarantees that the information you provide to them remains secure and every piece of data is kept anonymous and confidential.

Although the Valued Opinions website is safe to use, your personal experience with the program may vary. As with any survey site, it's helpful to consult other people's opinions via the Valued Opinions reviews below, before joining.

Eligibility: USA residents must be 13+, UK residents must be 16+, Australia residents must be 14+. Other countries that Valued Opinions accepts membership from include: India, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Venezuela, France, and Ireland.

Sign Up Bonus! Valued Opinions is currently offering $1.00 to new members who complete the short 6-minute profile survey. » Click here to claim your sign up bonus!

Valued Opinions Reviews (367)

5 Star Reviews (68) 18.5
4 Star Reviews (61) 16.6
3 Star Reviews (39) 10.6
2 Star Reviews (46) 12.5
1 Star Reviews (153) 41.7

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Totally Unreasonable

March 5, 2018 by michelle from United States

In 2013, I rated this site a 4.5. For about a year now this site is taking up some unscrupulous policies. I began getting "You have no survey's available" upon login, I contacted them and got a reply after the third request (about 2 weeks). They said that they had deactivated my account due to me leaving false information. When asked to give me an example they could not. So, they reactivated my account. Two weeks later the same thing happened. Very poor customer service, poor policies and now I do not trust THEM. I am under the belief that they are guilty of what they are accusing me of.(That they cannot prove, but, I can)

From Great to Poor

June 19, 2017 by Doug from United States

This used to be a really good survey site but they don't send me surveys because the surveys get rerouted to some other server they say. I never changed a thing but now I get NO surveys that pay.

Been stuck near payout for months

May 18, 2017 by Felix from United Kingdom

I've been stuck on £8.95 for most of this year, so the likelihood of ever getting to £10 is zero as it stands, surveys used to come regularly, but the closer I got to payout the slower they got.

For some reason my account is working again, months later, so I've done surveys and cashed out, I might do the odd small survey, but won't ever bother with this site much anymore. Payout was actually fast as well.

Can't get to the payout threshold

October 15, 2016 by Martin from United Kingdom

Started off ok, and more I still get the emails notifying me of new surveys, but can't do any surveys. It's always.. 'we have reached the required number...'. This morning an email popped up on my browser as I was watching so I followed the link only to get the same message.
I'm nearing the payment threshold and can't do any surveys. Am I being paranoid?

Not Worth the Time

May 27, 2016 by Kevin from United States

Right now I've been doing surveys at three different sites for the past few months to get airline miles. Out of all three this is the worst by far. Here are the pros and cons.


1) (For Southwest points rewards) The ratio of dollars to points is better than I have seen at other sites.

2) The time it takes from request to fulfillment is quick. In my case, I opted for the Southwest Points and got my points the next day after making the request. I can't speak for the other rewards.


1) You don't get any partial credit for not qualifying for a survey. I've spent at least 20 minutes on some surveys only to see that I either am not qualified or the survey had reached the targeted amount of respondents.

2) The homepage is terrible. They are barely any surveys available when clicking the Available surveys link.

3) The mobile app is bad. This site in some ways is set up like e-Rewards but the app experience is dismal at best. Surveys are hard to come by and sometimes surveys can't be completed based on resolution issues. There's no reason why resolution issues should come up if I am using the MOBILE app for a MOBILE survey.

4) The surveys sent by email often lead to nowhere. I got an email about a survey an hour before clicking on it to find out it was unavailable.

In short, avoid this site if possible by the place. I haven't tested it out yet, but I am looking to see if I can claim more than one reward within 30 days after reaching the payout threshold. It also seems like when nearing the threshold that surveys don't come as often and you don't end up qualifying for the ones that do come. Once I get enough points to get airline status, I'm leaving this site for good.