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900 W Shore Rd, Port Washington, New York  11050 US
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Operated by: NPD Group


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Redeem points by participating in SweepLand. No minimum account balance required.

VIP Voice closed on August 15, 2020. Members can use their VIP Points through September 15, 2020.

VIP Voice is an online research community that's part of The NPD Group. The NPD Group, founded in 1967, provides market information and advisory services to help companies make better business decisions. They conduct more than 12 million surveys a year on topics such as electronics, mobile, sports, toys, apparel, accessories, beauty and more.

Payment and Rewards

The More You Participate, the More Points You Get

VIP Voice offers a tiered rewards program that spans 5 different levels. The more surveys you complete, the higher you move up in levels, and the more points you will earn. In addition, your reward level determines the prizes you are able to try to win through SweepLand.

For each survey you complete, you will earn points. The number of points you receive will depend on your current reward level as well as whether or not you qualify to complete a survey.

Try Your Luck in Sweepland

SweepLand is a sweepstakes program where your points can be entered into sweepstakes for a variety of different prizes. Winners are chosen at random. Each point you use in the sweepstakes is considered an entry, so the more points you put into the draw, the better your chances of winning a prize. Prizes have high values and are for things like HDTV's, $5000 cash, trips to tropical destinations, etc.

Bidland Discontinued in 2020

BidLand was an auction-style program where you could use your points to bid on various items. The highest bidder at the end of the auction would win the prize and had their points deducted from their account. If you did not win the prize, your points were returned to your account. VIP Voice e-mailed their membership base in May 2020 to inform them that, 'due to the challenging economic climate caused by the COVID-19 pandemic...[they were] terminating the BidLand Program and auction site, effective May 12, 2020'. To counteract this, they also stated that they would increase the amount of prizes available on SweepLand.

Survey Taking Experience

Survey Point Values

Each VIP Voice point is worth one sweepstakes entry or one auction bid. You can use as many or as little points as you'd like to enter the SweepLand sweepstakes.

VIP Participation Points

If you successfully complete a survey, you will earn VIP Participation Points. Level 1 members will earn 25 points for completing a survey while level 5 members earn 200 points.

VIP Qualification Points

If you attempt to complete a survey but do not qualify, you will earn VIP Qualification Points. Level 1 members will earn 50 points for being disqualified, while level 5 members earn 550!

Community Features

Exclusive Discounts and Special Offers

US members of VIP Voice have access to exclusive discounts and special offers from a variety of different businesses. These exclusive member discounts do not require any points to use.

Special Opportunities and Contests

On occasion, VIP Voice offers special contests and sweepstakes opportunities to their members. One such opportunity is Pigskin Pick-em where you can win cash prizes every week during the football season!

Eligibility: USA 13+ and Canada 18+

VIP Voice was formally known as NPD Online Research.

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VIP Voice Reviews (90)

5 Star Reviews (11) 12.2
4 Star Reviews (8) 8.9
3 Star Reviews (9) 10.0
2 Star Reviews (16) 17.8
1 Star Reviews (46) 51.1

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August 10, 2020 by John from United States

Terrible site. You get absolutely nothing worthwhile for participating here. The same four or five surveys get recycled over and over again with very little new offered. If you're looking for real rewards, don't sign up for this one.

Waste of Time-but not a scam

June 4, 2020 by Dan from United States

This survey site is a total waste of time. Having been a member for several years, VIP has gone downhill 100%. You no longer earn points to bid for some valuable items. You now only get to earn meager points with the hope of placing your points into a sweepstakes. You are not informed of the points you earn when you complete a survey. This is not technically a scam but it might as well be. There are other survey sites worthy of your time and better chance of getting a real reward. Do not be fooled by their seasonal games to earn bonus points. You still cannot do anything with them.

Don't sign up

May 14, 2018 by Constance from United States

I've been doing their surveys for more years than I want to mention,and haven't won anything except some points from their latest game.I don't want to leave without winning something,more than a $5 card if possible.I'm sorry I ever started.We are just paying their salaries..Don't sign up !

Ripped Off

May 1, 2018 by Derek from Canada

If you don't know it, you earn points by doing surveys and then can bid on prize draws.
I won 2 at the same time. I was then told that the prizes were not available in my area and give a choice of 6 prizes that were considerably cheaper.
Both prizes that I won are readily available in my area, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada !!
The prizes I was offered were about 1/3 the value of the ones that I won. i.e. a 30$ phone as apposed to the 90$ waffle iron. I contacted them and got no response.
So, I sent all the information and correspondence to the IRS in the United States, seeing as how they are likely declaring the full price of the prizes promised.
I got a letter from the IRS in the US, thanking me and informing me that it would be looked into as it is not the first type of info they had received.
So, if you do get stiffed by a survey company, report them. They are for profit businesses.
I got an email from vipvoice after a couple of months offering me the cash amount of the difference if I was willing to drop my complaint.

Waste of time

August 29, 2017 by Holly from United States

This site takes forever to get points & then you can only enter in sweeps or bid on an item, 25k points+ for a $5 amazon card. Then they will deactivate your account for no reason after winning a sweep or bid. Same generic answer " we have the right to cancel your account"