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711 3rd Avenue, 19th Flr, New York, New York  10017 US
Tel: +1 212 925 7844   Contact:
Operated by: Hall and Partners USA LLC


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£5 minimum balance required to request gift codes. Receive your code within 72 hours of request.

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Note: YourWord USA closed its doors on December 31, 2016. YourWord UK closed on March 31, 2017.

Share ideas, build brands and earn rewards on YourWord. Join this online community to put your own stamp on the products and services you use every day. Earn rewards for sharing your thoughts and time. Then, redeem your rewards for gift cards to some of your favorite retailers. Get your digital gift cards within 72 hours of requesting them!

Get Paid, Even When You're Disqualified!

YourWord is very unique in that they will still credit 10p for each survey you attempt to take but are unable to complete.

Redeeming Rewards

YourWord awards electronic gift cards quickly; it typically takes less than 72 hours to receive your gift card from when requested.

Gift card retailers include: M&S, John Lewis,, iTunes, Pizza Express. Gift cards range in value from £5 - £25.

Unfortunately, YourWord is no longer operational. Click the button to discover survey panels that are running and are actively looking for new members!

Survey Frequency

As a member, the number of surveys you receive will fluctuate monthly, but you can expect to be contacted between 1-2 times weekly.

Look for Earning on Opportunities on Social Media

YourWord periodically holds small contests on their Facebook and Twitter pages where by creating captions, retweeting something, etc., you can win gift cards.

Mobile App Available

Some members of YourWord will receive an invitation to download their mobile app. Use the app to take surveys on your smartphone, upload pictures of ads, videos, etc. and earn the same great rewards as you would using their website.

Eligibility: UK residents 16+ only

Your Word Reviews (52)

5 Star Reviews (21) 40.4
4 Star Reviews (9) 17.3
3 Star Reviews (8) 15.4
2 Star Reviews (6) 11.5
1 Star Reviews (8) 15.4

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Dont waste your time.

February 11, 2016 by Keneisha from United States

I have normally received 2-4 survey per week and may spend 2-5 minutes answering questions before you will know the survey duration and the amount that you will be credited. Recently i have found most of their survey are without an estimate time and the amount that will be credit. I did complete two of these in which one, after completion no points was awarded and the other after spending over 25 minutes was only awarded 25 cent. I'm few cents away from redeeming my reward and upon doing so i'm done with them.

Complete waste of time

May 27, 2015 by Suzanne from United States

Don't bother. Yeh, they payout at $5, but you have to take 50 billion dead-end surveys to get there $.10 at a time, usually getting a message saying, "Oops! Looks like we selected a survey that doesn't meet your profile".

Good panel on top (like many) ... now nefarious

May 22, 2015 by Dom from United States

Good afternoon, everyone. As panelists good many survey sites, with more than 5 years experience in this means of earning money, I was a member of this panel of your word. started very well, paying $ 0.25 per failed survey, not bad! They sent of 3-7 weekly surveys, earning about $ 10 a month, little but surely, and sending the gift card code was immediate. Then over time, I ordered two payments, and it took nearly a month to send the code of the gift card, and began to suspect ... Then fell awards 0.25$ to 0.10$ if you were not eligible for the survey, even " decent "but volume fell surveys, and in the end, no longer pay off awards and amazon gift card.

If you want to waste your time, join the panel !! If you want to avoid problems and disappointments, not unite, that simple. Is disrespectful fool the panelists, started in a good way and then go removing benefits. And do not take the "decency" to notify that there will be changes, just do it and go!

If they can not maintain a site survey, they closed at once, do not cheat and do not waste time people. if you want good grades and good reviews, do your best and respect the time of the panelists, thanks to us you live as a company...

If they improve, I'm sure many change their opinion.
police surveys should take more action on the matter and interfere more as a mediator for the quality of those "survey sites" and make some pressure ...

Happy day for all =)

Removed Amazon from the rewards offered

May 14, 2015 by Gary from United Kingdom

Spent a while saving up for an Amazon voucher and they've removed that option. Great!

Your Word

March 4, 2015 by Minoo from United States

Your Word in my opinion is not a good panel to join. I signed up with them about 6 months ago and I was getting surveys from them on regular basis. The cash in limit in $5, but once I reached $4.50 they quit sending me surveys. I would not recommend joining this panel.