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"dollar surveys rules"
Sunday, February 24, 2013 by kathy

I love this site, I think it's one of the most reliable survey sites.
PayPal is the easiest way to get paid, quick, reliable, no waiting for a check, no minimum to cash out.
In less than 1 month have made almost $40.00, which is a nice little chunk of change.
I highly recommend this site

"Do surveys for free!"
Tuesday, February 05, 2013 by Dana

This is the second time I have tried this survey site. They had a problem with them last time paying for every survey, but now they don't want to pay if they own more than a dollar. I have emailed them and they don't respond. I'm waiting to see I I can get paid the $4.30 they own me and then never do their surveys again.

"Where is my money?"
Tuesday, June 26, 2012 by Robert

I am new to the survey world and I will advise you this site this happen problems paying at this time. I completed my first survey with them May 25, 2012 and was paid promptly the following Monday. I have now quantified 15 surveys and not received a dime. They were all completed fully and always resulted in the congratulations screen! I have e-mailed the company three times, no response. I have taken approximately 40 surveys with them, qualifying about half the time. Does anyone out there have a phone number for these guys? Anyhow, if you're not receiving prompt payments be careful

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 by nicole

In my personal opinon this survey was very open it didnt leave me hanging wonderin if i made the right dollar choice or not

"They will send you around the world and back"
Wednesday, April 11, 2012 by Michael

This site is connected to Toluna who I am not too thrilled about either. I signed up with dollarsurveys.net about a month ago and the first day I got one completed survey and a dollar credited into my paypal and ever since then they have run me to site after site asking me all kinds of question where I think I have done a complete survey and am being redirected back to be credited with it...WRONG, you have been screened out but can we run you through another 1000 question survey to NOT CREDIT YOU WITH...stay away...they soften you up with one complete survey and then get all they can out of you.

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