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Since 2005, SurveyPolice has been a reliable and trusted source for unbiased online surveys information. With one of, if not the most comprehensive online directories of survey panels, our website is used and respected by both survey takers and market research companies alike. Best of all, our site is completely free to use!

Yes, online surveys are real

At SurveyPolice, we strive to give a voice to survey takers so they can easily relay their experiences to others. While taking online surveys can still be met with cynicism, SurveyPolice has helped shed the stereotype of “scammy” survey websites by highlighting professional, trustworthy and real market research panels. We’ve taken plenty of online surveys ourselves to know it works - check out the panel rankings to find top-user rated survey panels to join.

We have the best users!

With the help of our wonderful users, we have thousands of helpful user reviews on our website. This not only helps new survey takers determine which online survey panels are trustworthy, but also gives experienced survey takers a place to leave their feedback. Our forum is also a great spot to connect with the SurveyPolice family.

Why SurveyPolice?

We won’t ask you for your money, nor pressure you into signing up with survey panels you don’t want to. Browse our site anonymously and read what others have to say about taking online surveys, or become a free member of our website to join the community. You won’t find other websites that do what we’ve been doing for almost a decade – we like to think we’re special that way.

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SurveyPolice mentions: Kind words from our users:

  "I love Survey Police. You've saved me from wasting many hours on surveys from sites that pay poorly, if at all. " – Mimi

  "I came across this site quite by accident, and wow, I love it. So much info, great reading other opinions. I would call it a family." – Maureen

  "I appreciate very much this website. I feel confident now about paid surveys " – Jean

  "Thank you for providing such a great place for people to come to for information on survey sites." – Natasha

  "Thank you for providing a safe place to learn how to safely participate in surveys. You’ve given me the tools to earn substantial money while avoiding the dreams and scams. Equally important, you’ve saved me considerable time and agony!" – Sabilli

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