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"I guess maybe I'm lucky?"
Sunday, May 04, 2014 by Cynthia

I signed up primarily for the focus groups, when I saw the payouts and what they were asking, I was in shock. (But in a good way.) I've been with them for a while now (6 months+). They send out messages roughly every week with focus panel opportunities. I didn't take the plunge though until recently.

I could tell they were legit by how they screened for panels. First through a SurveyMonkey survey, then through a phone screening afterwards. If you still qualify, you'll be given the details of the when/where for the actual panel. Almost all the panels are online. I did part of mine at work because it was that quick and easy.

You won't qualify for everything, but when you do, it's worth it! I just going in a $100 check for roughly 2 hrs worth of work.

They do do generic "points/credits" surveys that are 1-3 minutes in length also. I NEVER do these because they're a huge waste of time IMO.

"Skip this survey group"
Wednesday, November 14, 2012 by Catherine

I was a member of Focus Forward for 3 years. In that 3 years I earned all of $9.00. The last time I checked my account was Sept 2012, and I still had that $9.00 in my account. Today I was going through my survey sites and checking my current earnings
with all the survey sites I belong to, and found that my $9.00 which it took me 3 long years to accrue, has just disappeared from my Focus Forward account. I couldn't cash out, b/c I didn't meet the cash out threshold, and I couldn't advance my earnings b/c of the scarcity of surveys FF sent and the difficulty in meeting their demographics.
Would love to know where my $9.00 went???
I am not even going to chase it down. Not worth
my time.
I just deleted my account. I don't get many surveys from them and when I do, I rarely qualify. Thus the measly $9.00 earnings in 3 years of membership.
Save yourself time and frustration and skip Focus Forward.

"Stick with it."
Tuesday, September 06, 2011 by Rachel

Though I rarely qualify for the surveys I have been able to participate in some focus groups which paid me out separately and were definitely worth it. I stick with them because you never know what'll come my way.

"Over 50? Do Not Waste Your Time"
Saturday, February 19, 2011 by Louanne

I have been with this group for over a year and have made $1.00!! I'm a very young 52, but I must be lacking something that I'm not aware of. I'm always disqualified after the first few questions, that I wonder why they even bother sending me invites. I'm canceling membership and moving on. Sad thing is...they lost a great survey taker.

"Never qualify..."
Friday, September 17, 2010 by Stephanie

I've belonged to this panel for a few months and have gotten quite a number of invites for focus groups. The problem is that I never qualify because I'm never called or contacted back. Oh well. I'm 26, so maybe I'm not in the right age bracket? I don't know. I never qualify for the surveys, either. Lame.

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