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950 West Vally Road, Suite 2700, Wayne, PA  19087 United States
Tel: 215.367.4000  Contact: http://panel.focusfwdonline.com/Contact.aspx
Operated by: Focus Forward, LLC

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20,000 points ($20) minimum account balance required in order to request payment check.

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Eligibility: open to USA residents 13+

"I'm not sure what they want?"
February 07, 2016 by Keli from United States

I have tried for over a year to qualify for just 1 survey/ in person survey. The last one I was sure I qualified for. I was told I would receive a phone call so I left my day open and no call. I don't understand why these in person surveys only benefit the unemployed or retired? I can't take off days from work to do a survey. What about Saturdays? Or evenings?

"Great company"
January 30, 2016 by Tina from United States

I did a 5 day online board for them and received my payment within a few weeks in the mail after the study was over. Everyone was really nice that I dealt with and very helpful! I have never had an issue with them. I hope to do another study for them soon!

"Nothing but positive experience"
January 20, 2016 by Trish from United States

I have done many surveys and a handful of online focus groups over the years. I've always received the incentive that was promised. One time, I thought I had not and had to contact them. They confirmed the check had been sent and the date and check number. I decided to check one more place, and realized I in fact did have it. But they were responsive when I called in. I've referred many friends to earn some extra cash through them by doing market research studies. Great company to do business with!

"Don't deal with this company"
January 10, 2016 by Melinda from United States

I recently completed a 5 day survey for $125 and I never received my incentives I contacted them thru e-mail and this what I got back from them your incentives was mailed out on December 21 2015 and you should receive it shortly I haven't received anything and when I called the person that I was talking to had a nasty attitude and she was very rude acting like I was bothering her beware of this company stay away.

July 29, 2015 by Yolanda from United States

Right now im going through something with them. I haven't received my check nor can I access my online account. I have been calling for months now and still no resolution. I don't know what else to do but to warn people about this company.




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